Why did Feroze Khan get Divorced?

Why did Feroze Khan get Divorced?
  • Marriage is a beautiful thing; it allows two souls to come together and create a beautiful life for each other. The nuptial represents love, care, and trust between two individuals who agree to spend their lives in harmony. But it seems like people these days in our society don’t understand the concept of marriage or have a basic understanding of the concept. Marriage is not about feeding large buffets to guests or dancing to the beats of loud music. However, it is indeed about respecting and loving your spouse more than anything else. Allow me to repeat myself, it is indeed about respecting your spouse.

    Divorce is exactly the opposite of marriage, it is an extremely ugly thing that tarnishes a happy home and puts the life of offspring under mental stress if the couple bears any. But sometimes it can turn into a nightmare if either of a spouse is toxic or wears red flags instead of a cape. Many of you are familiar with Feroze Khan’s life history, so I will spare you the details and talk about the most highlighted topic on social media right now.

    The divorce of Feroze Khan the Pakistani actor has been in the news for quite some time now. The actor tied the knot in 2018 with Syeda Alizey Fatima. All of his fans were excited to see him settle down and many female fans envied his gorgeous bride. Soon after the internet flooded with pictures of the happy couple or so we thought. People went gaga over the pictures on Feroze Khan’s Instagram and soon the hashtag “couple goals” started trending all over the web. But little did the netizens know that the marriage they were idolizing was itself going through some severe struggles.

    There is a popular saying,” all that glitters is not gold” meaning whatever sparkles is does not have the value of gold or is close to being true. The rumors of divorce started circulating in early September but the “Chup Raho” famed actor remained mum about it. Social media started buzzing with titles such as “The New Feroze Khan Scandal and various others which raised more curiosity in the audience.


    Why did Feroze Khan get Divorced?

    All hell broke loose when Feroze Khan’s wife Syeda Alizay Fatima came forward and admitted on her personal Instagram that her marriage was nothing but chaos and a journey of extreme physical violence and degradation. She also added how she gathered the courage to take a step out of the toxic relationship for sake of the betterment of her two kids, who don’t deserve to be brought up in an unhealthy and violent household.

    After her revelation, the netizens went into a frenzy and could not believe that the actor they have loved and praised possessed such a ferocious persona. Most of the fans who were big fans of Feroze Khan’s serials were utterly disappointed and claimed him to have the same negative character in his real life that he portrayed in his dramas. After Alizey came forward with the allegations, the 32-year-old kept quiet until recently when he disclosed through social media that his divorce has gotten finalized on 3rd September 2022 and he has filed a case for custody of his children. He also added that he would not like to make a statement about the allegations made by his wife as he respects her as the mother of his children.

    The netizens reacted negatively to his revelations as they thought that Feroze khan talking about love and respect is a big joke, as he did not follow the basic rules of respect and love towards his wife in the 4 years of the marriage. With Feroze Khan’s wife’s shocking post on Instagram, people have shown a lot of empathy and support for the individual. Before Alizey came forward with the allegations a lot of people had assumed different reasons for the divorce of the young couple as many wondered Why did Feroze Khan get Divorced? Since Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan were quite popular as an on-screen couple and have worked together on various serials, people speculated them to be closer than just working colleagues. The list of Feroze khan’s movies is quite short but the one that got the most attention was, “Zindagi Kitni Haseen hai” in which he was cast opposite Sajal Ali.

    The dating rumors died quite quickly but soon he was linked with Hania Amir. No one had an idea, the reason would be generated from his home itself. The Feroze Khan Scandal is trending these days on social media and new channels. The audience who were big fans of Feroze Khan’s serials were disgusted and expressed anger as they now stood in support of his ex-wife. Aly has unfollowed Feroze Khan’s Instagram and so did the Habs drama actor which is quite predictable given the current circumstances.

    On the work front, the fans can watch Feroze khan and Ushna shah’s drama “Habs” on Ary Digital. Feroze khan’s new drama tells a story about a couple getting married for their benefit and who fight with the daily problems thrown by the circumstances in their way. Apart from serials, Feroze khan’s movies list also includes his upcoming flick “Tich button” featuring Urwa Hocane. There have been no reports of projects of Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan together since the duos are not on talking terms anymore. With Feroze Khan’s new serial on air It seems like on the professional level, he is doing ok as the projects are pouring in but it is quite uncertain in which direction things will go for him post-divorce debacle. 


    Ending with a Soulful Thought

    It is hard to say who is at fault here but it is quite evident that people these days do not understand the concept of marriage. They are not familiar with why they are getting married in the first place. We often overreact when we come across the term “divorce” and act as if it's the worst thing that can happen to someone, but none of us as a society has tried to make an effort and identify the root cause of the much popular taboo. It is not about gender wars and it is most definitely not about uniting two families.

    The concept of marriage is based on the companionship and emotional values of two individuals. It is quite easy to sign on a piece of paper but what is important is to understand what that piece of paper signifies. For celebrities, marriages are no different compared to how we practice. But they fail due to a lack of understanding and loyalty toward each other. The core reason why it is important to get married when you are emotionally ready is that when you tie the knot, sooner or later it will not only include you but a piece of your blood and flesh too which are your children. And to give a loving and caring home to your future generation, it is most important that the couple connects emotionally and communicates without any interruption. Marriage goes both ways, you can not expect one person to take responsibility while the other one runs around like a carefree child.