How To Set Up Your Own Gym At Home

How To Set Up Your Own Gym At Home
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    Mar 06, 2020

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  • It was not until the end of the ’90s that fitness and workout era stated taking the boom in Pakistan. With so many options available on the different online shopping sites in Pakistan, it is not difficult to get back to shape only if you have the willpower. It can be seen with the footfall in almost all of the big and small gyms of the country that people have started taking their physique quite seriously. However, it might get a bit difficult for people who have time issues or they find it expensive and a struggle to go to the gym.

    It is no doubt that if you are going for a nice gym then it will be crowded and would be putting a dent on your pocket too. You need to have a huge commitment towards your body goals if you want to go and workout in a crowded gym.

    Most of the people don’t get this but the entire point of going to the gym is to work towards getting fit. If you are getting all of that at home then you wouldn’t have to go to an expensive gym and workout with numerous people standing on your head. You would need to have strong willpower and determination also with a detailed plan of the workout that is available online. The most important thing above all that you would need is to have the right fitness equipment that you can easily find on various e-commerce sites in Pakistan like You wouldn’t even need a personal trainer to keep you on the track as long as you are staying committed to the process. All the information you would need will be to get the right fitness equipment and how it will help you achieve your fitness goals.

    For Cardio:

    A punching bag

    If you are putting proper time and technique into working the heavy bag then you can get a full body cardio workout that will not only build your muscles but also give you that lead physique. You can get the punching bag that will help you build on your stamina and it can also be termed as a stress reliever. There is a common myth that people consider punching bags to be really huge but you can find various sizes of punching bags on the online shopping sites in Pakistan and buy the one that matches your needs.

    A rowing machine

    Rowing machines can help to improve the fitness level in a lot of ways. It will help you to build and tone your muscles, strengthen the cardiovascular function and also will help to improve endurance. Getting a rowing machine is a great way that you can burn your calories and if you want to maintain your weight then you need to make it as a part of your regular routine. Rowing is also an alternative for people who have back or joint problems since the little strain on these areas are very beneficial for your body and to maintain your form too.

    An air bike

    There are a lot of stationary bikes that you can choose from if you are browsing through the various e-commerce sites in Pakistan, but you would need to look out for some features that will be beneficial for your health. First things first, all the resistance will be created by you and the harder you will pedal, the more fan will be pushed back. It will allow you to change the resistance at your own speed and the air bike makes the perfect piece of equipment for the home gym if you are focused on the high-intensity training. You will be pushing and pulling with your arms while you move that will provide an upper body workout as well.

    An elliptical machine

    Elliptical machines have been a bit of controversial equipment while some consider it to be a treadmill only, but at a superior version of it. There are a lot of health benefits too if you are going for the elliptical machine. At the start, it will be a low impact workout with gliding motion allowing the people who have joint issues and back pain to work up the sweat without making their body to be out of the place. You will be able to do your workout in a fun way that will help your body to be in shape but also in a fun and stylish way.

    A treadmill

    Running is always considered to be the best workout. If you are starting to make a home gym or do your fitness regime at home then the first thing you would need is to have a treadmill. You will be easily able to achieve the target of the daily miles without having the need of getting out of your house and running. There are a lot of treadmills available in stores or online shopping sites in Pakistan that you can find in different sizes and styles too.

    For Strength:

    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Dumbbells are one of the most versatile equipment that you can find for your fitness routine. You will be able to increase the load or decrease it easily and be able to make it as you would like it to be. You will be able to add a lot of flexibility to your workouts and in fact, you wouldn’t even have to buy a new set of the weight every other time but you can use these ones only.

    Weight-lifting bench

    If you want to have a full-fledged workout at your home only then you can go for the weight lifting bench. It will be helpful when you would want to switch the positions while keeping your form proper.

    For Flexibility:

    An exercise mat

    You are required to have a comfortable and reliable exercise mat that will help you to perform all the workouts with comfort. It can even help you with your yoga regimen and you can easily do your yoga poses on the mat. It will provide you a nice surface which will also allow you from the soreness that would come if you are working out on a hardwood floor.

    A foam roller

    This is also a great surface to be used for an abs workout, pushup, and the pre and post workout stretches. You can browse through the different body bags and even could see if you would want more cushion then you can get the ones that will be easier on your knots and tight muscles.

    On a budget:

    A pull-up bar

    Pull-ups are quite tough. In fact, some of us are the ones who can’t do it in two successions without giving out your arms. Setting a pull-up bar in the doorway of your house or in the corner of the room will make a point and you would be able to do as many as you can each time you walk and the improvement will come quicker than you expect.

    A jump rope

    There would be no one who hasn’t picked up a jump rope in the school, however, if you are looking for cheap and portable equipment to get your blood pumping then a solid jump rope is all that you will need. You can do 10 minutes of jump and it will be equivalent to about 30 minutes of running. So if you are someone who just can’t fit the time for cardio in your schedule then it is the best solution for you.

    Abs Wheel

    You might have seen this in different workout videos and it is surely a great way to mix up your core routine and to make your tummy flat. However, you would have to be careful that jumping too quickly and far would stretch your muscles a lot and you wouldn’t be able to move.

    An elliptical trainer

    If the low impact cardio is appealing to you but you don’t have the money for it then an elliptical trainer is the best one for you. You will use your upper body with the push-pull traditional ellipticals that will maintain your balance and will force you to engage your core while you pump your legs.

    A minimalist treadmill

    It is nice to have top-tier equipment but if you don’t have the budget for it then you should go with the minimalistic treadmill that will allow you to get to the running. You would have to give up a bit of inch of width but you will be saving a lot of money on it.

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    Final word 

    Fitness isn’t just about making your body lean or building its muscles, but workout should always be done while keeping the thought in mind that you are getting more fit and maintaining the health of your cardio. All of the above-mentioned products are easily available, you can check out that offers a broad range of sports and fitness products that can help you to set up your mini gym at home.