Farosh Best Sellers

Farosh Best Sellers
  • What makes an E-commerce store a success? When it has reliable sellers through whom consumers can shop without a doubt. While online shopping has its pros, the digital platform also has its own set of cons. One of the most popular cons that are often spotted in different malls and shops in online shopping is delivering the wrong or other product from the picture displayed on the website. Farosh stepped into the market with the idea of relieving buyers of such fraud and discomfort. As the trustworthy brand strives harder towards making online shopping in Farosh effortless and smooth, it makes sure to filter and choose the best sellers which encourages customers to shop more online.


    It might seem easy the way the company is working towards improving E-commerce purchasing and selling online but how such a target is achieved is the real question here. Since its launch, the e-commerce online store has acquired a good amount of sellers who are honest and also own verified seals to depict their sense of ethics and nobility. To make sure the seller stays true to its online shop and the buyers, Farosh has also made some policies that restrict a seller from committing fraud.  With shops such as Shop Zone, Muzamil Store, Kureshi Collection, and Tech Vision the online portal offers fine-quality products without ripping the hard-earned money buyers. Here are the key points of how online sellers are the best and make your online shopping in Farosh more convenient.


    •       Excellent Control of Quality Assurance
    •       Accurate Representation of Products
    •       Clear Delivery Estimation
    •       Evaluate the Errors and Improvise
    •       Proper Packaging of the Product


    Excellent Control of Quality Assurance

    While browsing in different malls & shops in online shopping, the customer sometimes is not sure about the quality of the product and ends up removing it from the cart. To eliminate such doubts, the sellers at Farosh make sure to take control of the quality assurance into their own hands. Before the product leaves their premises they make sure the product is not damaged or unfit for delivery in any way. For making the shopping process more smooth for the buyer, the product sent by the seller is checked again through the e-commerce store’s fulfillment center to ensure its quality is not compromised in any way. From having shops onboard like Nafees Gadgets, New Faisal Cosmetics, HS Fragrance, and AI Jannat Cosmetics that sell products, where quality assurance is mandatory, the sellers of these shops make sure to leave no stone unturned in checking the standard of the ordered item.


    Accurate Representation of Products

    While Farosh is making an attempt to improvise E-Commerce purchasing and selling online but how is the goal accomplished is the thought that must have crossed your mind. Well, it is not easy, as in the digital world one cannot touch the product to understand the essential factors that lead to a final decision of purchasing. When a buyer clicks on a product photo, he/she expects to see a real look of the product along with specific variations and descriptions mentioned. Sellers at Farosh are well aware of this fact, due to which they ensure to provide an accurate representation of products on their online shops. They make sure to post clear high-quality photos that depict the product’s value for money and convince buyers it is an ideal solution to their problem. Moreover, vendors add product description which includes the pros and special features of the selected item and influence buyers' purchasing decisions. Shop Zone, MuzamilStore, KureshiCollections, Tech Vision, and other shops are the best sellers in the online shopping mall, whose accurate representation of photos enhances the buyer’s shopping experience.


    Clear Delivery Estimation

    Scamming or making false promises to buyers is something that is strictly not practiced by the sellers on Farosh. While providing real photos, accurate product descriptions, and sizes, the seller provides the right estimated delivery date for a certain product. They do not make false promises or commitments about dispatching the order or arrival of the product on the consumer’s premises. All the shops in Farosh Mall offer real-time tracking of the ordered products for the convenience and satisfaction of the buyer. RA Trader, Printistic One, ANW Online Shop, and others display the precise delivery date instead of putting up a false one. Such honesty makes a seller on Farosh gain a verification seal which depicts the loyalty a consumer can expect from the certain shop.


    Evaluate the Errors and Improvise

    Even though, a lot of attention and care is given to the processing of orders from the sellers on Farosh certifying there are no slip-ups or goof-ups there is always room for human error. If such errors occur, then the retailer takes notice of the complaint with full consideration and tries to resolve the issue in a minimal period. To avoid any confusion and hassle, the sellers and Farosh themselves request the customer to make an unboxing video upon the arrival of the product. After analyzing the errors, the online store is permitted by the online E-commerce company to grant a 7-day return policy plan to the consumer which not only leads to an instant refund but also wins the heart of the buyer. However, certain conditions need to be met for the return policy to be applicable. By evaluating the errors and taking them in the right sense of the spirit,  stores in the Farosh Mall work harder towards improvising and making a better shopping experience for the consumer. Top Shops, Nafees Gadgets, New Faisal Cosmetics, HS Fragrance, and Al-Jannat Cosmetic are some of the best sellers on Farosh currently.


    Proper Packaging of the Product

    With RA Trader, Printistic One, ANW Online Shop, and others opening their stores online on Farosh, proper packaging of a product is one of the major concerns for the vendors. Products such as home décor, electronics, customizable and gift items need the right kind of packaging before dispatching on the route to the buyer. Products that are not packed in a suitable manner, cannot only cause damage to the product but also It can make customers question the capability of the seller. When the buyer receives an order in a ripped-off or broken box such a situation doesn’t reflect a good opinion of the seller and his/her shop. Packaging is the first thing that consumer sees, it sorts of acts as a representation of the online shop and its owner. Such facts are taken care of by the dedicated online vendors at Farosh, needless to say, it reduces the chances of delivering broken items and also impresses customers with the efficiency of the seller.


    The Conclusion

    The different malls & shops in online shopping run various kinds of deals to lure in customers and make profits. Without really caring about the shopping activity of the buyer. At Farosh, the sellers are trained and informed well on how to provide consumers with efficient service apart from selling the products. Online shopping in Farosh is far away from fraud and ripping off its customers. Along with the trustworthy team of sellers, the company works forwards in an attempt to eliminate all kinds of cons that discourage buyers to make a purchase online and hopes to make it their happy place.