Sapphire Sale 2023 Causes Chaos in the Mall

Sapphire Sale 2023 Causes Chaos in the Mall
  • As summer comes to an end, in Pakistan it means only one thing, it is sale season! All the popular national clothing brands have put out sale boards in their shop windows to attract buyers. Like all the seasons, Sapphire Sale 2023, stole all the attention. The popular brand is known to be one the biggest clothing outlet in Pakistan and has given tough competition to big names such as Khaadi and Gul Ahmed. Sapphire Pakistani clothes are not only popular nationally but have a huge wide demand abroad as well. People living in the USA, Canada, and UK, prefer to place online orders, whenever the sale kicks in. Even though there are other brands out there, the attention their sale receive from women is unbelievable. This year, the annual sale was put on as always and the doors of the outlets nationwide were filled with desperate shoppers lined outside. From Lahore to Faisalabad, the brand managed to stir up some real hype, which lead women to stand in queue for hours, along with their infants and toddlers. But what happened next, can be easily labeled as Sapphire’s biggest nightmare.

    Sapphire Sale 2023 fight- What Went Wrong

    It was a sunny day like always when Sapphire opened up its store in Faisalabad for its annual lawn sale. The brand has always expected a good quantity of customers and was prepared to welcome its audience. Little did they know that things would go wrong in a blink of an eye. As soon as the doors opened, women rushed in to grab the most affordable yet elegant 3 pc lawn suits. With toddlers hanging around, desperate for food or any sort of activity that could entertain them, women focused on getting their hands on the best article possible. As the shopping spree went on, some women ended up in a tug-war. While the staff ran around to control the scenario, unfortunately, things were already out of control. As the women engaged in a catfight, they soon called their husbands in order to fight for justice and this is where everything got messed up. As soon as husbands arrived at the scene, they lost their anger and took out pistols to threaten each other. Soon, gunshots were heard in the mall and it led to people rushing out in panic. Needless to say, police were called and people were asked to leave the outlet. Needless to say, it is going to be the most memorable Sapphire catfight. 

    Some Concerning Points

    You can say that Sapphire's annual sale was somewhat festive but in a negative way. First things first, the outlet was supervised by security guards, which makes us wonder how an individual was able to get inside with a gun. Secondly, the mall was filled with families, which clearly means, that children were present there too. Have our nation gone blind that they don’t fear tragedy, that could have happened if any child was hurt in the brawl? Lastly, are Pakistani women this shallow, that their wants are limited to some cheap lawn suits? Sapphire might not voice concern over this, because they achieve their sales goal for sure. But we as a nation have definitely failed today. With things getting out of control so easily, it is safe to say, that the government might put a ban on clothing sales and we would definitely support that.

    Sapphire Sale 2023 May Come to an End Soon

    While the points mentioned above are really concerning and need immediate notice, it is a relief to say that no one was hurt during the fight. On social networks, Sapphire is facing criticism, due to poor management, while many are questioning the reason behind the craze of the sale. A user on a social network explained that the popular brand has gained fame and recognition because its quality of fabric is better than its competitor. But the real question is, should we put someone’s life in jeopardy? Unfortunately, the video of the brutal fight is circulating online and it is terrifying to watch. Without much further ado, we can only hope that the Sapphire lawn sale comes to an end soon.