Exercising Advice for Woman: Enjoy Every Decade of Life with Health

Exercising Advice for Woman: Enjoy Every Decade of Life with Health
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    Mar 10, 2020

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  • Physical activity is one of the most crucial keys that helps in achieving optimal health at any age. Since the human body, mind, and strength varies throughout their lives, therefore, at every decade of life there are different ways to ensure health in life.

    It is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle nor is it too early to cherish your life and physique. But of course, the sooner you adopt a lifestyle that can help you in maintaining your physical and emotional balance, the healthier your life would be. Especially for a woman, who has to undergo certain physical changes from menstruation to giving birth to a child, it is important to choose a lifestyle that is full of energy and strengthening ways.

    There is a difference in style of exercising when you are below the age of 20 as compared to the pattern of workouts when you are not the age of 20. Every decade of woman life has its own ability and strength which you needs to identify before stressing your muscles more than it can stand. Let us ponder over the exercises and the impact of exercises on the health of a woman during each stage of life.

    Stage 1: Adolescence

    Goal: Stay focused on physical activities that boost confidence and mood.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2018, it is important for children to exercise regularly for a maximum of 60 minutes a day to maintain their posture and health. But sadly, not more than 27% of high school going students act upon this recommendation and engage in a 60 minutes physical activity workout.

    Adolescence is the beginning era for a woman where her body is not just taking different twists and turns but also she is growing emotionally every day. By engaging in physical fitness and regular physical activities, the metabolism can be improved while impacting directly to the emotional development at this stage.

    According to research, in the adolescence period, a girl is likely to develop depression that can lead to disastrous concerns such as committing suicide. Why? Because at this stage, the female body is developing and adjusting for bigger changes, at this moment it is already confusing and painful internally and without indulging into physical activities to eradicate the internal frustration, more than 40% individuals develop depression by keeping themselves limited.

    Start with easy exercises such as running and walking, sit-ups, cycling, and stairs climbing. Through this, the metabolism will continue its work, in fact, will work faster burning your excessive calories and maintaining sound health. Avoid unhealthy foods and ensure proper consumption of Vitamins and Calcium to make the bones stronger for a lifetime.

    Stage 2: Fitness in the 20s

    Goal: Stay focused on the development of healthy habits for minimizing the risks of cardiovascular diseases for later life.

    It is the most crucial moment of life developing personally as well as professionally. The young adult females have a motto of not just finishing their degrees but also establishing a career as well as efficiently managing personal relationships in life. It becomes difficult to maintain health, manage work and relations and regularly workout. But according to the researches at Northwestern University, it is the period where a female requires the most.

    Since at this age, the young adult is already trying to balance relationships and career, it is important to regularly workout helping in the elimination of the stress and unwinding with a fresh brain. Physical activity helps in taking the frustration out that later doesn’t develop as any sort of anxiety. It is a reality that 20s is an age of anxiety, eating disorder, frantic exercises, and fad attempts. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and sane exercising patterns, the young female can cherish her life with ease and health.

    According to CARDIA (Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults), those females who are into regular exercises tend to remain away from high alcohol consumption, no drugs, no smoking, healthy foods, all leading to lower chances of cardiovascular disease development.

    In this age, it is recommended to schedule workout timings, get your physics regularly checked and take great care of health. Consume healthy foods and avoid junk ones. It is the best time to increase stamina by running on treadmills, jogging and doing push-ups to help regulate your body and boost the immune system.

    Stage 3: Fitness in the 30s

    Goal: Stay focused on regular physical activities that help in the development of stronger bones

    At the age of 30, it is most common to develop osteoporosis disease. It is a disease that weakens the bones of the body and leads to easy bone fractures, especially when reaching the age of 50. At this stage, if bones are cared for properly, the chance of developing osteoporosis at the age of 50 can be reduced.

