Don’t know how to make Women Day 2019 unforgettable? Come with us!

Don’t know how to make Women Day 2019 unforgettable? Come with us!
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    Feb 10, 2020

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  • Can you deny the importance of women in your life, their role in building your society, their part of making you what you are? No, you cannot; she is the reason you are in this world. What if she denied bearing you in her womb, she didn’t give you birth? What if she didn’t teach you to eat, to walk, to play to dress up? Without women, life will be ceased to exist the human species will end. Irrespective of the relationship she cares, she sacrifices.

    Being a mother, she ends her will, her personal life for you. She kills her desires to meet your every single need. She doesn’t care for her rest to fulfill your wishes. She fights for you, motivates you, teaches you to betray failures. How will you succeed if she didn’t teach you to try, try and retry? She is the one, who bears your father’s harshness for you, who takes affirm stands for you.

    A woman being a sister also gives many sacrifices doesn’t matter small or large, only her love matters. She is the one who gives you a share in her pocket money. She is the one who saves a bigger portion of cake for you. She is the one who never forgets to buy candies for you whenever she buys for herself. Despite parents’ opposition, she supports you in your decisions, assists you in your work, and finishes your homework. She makes you a cup of coffee during your exams. She is the one who helps you in your love matters.

    She is the friend in your school who often gets rebuked for not finishing her work while helping you on the subjects. She got punished for assisting you in copying her answers in exams. Her parents also turn angry over her just because of your useless calls. She takes you away from guys and girls who try to take undue benefit of you in the name of friendship.

    A woman in the face of a wife is heaven for you who makes you satisfied, cheer you up, and collaborates with you to fulfill your dreams. She spends the whole day serving you, making up breakfast, cooking lunch, serving dinner performing household chores. She does all most of the times without complaining. She raises our children; make them great men and women. She demands nothing in return, just love and respect. What if she doesn’t do all these for you - she doesn’t clean house, ready meal? Would you utilize the same effort as you are applying right now? Would you perform your duties with such calmness without your wife?

    A woman in the form of colleague assists us in office chores. She often absorbs your mockery with a smile, still inquires about your health when you feel down.  She listens for you from the boss and other colleagues for taking your side.

    A woman being a daughter – yes the daughter who fills up your life with sunshine. It’s the daughter, who energizes you when you get shrunk due to the cruelty of the world.

    It’s a woman who is your grandmother, mother-in-law, cousin and advisor. It’s the women who make you proud and helps you to stand proudly in a crowd.

    Women also have a significant contribution to socio-political development. They are human right activists, rulers, political leaders and legislators. Women are also entrepreneurs and motivational speakers. They boost national morale by being a player.

    Who among us isn’t familiar with Fatima Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto, Asma Jehangir, Arfa Karim, Muneeba Mazari and Sana Khan? All of them are women. The women at your home are no less than them. They work for you, struggle for you and go beyond the expectations to proposer you.

    You can’t pay regard to women’s contribution; however; you should make them feel special every day by respecting and loving her. Your small acts of love and care can illuminate her day. But, like every other special day, women also deserve a dedicated day, and today it’s. Back in 1975, the United Nations had the first time celebrated the International Women Day to honour women. UN specified 8th March as a day to pay tribute to women’s contribution, and since then humanity commemorates the day every year. But some countries observe it more than others due to technological and cultural difference. However, Pakistan is also among the nation who are celebrating women day 2019 with great zeal and zest.

    Here we come with fantastic tips to make your women ultimately happy.

    There is no hard and fast rule to make women smile. Besides attending women day conferences and marches make your women happy through acts of affection. Your hug, kiss, a love, even a gratitude statement can keep them energized for the whole day. Like other days of the year don’t forget to cherish them up with such little acts. Spend some quality time with them, listen to their reservations and issues and try to sort them out if you can’t still assure them about their resolution. To add more value to the women day, celebrate it differently. We have multiple options to make woman day 2019 memorable.

    Have Some Shopping Therapy:

    If you think that money cannot bring happiness, you are entirely wrong. Just take women on shopping and see how they cheer up. Women and shopping bond is as old as retail. If you want to honour them take them out for shopping, let them buy what they want. We know that it’s not a feasible option for the majority. Just leave it. We have numerous other suggestions for misers.

    Arrange Some Date Night:

    Still dive into the memories of past, candlelight dinners, coffee talks, romantic backyard date or one arranged at home? Don't recall. Time is still in your hands to create love moments. Revive your old memories by planning some cozy candlelight dinner for your wife. Don’t forget to take her on a long drive or walk to bring extra charm to it.

    Present Something Valuable:

    Your gift expresses your intimacy for others. Just buy something valuable for your women to show them your love and care. Luckily, many online and conventional stores have special deals for women on their day. So, why not to take advantage of them? Act smartly, grab highly valuable things at cheaper rates and present them to your loved ones. Here are some suggestions for you from online shops:

    Women Accessories:

    Do you want to gift more items in a low amount; we have a trick for you. Just visit our store and pick up women deals from there. Shop chic USB data cable cum necklace for those who are technology savvy ad jewelry crazy at the same time. This data cable necklace is a fascinating piece with gray ornaments. Don’t forget to buy the self-adhesive push up bra from Zeenat Fashion on a massive 50% discount. You may shop some bag or shoes as per your girlfriend’s or wife’s taste.


    Fascinate makeup and beauty enthusiast women with pocket-friendly cosmetics.  Tiny foundation, kajal, lipstick or blush on successfully brings blush on your women face. We are really in love with Rivaj products this season. Shop this mineral foundation to gift your women a flawless appearance.


    There is hardly any woman who doesn’t adore jewellery. However, most of us barely consider presenting them with a beautiful article. Just tell me, how long it has been when you last time gifted your wife any jewellery? Ouhh, a couple of years ago! No problem, it’s the right time to present them diamond or gold chain, bangle or ring as per your budget. Are you tight on money? No issue, look for some high-quality plated or artificial bracelets to make them proud of you.

    Plan Movie:

    A film creates a sense of harmony among viewers. If your family or special one has interest in entertainment, then don’t wait for another option. Just grab a voucher online or reserve slot in cinema to have a memorable experience. You can also arrange a movie night in your favourite genre at home. Add a twist to it by arranging snacks and popcorn for munching.

    Arrange Game Night:

    If your family and female friends crave for fun, you may arrange a game night at your home. You don’t need to do much for it; make a stage/area for the contest and a sitting arrangement. Decorate your venue with pink, white and red balloons to celebrate women day 2019 with love and purity. Plan some light yet exciting games such as lemon on spoon, dart, Truth and dare, guess the movie etc. Buy useful gifts for winners according to your budget. Don’t forget to add some refreshment or dinner after the game contest.

    Didn’t like any idea? Just go back to the first option. You deserve an expensive penalty for refusing a variety of options. is celebrating International Women Day 2019 to honour our mothers, sisters, wives and friends. Let’s join hand with us to pay homage to their selfless love and care. Did you like the blog or have some catchy idea for the special day, don’t hesitate to share with us.