Spotted: Real-life Ken and Barbie in Dubai

Spotted: Real-life Ken and Barbie in Dubai
  • As the world turns pink for the most-talked movie, Barbie, Dubai gets its own real-life one. Believe it or not, we are as serious as a heart attack. On a sunny day, the pass-goers spotted real-life Ken and Barbie in Dubai. Yes, the popular Mattel characters were spotted, in their luxurious cars driving around and dancing to the upbeat numbers. The only difference was they were not made of PLASTIC. If you are still wondering how pretend-play dolls can be real. Here is the catch, it was none other than popular Tiktoker Ken Doll, aka Adnan Zafar, and Youtuber Faryal Makhdom, wife of renowned boxer Muhammad Amir, posing as the legendary dolls. We can’t really justify what was going through their mind but both influencers certainly made their audience go ga ga over their looks and chic dressing. With Barbie in the UAE trending everywhere, as the fans awaits its movie release, both influencers definitely manage to get the attention they wanted.

    Who is Ken Doll?

    If you are active on Tiktok then you must be familiar with Ken Doll, AKA Adnan Zafar. For those who don’t know, here are the details. Adnan is a well-known model in the world of fashion who happily resides in Dubai, UAE. With his flawless features, it is given that he would be an ideal fit for Ken if the movie was made for South eastern countries. Keeping his style intact, and the diva he is, the guy hit perfection as the character. While wearing a funky denim jacket and sitting in a hot pink convertible, he certainly pulled the look off. Often on the social platform, Ken doll plastic surgery has been a trending topic. People often criticize him for going under the knife. Needless to say, his chiseled face definitely did the justice and made him look like an ideal Ken, who may be better than Ryan Gosling. Ok, moving on.

    Faryal Makhdom – Barbie in the real world?

    For those who don’t know, Faryal is the wife of the popular boxer Muhammad Amir. There have been rumors that the duo has separated. While many online resources speculate of divorce, there has been no final word from either of them. However, Faryal has been quite active on social media and as an influencer, she has mixed followers. Similar to Ken doll, she has also received criticism for her plastic looks, but regardless she still continues to sparkle in her Barbie world. In the video, Faryal is seen in a hot pink dress, owning the look of a Mattel doll. Her fans loved her look and commented that she looked prettier than Margot Robbie who is the main lead in Barbie- the movie. Needless to say, the collaboration has taken their followers by surprise and received positive reactions overall.

    Another Barbie at the Burj Khalifa

    Turns out Dubai is loving the Barbie trend as another life-size Barbie was spotted, at none other than Burj Khalifa. This one was a bigger deal than the Ken-Faryal combo as it was spotted right next to the skyscraper and was seen stepping out from the original Mattel’s Barbie box. Shocked? Well, don’t be. It turns out it was a CGI that was done by a popular advertising agency in the city, which they shared on their Instagram account. Before the truth came out, people lost their minds on the social platform X formerly known as Twitter as it looked very real. However, later it was clarified it was just a digitally created Barbie doll so that people can take a sigh of relief. With Barbie- the movie released worldwide, people are still waiting for the Barbie release date in UAE.

    Is Barbie coming to Dubai?

    While people are spotting Ken and Barbie in Dubai, people are desperate to know if the movie is coming to the Emirates anytime soon. However, with a heavy heart, we have to say, that movie might face a ban in the country as it doesn’t resonate well with the religious values of the country. According to many online resources, it is suggested that the movie has feminist propaganda and makes men look evil or useless to society. Moreover, there are hints that the movie has LGBTQ characters, of which Muslim countries do not support. Well, we are not sure about the last bit, but it seems like the citizens of Dubai have to wait patiently and see if the government allows the movie to be released. If the movie gets banned, then the people are limited to our Desi Ken and Barbie only.