Tea is fantastic, Turkish star trolls India on his visit to Pakistan

Tea is fantastic, Turkish star trolls India on his visit to Pakistan
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    Nov 05, 2020

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  • Renowned Turkish social media star, chef Burak Ozdemir released his video on his tour of Pakistan. In his video, he has a love for Pakistan and clearly trolled India from the perspective of the February incident when the Indian pilot was captured by the Pakistan Army on the LOC. 

    Just to make the background of the incident clear, India started escalating his war tendencies in February 2019. Two of the time, their planes mongered the territories of Pakistan. In the second escalation, Pakistan Army was vigilant on the borders and two of the Indian planes crashed. 

    One of them was shot in the territories of India and one was shot in the Pakistan territory. The pilot, Abhi Nandan, escaped from his MIG-21 and landed on Pakistan’s side. After this, two of the Pak Army captains arrived at the spot and took the Indian pilot to a safe place. 

    In the end, a video was released in which the Indian pilot was found to be praising the professional behavior of the Pakistan Army. While getting his message recorded, he was taking tea. He ended up leaving the comment on tea which he was taking that time. His statement about tea got much famous, “Tea is Fantastic”.

    In the background of this incident, Ozdemir captured a video and uploaded it on his social media platform. The video got much famous in Pakistan while Ozdemir found much respect on several occasions when he visited Pakistan. 

    Ozdemir is a social media star with a wide reach on several social media platforms. He has more than 17 million followers on Instagram and about 500,000 followers on Twitter. Pakistani community admired Ozdemir a lot and wished Pak-Turkey friendship to get faster in the future. 

    Adding more to his visit to Pakistan, Ozdemir ranked Pakistan to be among the worth-visit countries. He declared Pakistan to be fully safe for all the tourists who happen to visit the world. Pakistani community admired him a lot for being the peace ambassador of Pakistan.