    National Institute of Health for Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center issued an article back in 2015, according to which osteoporosis is diagnosed when a person reaches to the fifth or sixth decade of bones which is late to diagnose and gets treated. The bone mass peaks at the age of 30 and so do bone resorption and bone demineralization. At this age, it is recommended to get a better diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    Make sleep your priority, stop compromising over your sleep and analyze the patterns of sleep to ensure ease and comfort to your body. For exercises, include resistance training workouts in your schedule such as weight lifting. This will help you in better bone health. In aerobics activities, make sure to use stairs as a primary medium of exercise, dancing and climbing can also be better. You can swim also as it will increase your stamina and respiratory system.

    Stage 4: Fitness in the 40s

    Goal: Stay focused on particular exercises and avoid muscle loss exercises

    Sarcopenia is a degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass where the muscles loosen up and it loses its strength. It usually starts at the age of 40 and starts declining at a speedy rate of 5 pounds per decade. With the decreased muscular power, the functional capacity of the body at weakens.

    There can be unwanted weight gain too at this age, the muscular imbalance can also be seen with bad lower back pains and cramps leading to other musculoskeletal anomalies. As per athletics recreational activity examination, it is proved that between the ages of 40 to 80, people start to lose the strength of muscles leading to dysfunctionality of muscles. It starts at the age of 40 for a woman as they already get lose muscles after giving births, whereas man gets softer muscles after the age of 45.

    Fortunately, the rate of muscle loss can be reduced but not eliminated or minimized. Through proper food intake and vitamin and calcium supplements, you can slow down the process. Make sure to check the amount of calorie intake and get screened for any sign of diabetes at every 6 months.

    Get yourself on cardio exercises with at least 30 minutes of intense exercise. Workout carefully and manage your body balance so that you don’t tear any of your muscles.

    Stage 5: Fitness in the 50s

    Goal: Daily exercise to maintain health throughout the time of menopause

    According to research named as Heart disease and stroke statistics in 2017 by American Heart Association, at the age of 50, getting affected by cardiovascular disease is common and a leading cause of death and disability in this age in both man and woman.

    It is also studied that after menopause the chance of getting a heart stroke or developing any disability in a woman is common. It happens due to the low level of estrogen in the female body. Many women after reaching to their menopause time leave their exercises or decrease the time. But it is found out that by maintaining the exercise level, there are chances to stay away from heart risks and other disabilities. Through exercise, the blood keeps on pumping and circulating properly.

    Even with good exercise and a healthy lifestyle, the symptoms of menopause can also be diminished while decreasing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to get screened for colon cancer too in this age. Getting vaccinated for flu every year is also recommended.

    At this age, pains should never be a reason for neglecting exercises and daily workouts. It is recommended to do weight training, jogging, running, stairs climbing and moderate cardio exercises.

    Stage 6: Fitness in the 60s and Above

    Goal: Keep moving and don’t lose hope

    It is researched that after reaching the age of 65, more than 70% of females face falls. In this age, falling means hitting the bone harder and it can risk in deadly fractures limiting movement in life.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated it is important to maintain body balance throughout life, especially after the age of 60. It is crucial to keep pace in home to prevent from falling down, have eyes tested to always look properly and wear soft and comfortable wears.

    Specifically, in the age of 70 and above, it is the time prone to several disabilities therefore with a healthy lifestyle and proper mild workouts can help in maintaining the balance of life. It is important to get your bone density tested to know the power of your bones and how much weight it can carry. Vitamins intake should be increased.

    For exercises, it is important to keep on doing mild to moderate exercises. It is crucial not to involve in intense exercises as it can hurt and tore muscles and can push to fall down, getting badly injured.

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    Final Word 

    Exercise is always important for living a healthy life but it varies in intensity with the age. When you are young, exercises are different whereas when you start aging and gets older, the exercises are different. It is important to have good exercising machines with you on which you can rely. If you are planning to purchase exercising machines than don’t worry when you have Farosh.pk as it is offering Ramadan discount on all items. You can get up to 70% discount on quality exercising machines this holy month. Just remember, it is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reshape your life with health and happiness.