Top 10 Googled Pakistanis- Amazing facts to know today

Top 10 Googled Pakistanis- Amazing facts to know today
  • With the growing popularity of people, people query Google to know about the facts of that personality. With such a practice, Google brings them the best results to know about them. In the reaction to each query, Google records the statistics of how frequently a particular query comes on its search engine. Based on Google’s statistics, statisticians release a list of top 10 Googled Pakistani.

    Marvi Sarmad

    Marvi Sarmad is one of the actively working rights activists for women in Pakistan. The reason behind his most Google searches comes to be the conflict between Khalil-Ur- Rehman Qamar and Marvi Sarmad. In a TV show, Khalil and Sarmad shared heated words with each other.

    The host TV channel was fined 5 Lacs by PEMRA  for the host such a conflict-based show.

    Uzma Khan

    Uzma Khan and Huma Khan are two sisters performing in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The reason behind Uzma’s been searched the most in Pakistan is that she was caught red-handed in a party with Malik Riaz’s son-in-law by her wife. Uzma was also ridiculed and slapped by the daughter of Malik Riaz as well.

    When the issue got hype on social media, there would have come searches on Google as people think it the best tool to find the previous history of a particular celebrity.

    Joe Biden

    People of Pakistan usually look more interested in the elections of the USA and UK. Joe Biden was the new presidential candidate of the 2020 election of the USA. That’s why the masses of Pakistan were eager to know the history of Joe Biden.

    The obvious reason behind Joe Biden’s been among the most searched people in Pakistan, is that he was the first-ever candidate for the Presidential election in the USA.

    Alizeh Shah

    Alizeh Shah marked her name a second time in the 2020 list of most Googled personalities in Pakistan. In 2019, she was also on the list due to her debut in the Pakistani drama “Ehd-e-Wafa” released by ISPR.

    This time the reason behind staying in the list of most searched people is something else. Due to the notoriety of her video been leaked, she also stood in the list 2020 list of most Googled persons in Pakistan.

    Hareem Shah

    Hareem Shah is the Pakistani Tik Tok star who brings her name to the 2020 list of most Googled persons in Pakistan. Most of the time, she looks defaming different parliamentarians of Pakistan. Due to some of her leaked videos, she was ready to stay on the list of the most searched personality in Pakistan.

    Minahil Malik

    Minahil Malik is one of the stars currently breaking through the new social media Platform, Tik Tok. Like many stars of her type, she stood the most searched just because of her notoriety videos.

    Falak Shabir

    Falak Shabir always stands among the best singer in Pakistan. The reason why he was the most searched celebrity in Pakistan is that he got married to a very beautiful actress of Pakistan, Sarah Khan. When it is about the marrying of two stars, it enjoys much fame on social media.

    Asim Azhar

    Asim Azhar and one of the youngest Pakistani actresses, Hania Aamir was thought to be in a relationship with Asim Azhar for a long time. In 2020, Hania Aamir broke out that we (Asim and Hania) are no more than good friends. Asim stood much trolled of his breakup with a doll-like actress in Pakistan.

    Esra Bilgic

    You must be familiar with the glimpse Turkish Biopic of Ertugrul. Esra Bilgic was a lead female actress in the Ertugrul as Haleema Sultan. Just because of the drama’s popularity, people would have searched Haleema Sultan in the Google search engine.

    When Haleema shared her bold pics on Instagram, she stood much criticized by the Pakistani audience, calling it out a shameful act on her end.

    Sarah Khan

    The newly married couple of the showbiz industry always enjoys much fame in the world of the internet. As the masses of Pakistani especially the girls are more eager to have a look at their wedding pics. The reason behind Sarah’s ranked in the top 10 personalities of Pakistan is her getting married to Falak Shabbir.

    The article would have stood much interesting to you as it unveils many of the facts of the most Googled celebrities of Pakistan.