Farosh Enhances its Shipping Service

Farosh Enhances its Shipping Service
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    Jan 02, 2023

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  • If you want to run a successful e-commerce business that sells millions of products, you first want to hire time-efficient logistics such as leopard courier service. Deliveries of orders can make and break any e-commerce company, keeping that rule in mind, Farosh has taken a step forward to enhance its shipping service for its loyal customers all over Pakistan.  The Lahore-based company understands the essence of receiving orders on time. Moreover, considering the value of its loyal sellers, it has made further modifications to the logistic service.

    The latest modifications will allow online store owners to conveniently drop their customer’s orders at any drop-off point of Leopard couriers outlets, smoothing the complete shipping process. The company is dedicated to strengthening its relationship with the platform's sellers and buyers, in an attempt to grow nationwide. Such new plans are expected to increase revenue and gain more trust from its growing audience. Furthermore, other popular companies such as Postex Courier have also prepared themselves to provide improvised services to Farosh’s clients. Read ahead to learn how their transformed tactics will help the e-market grow further.

    How the New Improvised Plan with Leopard Courier Service Will Make a Difference

    For the past 2 years, the famous courier company is associated with Farosh to bring a better online shopping experience to its customers. Apart from Lahore, the delivery service is in the charge of transporting the company’s orders to other cities in Pakistan too. Both companies decided to further improvise the services by adding drop-off points at the Leopard Service outlets for the convenience of sellers. Due to this improved plan, the sellers no longer had to rely on a courier to pick up their products and they can drop the orders by spotting Leopard’s outlets by searching courier services near me on Google. Moreover, this will also boost the speed of the whole process and customers will receive their parcels within the expected timeline, avoiding any sort of unexpected delays.

    Farosh Understands the Importance of Courier Service in E-commerce Business

    Being a part of the e-commerce industry, the Lahore-based company knows how courier services quality can create an effect on the e-commerce business model. While choosing big names like Leopard, the brand is well-aware of the facts that impact the value of an e-marketplace. For, Farosh nothing is important more than its customers, as the company considers the following points before joining hands up with any logistic partner.

    •       Qualified Employees
    •       Real-time Tracking
    •       Low Shipping Charges
    •       Rapid Deliveries
    •       Customer Satisfaction

    Qualified Employees

    Before signing up for any delivery services, the e-market company ensures that the courier company has qualified employees in its fleet. As it is required for riders to understand the importance of delivering parcels undamaged and on time. Since customers don’t have a face to face interaction in online shopping, the workers need to be professionals as they represent the brand’s image on behalf of themselves.

    Real-time Tracking

    The brand adores your excitement to receive your parcel on time. To make the journey engaging and satisfactory for its customers, the company chooses those logistic partners that can provide real updates when the order is on the way to its dedicated receiver. Also, the tracked shipping routine adds more amusement to customers’ shopping experiences.

    Lower Shipping Charges

    Shipping charges play a huge impact on the final cost of any online order. One of the most popular reasons for cart abandonment is higher shipping charges. Paying PKR 400 courier charges on a PKR 200 product is unfair to the buyer at all costs. Apart from buyers, this affects sellers too as they face losing potential orders. Keeping this in mind, Farosh only works with logistics such as Leopard and Postex which charges minimal shipping costs to the customers.

    Rapid Deliveries

    Farosh’s prime focus is rapid deliveries as it creates brand loyalty stronger toward buyers and sellers. Keeping in mind, the amusement of the customer to receive their much-awaited parcel, the company only works with logistics such as Leopard Courier Service that delivers instantly, regardless of where you reside in Pakistan. Another reason why the company gives superiority to time-efficient deliveries is that the delays can cause the cancellation of orders and can impact the seller’s credibility and online store.

    Customer Satisfaction

    For any business, customer satisfaction is one of the top goals. Sellers and buyers are the foundation on which Farosh stands tall and proud. The brand is devoted to both parts of the business and is dedicated to working efficiently around the clock to provide them with an excellent set of services, including logistics. Without compromising on delivery, shipping charges, and other essentials of the courier plan, the company aims to enhance it further, encouraging growth in the devotion of its customers.

    The Next Plan in Action for 2023

    It is indeed a competitive world out there in today’s time and each company is trying to make itself better in some way or another. Currently, Farosh is focused on improving its logistic services for sellers and buyers. The next plan may include further engagement in activities such as organizing creative workshops and other events that may influence the further growth of the brand as well as customer devotion. As a company, the digital marketplace also wants to focus on making the working environment healthier and happier for its employees, so that the operations are much smoother and develop a satisfactory performance for all kinds of clients of Farosh in 2023.