The Queen Elizabeth

The Queen Elizabeth
  • As I write today’s blog with a heavy heart, millions of people gather around Buckingham Palace to bid farewell to the longest-reigning Monarch and ever-inspirational woman, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. She was one of the most loved rulers of her country and well-respected too. Queen Elizabeth Died on 8th September 2022 at the age of 96 years old, after ruling the United Kingdom and its commonwealth lands for 70 years. As Buckingham Palace is actively working on ceremonial rites of passage to honor her majesty, many minds are wondering about whether Charles is the new king of the United Kingdom.

    After Queen Elizabeth’s husband died, Prince Philip in April 2021, the powerful monarch, felt a huge void in her life as it was one of the hardest deaths for her to face as she not only lost a life partner but a best friend too. Now today, as her soul finds peace and reunites with him, let’s go through some of her astounding achievements and how she managed to rule the world in an inspiring way from the young age of 26 and balanced her home, children, and royal duties together.

    The Living Monarch

    Queen Elizabeth was only 26 years old when her coronation took place and she took an oath as the Queen of the United Kingdom in 1952. Her coronation took place at Westminster Abbey. Around 27 million in the United Kingdom watched the broadcast of the most legendary moment in history. The Queen received four relevant degrees: a Doctor of Music from the University of Wales, a Doctor of Civil Law from the University of Oxford, a Doctor of the Law University of Edinburgh, and another Doctor of Law from the University of London.

    She tied the knot with Prince Philip on 20th December 1947 before five years after gaining access to the throne. It was pretty inspiring to see how she gracefully maintained a balance between her personal and royal duties despite being a woman. Queen Elizabeth II's children were well brought up and taken care of even though she was the busiest person in the royal household. Prince Philip, despite being a man, remarkably acted as a supporting figure and remained in his shadow willingly as he proudly saw his wife fulfill the role of a dedicated sovereign.

    Why Was She One of the Most Influential Sovereign

    When World War 2 broke out in 1939, Elizabeth was merely 13 years old and was not a sovereign yet. But she did possess the dedication and willingness to provide her efforts and true sentiments for her country. The Buckingham Palace faced bombings in 1940, her parents send Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret to Windsor Castle to save the heir to the throne.

    But little did they know that Queen Elizabeth’s young age will not stop her from demanding to serve in the military. Needless to say, her wish was dismissed as Queen Elizabeth’s age was too young but she remained persistent which led her to join the Women Auxiliary Territory Service where she completed training for 6 weeks as an auto-mechanic. Even though she used to go to Windsor Castle for her bedtime, she was still the first woman to serve in the British military which is highly influential even for women today.

    After she was crowned as the Queen, the monarch made sure to make her kingdom stable. As the country was recovering from World War 2 and King George V had passed away, leaving it up to Queen Elizabeth to stabilize the economy and grow the shrinking role of the country. Before World War 2, the country had a major hold of 57 colonies but post-war, it was left with few, as many declared themselves independent. As a sovereign, she was well aware of the weak points of her kingdom in the post-war period. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother managed to gain back 54 commonwealth lands during her reign.

    While Queen Elizabeth’s husband supported her throughout her long-running sovereignty she also realized she needed to modernize the empire according to the highly developed and current times. She decided to start appearing on television and addressing speeches to her nation on important occasions. She also started believing that issues like divorce should not be considered taboo as it was shown as a normal thing in the modern world, she decided that the royal family should also approve of it.

     Most likely, her perception of divorce changed after one of Queen Elizabeth ii Children Prince Charles went through a divorce from Princess Diana. In 1968, in an attempt to make a connection with the public, she made a remarkable yet controversial decision to hire a film crew to shoot a documentary on her and her family. The documentary was an instant success as it gained more than 30 million viewers as people got a chance to see the royal family as normal citizens and they were able to connect and empathize with their ruler.

    The monarch was also known for her various charitable works. She had a goal to reduce poverty and has supported 600 charities. She was known to be a non-racial person. The evidence of this was when once on her tour she danced with the president of Ghana who was a black man, which led to outrage in her country and among commonwealth states but she supported her belief in equality and did not care much about the anger surrounding her.

    Even though Queen Elizabeth young age was not around anymore, Queen Elizabeth’s health was not much of a concern during the past 70 years of her reign. Once she turned down the “ Oldie of the year award” presented by the Oldie magazine as her secretary convey her message that she believes “ you are as old as you feel “ and she didn’t feel like falls within the criteria yet to accept such an award.

    However, her health started deteriorating rapidly after Prince Philip passed away.

    Coming Back to the Present Events

    As the world bids goodbye to the most loved monarch with heavy hearts, the United Kingdom is preparing itself to welcome the new monarch into the palace.

    The fact that Queen Elizabeth died opened the path for Prince Charles to take over the throne.

    Queen Elizabeth left behind a higher standard of expectations and morals for her son to follow and to meet up with the standard of love and care she had for her nation. The crown prince will be given the title of King Charles III with his wife Camilla which will appear in the newspaper under the headline Charles is the new king of the United Kingdom. His coronation will also take place at Westminster Abbey as the venue has been the home for the past 900 years of events.

    While the Queen rests in her eternal place, all leaders from the world are pouring in their sincere condolences. From US President Joe Biden and Jill Biden to Russian President Vladimir Putin to Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi followed by Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sherif and many more are paying their respect and sincere sympathy for the loss of one of the greatest influential and powerful monarchs.