How to Make Sure Your Children Stay Safe, Entertained, And Away from Electronic Devices

How to Make Sure Your Children Stay Safe, Entertained, And Away from Electronic Devices
  • A parent’s job is the hardest of all, and no amount of work experience can prepare you for the responsibilities you suddenly find yourself deep into when you get kids. In addition to making sure they eat, sleep, and study, parents also have to nurture their thought process as they grow up. They need to instill some morals and values in them and make sure they do not stray too far with the progress of technology. 

    And during all of that, it is just as important for parents to find some ‘me’ time. Like children, parents are also always growing as a human being, they are also learning more about this world, about themselves. And for that, they need to find some alone time, to let the kids be so that the adults can be themselves too.

    While it’s a long shot to say that parents’ job can be easy, we can say that it can become a tad bit easier with the help of some wise choices and even wiser purchases. 

    Allow us to introduce some ideas that will help you keep your kids safe, entertained, and far away from the troubling addiction to electronic devices.

    • Bring Them Closer to the Religion 

    As Muslims, we know that we would be questioned on the day of judgment about our offspring. What we taught them and how closely we brought them to Allah. However, the financial struggles and the worldly affairs keep the parents so occupied that the Quran often takes the highest shelf in the house, and last in the list of priorities.

    We urge parents to take out explicit time from their busy schedule to school their kids and bring them closer to Allah. There are many accessories to help you with it, Islamic Learning Tab, for instance, helps the kids learn Arabic very easily.  

    • Mini Getaways

    Most of us spend so much time worrying about day to day grind that we hardly give ourselves and our kids some time away. We are not talking about big trips to faraway lands. We are referring to just a little trip to a park, or a museum, or any place that is different and unique and gives your kids a chance to learn and see things differently than they usually do. Life lessons are best taught with the new situations around your kids. Don’t fret over all the things you’ll have to pack, and how much you’ll have to be careful with your kids in a crowded place. 

    Rely on smart inventions like the child trap to make sure your kids and you can explore new places without the fear of separating from each other. Also, make sure to invest in a strong pram for your toddler. Even just heading to your area’s park and playing with your kids with remote control quadcopter will keep them super entertained, physically active, and away from YouTube and addictive mobile games.  

    • Keep Them Occupied

    Only mothers can do all the work they do, be it house chores or handling corporate matters, and still, keep an eye on their kids. They do it because they are smarter with their purchases. They know one toy can keep their kids occupied for a long time, long enough for the supermoms to take care of plenty of tasks. 

    What’s more, is that the object of the kids’ occupation needs to be more than just a distraction. It needs to be something that stimulates their brain, work at their cognitive abilities as well as their eye to hand coordination. A Rubik’s Square, for instance, is one of the best ways to improve your kids’ reflexes, allow their fingers to get dexterity and agility, and improve their hand-eye coordination. 

    Another interesting toy that occupies kids and helps them with their fidgeting is the very popular fidget spinner.  It is beneficial for kids with sensory processing issues and it helps soothe and calm them down. Fidget spinner also assists with focus. Use this toy to help your kids gain control.

    • Spend Quality Time with Them

    Perhaps the best way to help your children grow up into decent human beings is spending quality time with them, be their best friend, and let them know that no matter the situation, you’ll always have their back. To maintain that kind of close relationship with your kids, we urge you to use play with them, team up with them, and just sit around and take interest in their little world. One of the best ways to do it is by spending a good amount of time creating or assorting something with them. Purchase a building block model with a large number of pieces so that you all can sit around as a family and have a fun time. This kind of activity builds up your child’s confidence as you as a parent encourage them and applaud them every time they get something right, and do not let them stay down when they can’t.

    Additionally, building toy blocks also improves the kids’ motor skills, hand-eye coordination, engineering skills, social competence, cognitive flexibility, and builds up their capacity for creative and divergent feeling. 

    If your kids are older, you can hit two targets with one arrow by playing the board game Ludo with them. For one, you can make sure they carry on the Pakistani tradition of families playing Ludo together, and secondly, you can sharpen up their decision making and quick thinking with this clever board game. 

    Make sure you invest in a high-end magnetic folding Ludo, for a better experience and fewer chances of the Ludo paraphernalia being frequently misplaced.

    • Drawing

    Drawing is somewhat a skill people are born with. If you have a child with a creative flair and dexterous fingers, then it’s your job as a parent to make sure they are able to explore that part of themselves and develop their skills as they grow up. That said, we are not suggesting that you sign them up for expensive art classes, with some smart choices, you can help them develop their skills at home. 

    Some of the ways you can help your child develop their art savvy are by providing a secure and safe workplace for them where they can create as much mess as they can since it always leads to a creative result. You can also collect examples of different kinds of arts so that your child gets introduced to different kinds of styles and artists out there, and broaden their horizon. 

    If your child is young and is just getting their artist’s fingers, you can also get them the Projector Painting High-tech Learning for Children.  It will help them get a better grip and holding of their pencils and allow them to focus.

    • Reward Them

    As much commitment as most Pakistani parents show in punishing their kids for their wrongdoings, it would also be nice for them–not to mention great for the kids–to reward them for good behavior time to time. Positive reinforcement is necessary for encouraging kids to continue with good behavior. You can always ask them to complete a task, or practice something polite and nice and reward them with toys that will further help instill good habits in them. For instance, reward them with a Deluxe Bowling Set and ask them to share it with their siblings.  

    • Get Them Unhooked to The Screen

    The lives portrayed in games, on social media, and in YouTube videos are all smoke and mirrors. Kids love it because it shows a life that is fun and adventurous compared to their own lives so they seek comfort in that. It is one of the main reasons why they get addicted to this made-up live and want to spend the least amount of time on their own.

    To break that addiction and to get them unhooked to the screen, pull them towards their own life by showing to them how fun their own lives can be.

    Just playing around with a Remote Control Road Racing Battery Operated Track can lead to many social benefits. It allows kids to play outdoors and even interact with other kids, make new friends and learn to share their toys.  It’s a great family activity too as parents can watch their kids assemble the pieces and have the siblings partake in a friendly racing competition. It’s a great chance for the parents to teach their kids about winning and losing and how the latter is completely okay to experience and not to stay down for too long. 

    Final Word

    Do not let all the societal talk of bad times, and dangerous 21st century into dissuading you from good parenting. Your kids are what you raise them to be, so make sure you raise them to be good Muslims, and in turn excellent human beings. Whatever gifts and toys you buy for them, make sure they serve a purpose other than just fun. Parent them at every step of the way, teach them good behavior and build them up with encouragement and motivation.

    If you are ever looking for something fun and creative for your kids, check out for a wide variety of options.