Maria Khan ready to represent the Pakistani football championships for women

Maria Khan ready to represent the Pakistani football championships for women
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    Nov 05, 2020

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  • Maria, the well-tested football player, is committed to bring the right talent to Pakistani football for women. She found Pakistan’s football largely ignored by the Pakistan Football Federation. Now she has bucked herself up for bringing the right football talent to the national level lobby capable of delivering in the best favor of the country. 

    Maria represented two WAPDA championships in 2018 and 2019. Despite standing with the diligent play in both the leagues, she was not appreciated as she needed to be. In the response to a good play, she also faced negative politics from the internal lobbies which are most often seen in Pakistan. 

    Despite all this, she kept her spirit on-the-go by quoting that “Both of my parents are Pakistani and I have a deep connection with Pakistan and solemnly want to work for women’s football team whichever stood ignored”. 

    Here are due thoughts associated with Maria’s statement when she faced a lot of criticism from internally or externally that an American girl has forcefully been installed in the Pakistani football team for women. 

    Though Maria’s career is not ignorable as she kept playing in the USA and UAE. Maria’s distinction can easily be seen when looked back into his career. She kept playing as a goalkeeper at the University of Denver’s women team. With a transition in his role, she was a midfielder when she moved to UAE for her Master’s education. 

    Maria said, “I’m a huge ambassador for sports development in Pakistan” She assumed herself fortunate for representing Pakistan at the national level championship. She kept adding more to her statement that she spotted the right talent for sports in Pakistan during that period. 

    At the training camp, Maris is one of the senior players. With the crisis in Pakistan Football Federation, there is a large gulf in the right talent hunt for Pakistan that needs to be filled, she said. 

    She won the hearts of many when she said,” I will keep playing until my legs keep going”. She responded to the question when she was asked either she is looking into higher management in the future. 

    Maria appreciated the holding of the training camp by the PFF normalization committee, appointed by the global football body, FIFA. This step shows FIFA’s interest to improve the PFF operations in a very mannered way so that the right talent can be filtered very easily, Maria said.