Top Rated TV Serials to Watch in 2022 in Pakistan

Top Rated TV Serials to Watch in 2022 in Pakistan
  • Pakistani dramas have been gaining popularity all around the world. From overseas to our neighboring countries it has managed to gain a huge dedicated audience. And to be honest, it deserves the appreciation and loves it has received over the years.

    Even the new Pakistani dramas have managed to gain fame as our actors are exceptionally hard-working, as they try their best to portray their characters perfectly and bring life to them in the most natural way possible. Our drama writers make sure to pen down the most authentic piece of literary art that makes us realize why Pakistani serials are better than Indian dramas.

    Over time, many Pakistani dramas have gone famous due to flawless acting and true-to-life storylines. Let it be the heart-wrenching story of Khirad from the ever-famous Humsafar or the mind-blowing performance of Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch in Baghi, our dramas have managed to touch the hearts of millions with true narration and representation of our culture.

    In today’s blog, I want to highlight the names of the Top 10 Pakistani dramas in 2022 that deserve the same attention and love as the previously successful ones. The Pakistan drama industry holds the most promising release to an unreleased masterpiece in its kitty for 2022. Many are already running on air, creating a rave of appreciation and love, while the unreleased ones have already made a huge wave of excitement through their enthusiastic fans. Big names like Humayun Saeed, Hania Amir, and Fawad Khan are all set to put your screens on fire with some breakthrough performances this year.

    Allow me to start with the released super hit of 2022 which is a must-watch and has the exclusive talent to cherish.


    Northern Rural areas with tribal wars going on for centuries, beautiful scenery of the Bhogarmang Valley in the background, unfair sacrifices due to untruthful traditions of our society, and a Nauman Ijaz. Here are the core ingredients of the most talked about Pakistani drama. You might feel like I just described Sang-e-mar mar to you but that's not the case. Sang-E-Mah has an ace in its pocket that the successful drama of 2016 did not.

    Any guesses? Okay, I will let the cat out of the bag then, Atif Aslam.

    Yes, the mega starrer not only casts popular artists such as Nauman Ijaz, Hania Amir, and Kubra Khan but the iconic singer as well who has made his first acting debut in the drama industry. The best part is Atif Aslam doesn’t star in some side role but holds a very important role that brings exciting developments to the story.

    If someone would have told me to watch Sang-E-Mah because of the beauty of northern areas or the cultural disputes, I would have passed it on but with Atif Aslam as an actor, I am sure that is one of the highlights why the drama did so well and became no 1 TVs Serials to Watch in 2022 in Pakistan.


    With the overwhelming success of Suno Chanda, Momina Duraid made sure the fun doesn’t stop right there. The production company went on a mission to release a super fun Ramadan Special Television series to make people laugh and forget their daily life conundrums. With Chupke chupke declared another success last year, Pakistan made its debut in Ramadan in 2022. Just like its predecessors, the drama made everyone laugh wholeheartedly like a child while forgetting their tensions.

    Not only was the drama labeled as a Pakistani comedy serial 2022 but people loved the chemistry between the real-life couple Arsalan Naseer and Aymen Saleem which led this to become another major reason why the drama gained viewership, making the production company super rich and happy. So if you enjoy light-hearted comedy compared to a top-rated TV crime serial in Pakistan then this is an ideal pick for you to binge-watch.

    Dil Awaiz

    Sometimes dramas don't have a strong storyline. The writers unintentionally use the same cliché twists and turn in the story, without realizing that it has been seen hundreds of times on TV before.

    But a well-written character can uplift the whole drama in a very positive light and make its audience fall in love and that’s what one of the most popular new Pakistani dramas, Dil awaiz does.

    The story has a typical Cinderella vibe where the main lead is treated like an orphan despite living in her own father’s house. A love interest enters and changes her hard life into a fairytale.

    It stars gems like Nauman Ijaz and Sana Fakhar whose powerful performances have managed to flip an obvious Cinderella kind of story into one of the Top 10 Pakistani dramas in 2022.


