Those Who Started Online Business Success Story

Those Who Started Online Business Success Story
  • Success comes to those who work harder or have a vision for achieving their goals. Running a business is not an easy task. It requires dedication and passion to gain a position in the marketplace. In the period before Covid, it was easy to build your brand online as there was not much competition on the digital platform. In today’s time, it has become quite exhausting to bring yourself upward on the toughest platform.

    Starting an online business in Pakistan is more challenging than you can think. A lot of people try to identify the gap in the market but miserably fail to do so. The giants still rule the market, giving small businesses fewer chances to have their own set of famous business success stories. Nonetheless, dedicated entrepreneurs are fighting the battle to be ranked as one of the top businesses in 2022. The key point to receiving success is to stay persistent in your goal along with hunting down your correct targeted audience.

    Many businessmen who are labeled as market giants today in the E-commerce world, were those who struggled a lot in marking their place in the digital market initially and success was not granted to them overnight. I have read numerous blogs on “my small business story” and decided to share some of the most promising success stories with you, so you can find them to be inspirational and work smart to bring your business where it deserves to be. The success stories of the following online businesses are surprisingly and highly encouraging.

    •       Amazon

    •       Daraz

    •       Farosh

    •       Rozee.Pk

    •       Shopify

    If you plan to ride your business on the wave of victory, then you should read further ahead of these business stories in 2022 and plan strategies that can help your venture to rise while giving you good profit.


    Will, you be surprised if I tell you that Shopify’s CEO Tobi Lurke had never planned of starting Shopify? He had launched an online store called Snowdevil which he founded alongside his co-founders to sell snowboards. Their online existing software turned out to be expensive, complicated, and uncompromising which led him to create a new one to run the online shop, and sooner he realized that the software held more value than his product.

    He launched Shopify shortly after and made sure the website provides various options to the sellers to customize their online sites to appeal to their targeted customers. Along with multiple payment options available for the ease of its client by 2009 Shopify had made its place in the marketplace as it took the place of oldies like Yahoo Store and Microsoft Commerce.

    To date, Shopify is labeled as one of the most famous business success stories. The Canadian multinational e-commerce giant’s net worth as of today is estimated to be 43.82 Billion.



    You won’t be surprised to read Amazon’s name on the list. The company doesn’t need an introduction nor does the CEO. Jeff Bezos is the official king of the E-commerce world and one of the top 3 people who started an online business success story with hard work and determined goals. Starting from a small garage back at his home, Jeff Bezos had only plans to sell books online but little did he know that after receiving a healthy response, his small garage shop would turn into his million-dollar baby.

    Amazon is one of the most famous business success stories that a lot of young entrepreneurs look up to while coming toward an E-commerce platform. The core reason why the E-commerce giant has been doing so well is that it makes customers’ demands its priority and doesn’t waste energy focusing on its opponents.

    Jeff Bezos believes in bringing in new technologies and thoughts to create a rave in the market and so far he has been successful. With launches such as Kindle e-read and Virtual home assistants like Alexa, he brought his dedicated customer’s problems with smart solutions.



    Are you familiar with the term “First Mover Advantage”? You must be a business graduate, if not then let me explain it to you in simple words.  If you want your venture to stand out or generate profit then make sure that you are the first one to offer a product or service to the consumer which is missing from the market. That is exactly what Daraz did to become one of the most successful moguls in Pakistan.

    Daraz has to be one of the most successful business stories in 2022 that has inspired many of us to start our online businesses. When the German company Robert Internet decided to jump and launch the digital marketplace in 2012 in Pakistan, no one knew it would be an instant success.  Initially, they focused on selling just one product and worked as a direct seller. With further promising results in 2015, they decided to open space on their website to third-party sellers for them to sell their products online and reach their desired customers effortlessly.

    The secret behind Daraz’s famous business success stories is that it doesn’t have a complex business plan and has taken inspiration from overseas and applied them in developing countries such as Pakistan and India.


    Farosh is a new online startup located in Lahore, which is growing rapidly with the passing months. The online platform provides an opportunity for sellers which allows them to open their online shop within 5 minutes and receive a good amount of incoming orders from their targeted audience. Keeping in mind the affordability, the company has introduced reasonable pricing plans for the seller, so they can build their shop while saving costs and the hassle of owning a physical shop.

    When you log on to the website you can find Farosh's online business stories, which will allow you to understand how sellers are satisfied with their services and how buyers are guaranteed original products and a foolproof money-back guarantee. It might be one of the short business stories but the company holds the potential to thrive further in time and potentially give tough competition to other E-commerce giants.


    The journey of Monis Rehman is quite interesting and he is undoubtedly one of the top 3 people who started an online business Success Story to encourage the youth of our country. He belongs to Lahore and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Pakistan. While owning a Ph.D. degree he worked at Intel to help in the procedure of making microchips. Along with his friends, he decided to start a company called which installed cameras in daycare centers.

    A year down the lane, the company went bankrupt which led him to sell it. Soon he found inspiration in and launched which was a social network for Muslims in USA and Uk. The idea attracted LinkedIn Cofounder and he invested in the running business. Soon, Monis decided to start another business plan called in which Muslims could send electronic greeting cards to each other. With the success of the business, he started running out of staff and decided to hire more employees.

    But when he came across expensive classifieds, he decided to launch his job searching site. With a promising response from the audience, in today’s time Rozee. pk is one of the largest job search websites in Pakistan and has the most famous business success stories.



    As mentioned earlier, running a business online can be tricky. You need to read the market before launching a product. If you are smart then you will aim for the missing gap in the marketplace and target it to be successful. Once you choose the right product and target the correct portion of consumers, with dedication and passion towards your goal, I am sure you will be able to achieve your goal.

     All you need to do is keep the key points in mind, such as trying to strive for what your consumer wants and not what your competitor is selling. The right choice of product will set you aside from others and will increase more potential for your business to grow. I hope these guidelines help you achieve your goal and someday I will be reading your blog with the title “My small business story” on a popular social media channel.