Rangers and ISI officials involvement in Capt Safdar's arrest, ISPR

Rangers and ISI officials involvement in Capt Safdar's arrest, ISPR
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    Nov 11, 2020

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  • ISPR announced the involvement of ISI & Rangers official in the arrest of Captain Safdar. Captain (Retd) Safdar former Prime Minister’s son in law was arrested from his hotel’s room. It was the next day when PPP hosted the PDM’s rally in Karachi.

    In the Captain Safdar's arrest, the decision for the removal of the officials involved has been taken, ISPR says. The following decision has been taken based on the inquiry court’s recommendations. In addition to the statement, it has also been verified that the involved officers will be removed from the further departmental pursuance with immediate removal at GHQ too.

    The inquiry was proceeded on the orders of COAS, in the light of redressing IG Sindh’s grievances regarding the backdrop of October 18, 2020.

    With the issue of Quaid’s tomb desecration, the officers of Pak Rangers and ISI have been suspended from their duties and they are advised to report their status at GHQ. ISPR added that the officers were under increasing pressure from the public due to which they were supposed to take action against the desecration of the Quaid’s Tomb.

    In the context of Quaid’s Tomb fall out the issue, PMLN and PPP demanded to conduct an inquiry on this issue to bring the right culprits out. The demand was on board right after the few hours.

    Though the inquiry report is out, the key stakeholders of the case didn’t lag to get their statements recorded. Nawaz Shareef in his tweet was again tight on his stance like he kept saying in the rallies of Gujranwala and Quetta. He showed his clear gestures on this critical issue that he was not satisfied with the report. 

    Different trends keep going on Twitter right after the report on the Karachi crisis got public.