Benefits of Owning a Treadmill

Benefits of Owning a Treadmill
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    Mar 25, 2020

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  • Any kind of physical activity has countless health benefits, whether it is yoga, aerobics, or walking. Regular exercise helps in strengthening the heart, weight loss, and also reduces insulin resistance. Using a treadmill to walk or run for 20-30 minutes daily is an amazing exercise which helps us to become regular in physical activity from the comfort of our home and improves our health. It’s a one-time investment loaded with countless returns in the form of a healthy and happy life. Different treadmills offer different functionalities from a change of speed to heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. It helps to determine when to stop and when to continue the exercise. Following are the topmost benefits of having a treadmill.

    1. Lower Impact on Joints

    The most significant advantage of using a treadmill for jogging, running or walking is it lowers the impact on your joints which can be the cause of injuries if you run on an outdoor hard and straight track. The outdoor track stresses your joints and can cause injuries while running on a treadmill keeps you safe from such injuries. It has a rubber track which is soft and does not impact your joints negatively. The treadmill track is also smooth as compared to an outdoor track, which makes it easier for you to run on any speed you prefer.

    1. Cardiovascular Health

    Regular exercise on a treadmill is essential in the diagnosis of any heart disease or cardiac problems. This test is usually carried on people who are not suffering from heart disease, but they have visible symptoms such as high cholesterol level. Treadmill helps to improve the efficiency of blood circulation in our body and lowers blood pressure. It also strengthens our heart and lowers cholesterol levels. If you are already suffering from heart disease, consider consulting a doctor before starting jogging or running.

    Treadmills are a great source of cardiovascular workout, and everybody should add it to their daily lives to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This exercise helps in keeping your arteries clear of any blockages so that the blood flow remains normal. In addition to that, treadmills monitor your heart rate as well, which allows you to keep track of your heart health.

    1. Easy to Use

    A treadmill is very easy exercise equipment to be used. They do not require special installation and are simple to use. You only need to press the button to turn it on and then a few more buttons to change the pace of walking or running. It is effortless to understand, read the manual for additional functions like tracking heart rate and blood pressure.

    1. Progress Tracker

    A treadmill is a great device to track your daily progress such as distance covered, workout duration, speed of walking or running, number of calories burnt, and heart rate as well. It allows you to save the record, which helps in motivating you to continue working out daily. 

    1. Quick Weight Loss

    It is beneficial and effective in losing weight. According to many pieces of research, cardiovascular exercises are considered to be the most effective way of losing weight. It helps to reduce weight quickly because 1 hour of workout helps you to burn about 350 calories, and that is the reason for the success of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). These programs are for a duration of one to two months and have proven to be highly effective in weight loss. A treadmill allows you to do the same training from the comfort of your home without having to pay massive amounts monthly to the fitness centers and also helps in saving traveling expense.

    1. Tone Muscles

    Most people think that treadmill workout is beneficial for heart health, stamina, and legs, but, it is not like that at all. It is a full body workout which tones the muscles of your whole body. It tones legs, gluteus, hamstrings, core, quadriceps, oblique, arms, and shoulders. It all depends on how you work out on the treadmill. If you run correctly, it tones the muscles of your whole body.

    1. Increased Joints Flexibility

    Joints flexibility is essential for mobility. If your joints are injured or hurt, it makes it difficult to make even small movement making your life hectic. Regular treadmill workout reduces the chances of development of any such conditions that can have an adverse impact on your joints and mobility.

    1. Building Bone Density

    Regular jogging can help to build bone density.  Bone density is the minerals in your bone, providing strength to the bones. Regular exercise increased the minerals in your bones and makes them stronger and helps in the prevention of osteoporosis. 

    1. Increased Motivation

    Another advantage the regular exercise provides is it makes you happy and reduces stress and depression. Exercise generates endorphins and dopamine, which are called happiness hormones in simple language. Regular exercise does not only help you to stay healthy physically but also mentally. Regular exercise also increases your motivation level for doing things. If you are mentally satisfied and have increased motivation, you will work more efficiently and effectively and will be more productive.

    1. Safe, Convenient, And Private

    A treadmill is the most reliable way of working out because it does not cause any injuries which are caused due to hard tracks or uneven surfaces. Another advantage of using a treadmill is convenience. You can easily workout on a treadmill without leaving your home. You can work out regularly without any worry about weather conditions, clothing, or other people. You can conveniently use a treadmill without having to go to the gym and waiting for others to finish their workout. Working out at home on your private treadmill helps you maintain your privacy and working out schedule better.

    Regular exercise can provide you with countless benefits. So, in order to be happy and healthy, you need to exercise regularly at least 30 minutes to one hour. Gym routine can be difficult to be built, and in addition to that, it requires exercise gear, conveyance, and a considerable amount of monthly fee. So why don’t you make your life easier by purchasing a treadmill? Give it a go, and you will never repent your decision. You can easily order a treadmill from and get it delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle. 

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