Which Social Media App & Search Engine Is Gen Z's Favorite?

Which Social Media App & Search Engine Is Gen Z's Favorite?
  • Generation Z holds more importance in the eyes of researchers to understand what is trending these days and what is fading away. Whether it be fashion trends, movies, or social media networks either of these platforms depends on which one Gen Z chooses to use or adapt. Analyzers are busy searching on topics like which social media app is GEN Z’s favorite or which search engine is a perfect pick for the younger generation. With the times changing rapidly, it is quite evident that the current generation has found love in Tiktok, Snapchat, BeReal, and other newly launched apps.

    To know the answer to the most asked question “What is the popularity of Google among Gen Z?'' you need to read this blog till the very end. The way of using social media has changed and so has the audience. And it goes without saying, that with the change in audience and manner of usage, the old school marketing strategies have been replaced too. With challenges rising higher than before for brands to make name for themselves in the digital marketplace, it is quite obvious that they need to strive harder to reach or catch the interest of their targeted popular audience.

    In today’s blog, you will read about,


    •   Which social media does Gen Z prefer?

    •   Is TikTok bigger than Google?

    •   How Gen Z is using Social Media?

    •   How do gain Gen Z consumers’ attention?


    Which Social Media App is Gen Z’s Favorite?

    This is one of the most asked questions from researchers and it is also a question whose answers keep changing after every few years. Once upon a time, Facebook was all the rage around the timeline of 2008 to 2009 but not anymore. Even though the social app has upgraded itself a lot, it still couldn’t stay among the favorites of Gen Z. It’s quite evident that Tiktok has earned the title of the most loved application by Gen Z.  The video hosting application has not only given competition to Instagram and Facebook, it has proved to be a threat to the popularity of Google as well.

    The Google popularity statistics seem to be lower as Tiktok has introduced an improvised version of the search bar. Gen Zers are found more on the Chinese application platform compared to the American multinational technology company. The answer to your question “which social media does Gen Z prefer?” Is quite evident isn’t it?


    Is TikTok bigger than Google?

    The core reason why is Tiktok Better Than Google is because Generation Z prefers having a virtual representation of the search results rather than reading about it. They want to save time and energy to perform other productive tasks. While wondering what is the popularity of Google, you will be surprised to learn that Tiktok is ranked as the 7th largest social network with over 1 billion active users, which means the video hosting app has outranked Google. 

    To win their rank back, the popular search engine has rolled out the latest algorithm update which hopefully will show a better report of Google popularity statistics. Meanwhile, Tiktok is labeled as the Top social media and search engine APP in today’s time due to the following factors

    •   Short Attention Spans
    •   Insufficient Google Results
    •   Visual Learning 

    Generation Z claims to be disappointed by Google as they say the useful information is buried deep and the one that surfs on the top is mostly incorrect or insufficient. The young users also added that visual learning helps them to learn quickly instead of clicking numerous links on Google.


    How Social media is Gen Z’s Little Playground

    Funny as may the caption sounds, the reality is it is their designated playground. Gen Zers would rather spend hours on different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and others to entertain themselves instead of heading out to the mall. The question rises, how Gen Z is using social media? Well, according to research most of them like to invest their time in following Influencers, meme accounts, musicians, and Hollywood celebrities. However, that is not the only reason why they use the digital platform.

    They prefer to stay active to stay connected with their family and friends, find inspiration for work, watch the news to remain in the know-how, and entertain themselves. However, during the infamous lockdown of 2020, they were busy using it for playing games, watching various content online and video calling friends and family. Tiktok was the top social media and search engine app used during the Covid time.


    How do gain Gen Z consumers’ attention?

    With Gen Z’s preference changing in social media applications and raising questions like why is TikTok better than Google is slightly daunting. A social media application taking over multinational technology is mind-boggling. As the times are changing, so have the consumers of social media. Gen Zers has a different set of needs and wants that each brand or business needs to target to grow. Each social media platform holds a different audience. Since this blog is about Gen Zers, let’s focus on how marketers can target them on a few of their favorite social networks.



    Tiktok the social media app is gen z's favorite, that is not a hidden fact anymore. It acts as a direct platform to reach Gen-Z. The video hosting application is an ideal way to interact and sell your products to its younger customers. Before you start selling your products you need to understand how you will communicate with them. The young audience values standing up for issues like racism, body shaming, and mental health, which means they are likely to hear about your brand if it also believes in the relevant issues mentioned above.



    Although the answer to the question which social media does Gen Z prefer” is Tiktok, Snapchat does enjoy a decent amount of GEN Z users. The multimedia instant messaging app carries the motto of “being in the moment” which means to receive engagement from the young audience, you need to encourage them to pour in their opinions to make the development of your brand more successful. Keep in mind that the group you are trying to engage with has never known a period without social media, try to be productive and creative with them on the digital platform to generate better communication.



    With TikTok crowned as the top social media and search engine APP, Instagram is still in the running as one of the most used apps among Generation Z. As mentioned earlier, the young clan likes to follow influencers and celebrities. A smart business idea would be to collaborate with such accounts and generate a healthy number of following for your Instagram handle. 

    One of the most important things you need to take care of while approaching youngsters is that your post should be curated simply and convey information to the point. Remember, these individuals breathe and live on technology, which means if they didn’t receive the solution they were looking for, they might hop to another page ASAP.


    The Wrap Up

    Gen Zers are the most influential yet creative creators of today’s era. They are digitally active and literate enough to create astonishing changes in the ranking of any digital platform. While we are mulling over the queries such as Why Tiktok is bigger than Google, their short attention span might dethrone Tiktok too, if a better application surfaced on the digital platform.

     However, the competition for social media networks is harder and more challenging than ever before. No matter what is the popularity of Google these days, it won’t take long to make a comeback as soon as the multinational tech company comes up with a much more competitive feature than Tiktok.