Reasons For Downfall In Business

Reasons For Downfall In Business
  • The sentence “ Let’s start a business” might sound fun and exciting but in reality, it is not. Building a business empire is not as easy as flipping burgers. It requires a lot of attention, dedication, patience, and hard work. If you don't play by the rules of business management your house of cards can come trembling down. To understand how to acquire success in corporate life you should be familiar with the basics first. You cannot run a company alone, as it requires a professional team of operations management, project management along with strategic management. Apart from this, some major factors should not be ignored when you are planning to have an entrepreneurial journey.


    For a successful business, you should know the core requirements such as penning out the pros and cons of the idea you are thinking to sell, the audience you are selling your idea to, and the location where you will be positioned. No matter where you are located, it is highly advisable to register your business on Google My Business so people can reach out to you without any hassle. A Lot of the time when people plan to go into business for themselves, they tend to ignore these important factors. The following plays a major role in the failure of a newly launched business.


    • Not asking for a professional advice

    • Providing bad customer service

    • Not staying focused on your goal

    • Quitting too quickly

    • Not working on your personal growth

    To have a better understanding of the factors mentioned above let me explain why these matter and how you should work towards making it a beneficial point to own a successful business.


    Not Asking for a Professional Advice

    A Lot of the time people enter the market to sell their products and services while they have zero clue about what is the demand of the customers and their niche in the marketplace. They tend to be overconfident about their ideas and decide to proceed further without receiving a consultation from a business consultant or asking for professional advice from an existing entrepreneur. Without understanding the core principles of business management and finance you can not expect to flourish without any hurdles.

    The corporate world doesn't have the place or endurance for Mr.know-it-all. It is a competitive place out there, it does not accept inexperienced individuals who are not familiar with how business management works. You need to be very well familiar with the platform you will be selling your products on or else it could result in the corporate market rejecting you, which would lead to a potential failure.


    Providing Bad Customer Service

    This is one of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make, especially those who run small businesses. Before I explain further, you must be familiar with the phrase “the customer is always right”.This phrase is not just quoted in the business world because it sounds productive or whatnot. It is a well-tested fact that no business can afford to ignore, especially at the early stages of their career where strategic management is the soul of your newly born venture. When you start a new venture, you make products for the comfort of your customers only, which indicates CUSTOMER’S FEEDBACK MATTERS the most.

    That's what holds the most important when you are trying to establish your feet in the market and gain awareness for your brand. If a customer complains about a product or service, you need to take it very seriously and try to resolve the issue through your customer support team in as few hours as possible. Customers always come back to the businesses that have given value to their feedback or suggestions and such businesses are meant to thrive way further in the future compared to those that don't even bother to check the complaint box.


    Not Staying Focused on Your Goal

    When you have an idea in your mind that is ready to be introduced in the market, try to stick with it till the time it starts powering profits for you or at least covers the costs you have invested in it. As a business individual, you can not afford to keep switching from one idea to another. That is the worst thing you can do to destroy your potential success. Maintaining focus is the main key. 

    That’s why a lot of world-famous business magnates highly suggest doing what you love and have passion for, rather than trying to put together a goal that doesn't interest you or spark a passion in you it is suggested to invest your time and energy on the niche or an idea to whom your heart and mind is fully dedicated. Even though you face hurdles in project management or development management and finance, your soul will not give up on it because it is something you are doing out of passion and not as an obligation


    Quitting too Quickly

    Newly launched businesses take time to generate profits, create brand awareness, and achieve a response from their targeted audiences. You need to apply several kinds of strategies to boost sales and produce desired results. Marketing strategies, operation management plans, and other business management policies take time to create the desired effect. With that being said, it means the captain of the ship needs to wear the patience hat and wait for the business plan to come into action. You can not freak out and lose control over your corporate ship, it is most likely to sink if you quit as soon as the first year of your business.

    Needless to say, all kinds of entrepreneurial platforms need time to take off and make their place in the market. Having anxiety is quite normal in the initial years of the business as it is your first step toward the real world. However, it is highly suggested to convert the negative energy into a positive one and work harder toward strategic management to achieve the desired results. The first year of the business can be daunting but if dealt with patience then it can turn out to be a fruitful experience of your lifetime.


    Invest In Your Personal Growth

    With trends changing rapidly after every week, an entrepreneur needs to keep up with the trends. You cannot sell a CD player in a world where there are loads of Live Streaming Music apps which offer unlimited hours of listening to their customers for a small amount of fee. The idea is to keep your product updated with whatever is running in the market and remember your product will only grow when you will grow as a person.

    This means two things. First of all, you need to keep yourself connected with the digital world so you know what new features your products need to offer to their audience and which new marketing strategies will allow you to be more successful such as applying SEO to your content or creating a business profile on Google My Business. Secondly, you should take care of your mental health because with a healthy mind you can focus more clearly on how to conduct research for your little venture and gain full composure with your target audience.


    The Bottom Line 

    When you plan to create a business idea for yourself, you need to be cautious about making petty mistakes like the ones mentioned above. You cannot thrive in a few weeks nor can you be a millionaire overnight. You need to scrape off the ideology of making instant money over a shorter period with minimum hard work. Rushing things will only damage your baby venture and you are most likely to lose all your investment in a blink of an eye. Plan each of your moves with patience and think smartly.