Why Should You Create a Shop On Farosh?

Why Should You Create a Shop On Farosh?
  • The role of E-commerce in business is quite crucial as more than 50 % of businesses have shifted online. The benefits of running an online store are numerous. You can gain a wider range of targeted audiences by applying different types of digital marketing strategies, generating better revenues and you can easily cut down your expenses by eliminating the cost of hefty rents and electricity bills. These kinds of reasons are exactly why in today’s time online business is essential and mandatory. Since its launch, Farosh has played a vital role in the E-commerce industry. You might be wondering, what is Farosh, and is Farosh an E-commerce company?

    Located in the heart of Lahore, the Farosh is one of the thriving digital marketplaces in Pakistan. It has not only given various opportunities to retailers by giving them a platform to open their Farosh seller account with minimum effort but also provided them ease in bringing customers at their fingertips with promising revenue. The newly launched E-commerce company understands why online business is important since Pandemic-19.  There are a lot of positive reasons why you should create your online shop with a trustworthy company like Farosh. The list of benefits is endless while working with Farosh. The following are some of the highlighted advantages that are given to the sellers without any hidden charges.


    •       The Stress-free Registration Process

    •       Ease of Multiple Payment Options

    •       Lower Payment Processing Charges

    •       Receive a Verification Seal

    •       Social Media Advertisements

    •       Creation of High-quality Videos and Images

    The process of opening an online shop is as easy as a breeze on the digital platform. It only takes 5 minutes to create your digital personalized marketplace and start selling your products online. To understand further, what are the advantages of creating a shop on Farosh, and how the E-commerce company adds value to your business make sure to read the blog till the very end.


    The Stress-free Registration Process

    The first step you need to take towards generating higher margin profits for your business is by creating an online shop on Farosh. Creating a Farosh seller account is super-easy and the registration process takes no longer than five minutes. You start by entering your personal details, and the name of your business and choose the package that meets your requirements in the best way. Once your application is approved which usually happens in 2 to 3 days, you can start uploading your products online right away and that too free of cost. As soon as your shops go live, you will start receiving orders from your targeted audience. You can collect payments without any hassle.


    Ease of Multiple Payment Options

    When buyers log in for online shopping the only thing that could put them off from finalizing the purchase is minimum options of payments. On behalf of the sellers, Farosh offers different types of payment methods that erase the chances of disappointing customers at the checkout page. The role of E-commerce in Business stands strong due to the benefit of multiple payment options only. Offering various payment methods eliminates the risk of losing a potential buyer and minimizes the chances of having abandoned carts. Since, in the online market, you have a wider audience to approach, not everyone owns a credit/debit card. Some rely on digital wallets such as Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa which are one of the many payment methods provided by Farosh.


    Lower Payment Processing Charges

    While providing perks such as free creation of a Farosh seller account, to its sellers, the company makes sure the hardworking-produced payment earned by their registered vendors is processed without any hassle or interruptions into the bank accounts or digital wallets. For this transaction, Farosh charges the lowest payment processing charges compared to other E-commerce giants in the market. Along with minimum payment processing charges, the digital marketplace also charges the least for the efforts of putting the order together and delivering it to the buyers without any damage caused to the products of the seller. Safe and instant deliveries are the reason why in today's time, online business is essential.


    Receive a Verification Seal

    Online shopping has its own set of pros and cons. One of the most common cons that buyers experience is receiving an irrelevant product that is entirely different from the picture provided online by the seller. Giving a verification seal to a trustworthy and authentic vendor Farosh encourages customers to gain trust and confidence in their products and services. If you are still mulling over the curiosity of what are the advantages of creating a shop on Farosh then one of these benefits should be able to convince you how Farosh acts as an important role of E-commerce in business these days.


    Social Media Advertisements

    Social media awareness is the soul of the success of all digital businesses these days. Since people have minimized socializing in person, a brand’s ability to reach its audience digitally is the motive why online business is important since the pandemic-19. The talented and well-focused digital marketers make sure; they design a personalized marketing plan for your business to thrive as soon as you mark your online presence on Farosh. From creating interactive posts on different platforms to adding quirky captions to engage with the audience, the maximum efforts are put towards gaining potential leads which can later lead to a sale.


    Creation of High-quality Videos and Images

    To make a purchase online, buyers need to be convinced that the product is worth the amount of money they are paying. Unlike a physical shop, buyers cannot interact with the item nor can make out the basics such as size, style, and colors. Good quality image and video act as a brand ambassador for your brand and helps the customers to finalize their decision. Farosh not only guides its vendors on how to capture top-notch photos and videos, but it also offers to do the service on their behalf.


    The Final Word

    These are some of the reasons why you should open an online store on Farosh. I hope it also cleared your confusion about whether is Farosh an E-commerce Company. Running an online account with the Lahore-based digital marketplace is hassle-free and can help you to generate profits within the minimum period.

    Many of the active sellers are content with the services provided by it. The rest of the other benefits that can add more value to your seller accounts include easy inventory management, the contact information and address being displayed on your personalized shop, alert notifications sent on your Email, and last but not least, you can even get a benefit of achieving the most authentic and engaging pieces’ product descriptions for your different range of items which will encourage a large number of orders.

    It is no hidden fact why online business is important since the pandemic-19. With the infamous COVID scare still lingering around in the environment, people prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes. They would rather pay slightly more for instant delivery than go into the crowded stores and be exposed to the virus. Most importantly, the rising inflation in the country has encouraged online stores to run discounts and feature deals similar to Farosh, where buyers can benefit by saving some extra bucks while purchasing their desired product. To achieve the maximum benefits from Farosh, you can also choose from the Silver and Gold packages which are paid but offer more comfort to the vendors than the one that is free of cost.