Showbiz Celebrities react to Aseefa Bhutto's entry into Pakistan's politics

Showbiz Celebrities react to Aseefa Bhutto's entry into Pakistan's politics
  • Daughter of the former president of Pakistan and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto makes an impressive entry into the politics of Pakistan. Celebrities got their statements recorded on several social media sites and said the entry of Aseefa Bhutto’s to be an omen for Pakistan. 
    A few days back, Aseefa Bhutto Zardari kickstarted her career in the politics of Pakistan when she first appeared on the PDM’s platform in the Multan rally. 
    One of the renowned celebrities, Farhan Saeed, a singer, and an actor, said the Aseefa Bhutto stepping into politics as a great debut. Adding more to his comments, any day a better choice to lead PPP, he said by sharing the Aseefa’s photo on his social media account. His comments show a level of great confidence for the PPP led by Aseefa Bhutto. 
    A well-known singer Momina Mustehsan who earned great fame from Coke Studio Pakistan didn’t lag to get her thoughts recorded in the favor of Aseefa Bhutto. She was much impressed by Assefa and stated her great entry into politics, a positive step for the women of Pakistan.
    In her tweet, Momima also declared Pakistani politics to be dominated by the males. 
    Before the Pakistani stars stepped into the favor of Assefa, Ali Khan Tareen, the son of Jahangir Khan Tareen (PTI) also showed his sentiments on the entry of Aseefa Bhutto.
    Ali Tareen in his tweet said, “Political differences aside, Aseefa Bhutto is pretty cool”. While there were several trends live on Twitter in which the general audience was also tweeting on Aseefa’s debut. 
    Some of them resembled her with Benazir Bhutto and predicted her to be playing a vital role in reviving the lost integrity of PPP. While the PPP opponents linked the entry of Aseefa with hereditary politics.
    It is politics and there are always different thoughts associated with the same event as the party workers/supported find a point to strengthen their party while the opponents strive to pick a point for critique. The same was seen on the debut of Aseefa Bhutto which she kickstarted on the PDM’s platform in Multan.