Shahid Afridi comes to defend Muhammad Aamir, after Naveen UL Haq of Afghanistan misbehaved Muhammad Aamir of Pakistan, LPL

Shahid Afridi comes to defend Muhammad Aamir, after Naveen UL Haq of Afghanistan misbehaved Muhammad Aamir of Pakistan, LPL
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    Dec 01, 2020

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  • Lankan Premier League (LPL) is the kind of PSL and IPL events, currently happening in Sri Lanka. Last night, a match was played between the two teams Kanday Tuskers and Galle Gladiators. While the play was on, one of the players from Kanday Tuskers misbehaved Muhammad Aamir.

    Though the Tuskers won their first-ever match of LPL 2020, the undue response from one of the Tuskers players towards the Gladiators’ player, turned Gladiators fan aggressive not on their own team but the opponent.

    After the match was over and both the teams were mutually shaking hands, Shahid Khan Afridi scowled at the Naveen Ul Haq who turned furious at Muhammad Aamir during the play.  With the smiling face when Afridi turned instantly furious, all the players looked well-amazed.

    In Pakistan, it was a trending topic with different hashtags on Twitter. People kept appreciating Afridi’s gesture and declared it the best practice of brotherhood when the captain came to defend one of his fellow players, during the play.

    The first two trends on Pakistani Twitter were #lala and #Afridi. Why Lala? Lala is the title of Shahid Afridi that all the Pakistani cricket players call him. While Lala literally means ‘elder brother’ in the Pakistani Pashtoon culture. And, the Twitter audience spoke that Afridi has effectively played the role of being an elder brother.

    #Amir was the number five trend on Twitter. In the trending tweets, people were constantly bashing at the Afghan player Naveen Ul Haq. The trending thread was loaded with a glimpse of videos and photos on the ground.

    Fans didn’t lag to remind the Afghan players of that moment when they lost their match to Pakistan in one of the international leagues. Right after losing the match to Pakistan, Afghan players literally burst into tears when the green shirts patted their backs and treated them politely. Green shirts actually made them learn that win/lose is part of the game. None should take it as seriously as the Afghans team did.

    Pakistani Twitter users shared those images on their Twitter accounts when green shirts were patting the Afghan’s teams back.

    The social media star Jannat Mirza got his comments recorded on Twitter as well She shared her thoughts by sharing the Afghan Naveen’s photo when he was celebrating his wicket-taking in Afridi’s style. She criticized him in a very aggressive way and warned Naveen not to copy Afridi’s celebration style anymore.