    Okay, you might find me biased here when I say this one deserves to be known as a top-rated TV crime serial in Pakistan. It stars two of my favorite actors, who are the actual gem that has managed to revamp the face of the Pakistani drama industry with their extraordinary performances in their past projects.

    Sabar Qamar and Ahsan Khan are indeed right examples of diamonds in the rough that emerged on the basis of their real talent rather than depending on someone’s skill to explore their ability to act. Cheekh where Sabar Qamar gave an applause-worthy performance while Ahsan Khan blew our minds in Udaari with his villainous yet powerful role proving that both the dramas are the most incomparable creations in the industry.

    Fraud is a story about a poor father willing to get his daughter married to a supposedly wealthy man who later turns out to be nothing but a fraudster. The twists and turns in the drama keep you on the edge of your seat and make you wonder, how true it is to today’s reality. It is one of the rare new Pakistani dramas that somewhat gives the vibe of previously successful thrillers and is definitely a must-watch as it proved to be the no 1 TV Serials to Watch in 2022 in Pakistan.

    Main Manto Nahi hoon

    This upcoming drama holds the expectation of the audience higher than usual as it stars the most popular superstars in the industry.

    Humayun Saeed stars in what is said to be an emotional rollercoaster ride and with the new poster out it look highly capable of carrying the label of being the most watched drama in 2022. Along with Mehwish Hayat and Maya Ali, the drama seems to promise a love story with a lot of action and unexpected twists. It was supposed to be released at the beginning of 2022 but due to some issues, the release has been delayed.

    However, with Humayun Saeed’s new look in the poster, I hope it proves to be successful and not earn a spot on a mocking list as a Pakistani comedy serial in 2022.

    Jo Bachey Hain Sang Samet Lo

    The year 2022 is going to be a joyful ride for drama lovers. And it is going to be one of the best years for the fans of Fawad Khan.

    The Humsafar famed actor is all set to make a comeback to the smaller screen in the drama written by Farhat Ishtiaq.

    Not many details are revealed about the project but it seems to be one of the most promising projects for 2022 as the writer herself is well known for legendary dramas such as Udaari, Dayar-e-Dil, Bin Roye, and many more. Her work has made all of us realize why Pakistani serials are better than Indian dramas.

    Mere Humsafar

    This drama literally belongs to 2021 and 2022 as the drama was born on the edge of the previous year. It started airing on 31st December 2021. The drama stars the infamous Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed in creative roles.

    The story has a slight touch of Cinderella syndrome but it is a production of Humayun Saeed that can make you not miss this drama. Hania Amir plays a young girl who is left abandoned by her father in Pakistan as his European wife doesn’t approve of her. She lives with her uncle and his family who are not kind to her. Ana famed actress is shown as a damsel in distress, which will be an interesting aspect to see as it is totally opposite of her real-life personality. Hopefully, it will have the potential to earn a spot on the list of Top 10 Pakistani dramas in 2022

    Salahuddin Ayubi

    Salahuddin Ayubi is another gem in the pocket of the Pakistani drama industry and is all set to see the sunlight in 2022. The reports suggest that the shooting of the drama is done in Turkey and the cast includes all big names from the Pakistani and Turkish Drama industries. From the look of the posters, it looks like a historic time period drama, and the names of the Pakistani actors that have come to light are Adnan Siddiqi, Ushna Shah, and Ayesha Omer.

    Everyone involved with the production of the drama has been tightlipped and has not shared many details about the project. Let’s hope it becomes a reality and doesn’t get delayed like the movie The Legend of Maula Jutt.

    More Promising Dramas of 2022

    There are many more dramas that are likely to be a success once they launch near the end of 2022.

    New Pakistani Dramas such as Qismat which star talented Noor Hassan along with flawless Hira Mani and Kala Doriya which includes exceptional performances by Farhan Saeed and Sana Javed might have the potential to be named the big blockbusters of 2022.

    Although only time can tell, which drama will be able to attract a good strength of viewership as all the unreleased projects sound quite competitive. With Humayun Saeed’s project in the run and Fawad Khan’s return to the smaller screen, it can be difficult to decide which drama will win the title of the best drama in 2022.