Muslim world’s Verdict against France- Boycott French Products

Muslim world’s Verdict against France- Boycott French Products
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    Oct 29, 2020

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  • In the previous few years, Islamophobia got much provocated throughout the world. In the context of such non-sense Islamophobic thoughts, a few non-Muslim states have triggered or tried to trigger the islamophobia in different contexts. France always stood ahead in such activities and kept promoting Islamophobia. Once or twice a year, the sentiments of the Muslim world are crippled through such insane steps by the  French citizens, 

    The recentness of the Islamophobic issue is that a French teacher Samuel Patty showed a few blasphemous caricatures of the last Prophet of Muslims, Muhammad (SAW). In reaction to this, a Pakistani French killed him on the 16th of October. The ridiculous nature of the issue is that the French started linking it to Islam. 

    Though, it was the local issue of the France government. The issue escalated when the president of France stated this issue to be the terrorism of Islam. The act of a single person was personified by President Macron to be the act of Islam. 

    In the response to this action, many states got their stance recorded on social media websites and electronic media. President Turkey Tayyab Erdogan who is thought to be the leader of the Muslim world consulted president Macron to avail of serious mental treatment over his attitude towards Islam. 

    The Prime Minister of Pakistan didn’t lag in this matter. He also added some tweets by quoting his statements last year in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) where he spoke clearly on the issue of Islamophobia. He linked the threads in a very amazing way to let the international community look into the matter. 

    In the love of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), different types of social media practices are also in notice where all the Muslim world claim to boycott the French Products. Several departmental stores have brought this practice on-the-go not to deal with the French products. 

    In the reaction to this ridiculous statement about Islam by president Macron, he had not only faced external criticism but also faced internal resistance too. The football star Denis refused to represent the national French team in the upcoming football events. 

    With the irresponsible stance of Macron on Islam, France had to face a lot of economic crisis. Because of this issue, Macron requested the Islamic world to lift the ban on French Products. Still, electronic and social media are full of protests against France.