USA presidential Election 2020- harder than expected to resolve the issue

USA presidential Election 2020- harder than expected to resolve the issue
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    Nov 05, 2020

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  • The U.S. presidential election is counting down the votes. With Democratic candidate Joe Biden approaching a decisive victory after winning 264 out of 538 electoral votes. For the final victory of the presidential candidate in the United States, he must get 270 or more electoral votes. 

    Incumbent US President and Republican candidate Donald Trump, on the other hand, received 214 electoral votes. Now their victory depends entirely on the swing states. However, US political observers say that even if Trump gets all the electoral votes from the swing states, he will still be able to get a total of 268 electoral votes.

    Meanwhile, Trump's campaign manager announced that there was rigging in Wisconsin and that Trump would file a formal recount there, while the Trump campaign team has filed a case to stop the vote count in the court of Michigan. Not only up to stop the vote counts in Michigan, but Trump's team has also announced to go to court in Pennsylvania to stop the counting.

    The excitement in the current US presidential election is palpable, as can be seen from the fact that Biden has become the first presidential candidate to garner more than 70 million votes. But Trump also received 68.6 million votes. Thus, the difference in the number of votes received by the two presidential candidates is only 2.4%.

    Several protestors of the Democratic candidate, Biden have also been observed to be protesting outside the oval office and white house in Washington. Such kinds of protests are also being triggered throughout the USA. The tussle between the incumbent president and Biden is still at peak. The final results of the USA election will decide who is going to take over the oval office in Washington on the 20th of January.

    The renowned political observers have also been found to quote the scenario of the 2016 presidential elections when Clinton was leading in the counts. Contrary to this, when the results of the 2016 election were announced, she was declared as the losing candidate of the USA presidential election. Meanwhile, victory was marked in the name of Trump, incumbent president of the USA.

    On the behalf of the previous election results, Biden in his statement said that he is not going to announce his victory until the final results of the 2020 presidential elections are out.