Odd happening in Karachi, Ghost moves the chairs in a restaurant 

Odd happening in Karachi, Ghost moves the chairs in a restaurant 
  • Childhood is not worth it if spent without hearing the stories of ghosts very carefully. Almost every Pakistani must have heard these odd things and got feared after hearing such stories. In Karachi, a few people experienced the ghost happening in a restaurant when they were enjoying their food at the restaurant. 


    With the ever-growing popularity of social media groups where people share their food experience at a particular restaurant. In one of these groups, a guy posted a video where chairs can be seen moving without some external force. 

    While enjoying pizza at a restaurant, one of the two friends started capturing the environment on his phone. Meanwhile, the other one was enjoying his pizza. During the film, he caught sight of two chairs which were shaking without some external force. He kept catching the sight and adding comments in his video about all this event as well. 

    All this odd happening scared both of the boys. In the video, both the guys are seen to be shaken by the moving chair in the restaurant. The friend who was eating pizza, jumped out of his seat when his friend screamed him to move hurriedly. 

    Both the boys left their food unfinished there at the restaurant. They didn’t end up here but narrated all this happening to the waiter. His response to this deadly incident was much astonishing for them.

    The waiter said,” Sir koi baat nh, ho jata he kabhi”. Though, one of the boys stated that such a statement was not being expected from the management of the restaurant. 

    In the response to this, the highly comic Pakistanis didn’t lag to cheer the incident with the amazing over the video when it got viral on social media. 

    A boy commented on the video, “Kia Mtlb Jin pizza nh kha skty?”

    Other one commented,” Abay bhoot pizza khany aay hn tum fazool m hee darr rhy”

    Such types of comments kept popping on the videos comment section where the video was posted to let the audience know about the peculiarity of the restaurant. 

    In the whole story, some of the people appreciated the role of the waiter in a sarcastic way to be hosting the ghosts with food at such a beautiful venue. A few of them screamed at the negligence of the restaurant’s management as well.