Time to Reshape Your Body at Home without Going to Any Gym

Time to Reshape Your Body at Home without Going to Any Gym
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    Feb 02, 2020

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  • “The basis of a dynamic and creative intellectual activity is physical fitness, it is the most crucial aspect of a healthy body.” – John F. Kennedy

    This is the utmost reality! A healthy body is the best picture of the human body with a mindful soul. Today, everyone wishes to get fit and look absolutely stunning with a graceful body. But, there are many people who don’t want to go to a fitness center or a gym due to several reasons such as, gyms are expensive, or maybe going to a gym is not convenient for you or maybe you have a tight schedule and therefore going to a fitness center regularly is not your cup of tea.

    If you wish to get in perfect body shape then the only solution available is to get it done at home. The Ph.D. in exercise physiology and the vice president of 24 Hour Fitness Centers, Kevin Steele says that “Yes, the key to fitness is consistency. You need to be consistent and persistent with your fitness level, for this go to a dedicated fitness center or try some at home if a center is not feasible for you.”

    Kevin Steele further added that in their fitness center they encourage their members to exercise the same way they are exercising in the gym. He emphasized that if anyone wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle, they ought to do something, somewhere at some time.

    Richard Weil, an exercise physiologist and weight loss consultant said that “If you are opting for the home-based fitness solutions then you need an effective workout program. By this, I don’t mean to make an emphasis on purchasing expensive machines. You need a healthy routine, some crucial push-ups, muscle exercises and abdominal exercises to burn your calories and tighten your muscles.”

    The Five Crucial Elements of Fitness

    According to Kevin Steele, there are five effective fitness components that can design your fitness program with efficiency, and they can be done at home too.

    • 1. Body warmup exercises
    • 2. Cardiovascular workout (aerobics)
    • 3. Resistance exercises (strength-building)
    • 4. Flexible body enhancement
    • 5. Cool down exercises

    Body Warmup Exercises

    For a little warm node infused in your body, you can either have a walk outside your home in the morning for fresh air or can run slightly on a treadmill. You can even use a cycling machine for warmup time or jump a rope a few times.

    Cardiovascular Workout (Aerobics)

    Talking about cardiovascular portion, do those exercises that can get your heart rate increased. Starting from a slow pace and later increase it gradually, either run on the treadmill or do fast cycling or jump a rope faster. You can also use thigh stepper for tightening of your thighs.

    Resistance Exercises (Strength-Building)

    When talking about the resistance exercises, you can do as simple as squats, abdominal crunches and push-ups. And if you own a set of small dumbbells or a weight bar than it can also be used with ease.

    Flexible Body Enhancement

    You can increase your body flexibility by down floor stretching exercise while using some doubled wheeled exercisers. If you are good at yoga, then doing yoga poses can also enhance your body flexibility overall.

    Cool Down Exercises

    After tough exercises, it is time to cool down your body. As per Steele, the cooldown exercises can be similar to the cooldown exercise. Through cooldown exercises, you can easily bring down the increased heart rate to a normal resting state.

    “Your strength never comes from the physical capacity of yours. Instead, it comes from an unconquerable will.” – Gandhi

    These are the elements that make up the fitness plan at home if you want your strengthening exercises to be amalgamated with the aerobics session than you can do it too. Just remember to do your warmup and cool down exercise every time. The fitness director of East Bank Club in Chicago, Tony Swain says that “If you are short of time then make sure to increase the intensity of the workout to skip a day.” Like if you have an important meeting the next day then to skip that day you have to push yourself harder. Like if you are running on the treadmill for about 30 minutes with normal speed, then add more 10 minutes to it while increasing its speed and your pace. Instead of walking for warmup you can go jogging or walk a hilly side.

    It is worth mentioning for the newbies that doing the squats (without or with the weights) goes for your quadriceps, hamstrings calves, and the gluteus. Whereas the push-ups solely involve the biceps, triceps, pectorals, deltoids and even abdominal and upper back.


    Let Us Get Started

    “It is important to do exercise every day because a feeble body weakens a mind.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Gear up yourself as it is the time to understand how to get started with this fitness program right at your home. If you are a newbie in this fitness scene then you ought to aim for a 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise time that should at least be done three times a week. For the strengthening exercises, go for a 20 to 30 minutes time that should also be done thrice a week. Shoot for like three sets of 10-15 reiterations of each strength exercise you do. Just be sure to involve all your major muscles such as upper body, lower body, your back and the abdominal.

    It is important to remember what type of exercise you are doing, just be sure to start it slowly and then gradually increase your workout time and the intensity. Don’t try to rush as if you do workout going against your body tolerance level then there are fair chances you will get sore muscles with painful abdomen and back. It is important to listen to your own body. As per Richard Weil, “You must focus on your muscles that you are planning to work on. Like if you are working on your abs and feel the pain in your neck then beware, you are doing it wrong. You need to re-tune your body.”

    It is obvious that working out at home has its own perks and advantages, but man, there are certain obstacles too, like distractions such as your phone, your pets and the kids. With distractions you can never do a perfect workout plan execution, therefore to stay motivated, the experts urge to do the exercise earlier in the morning. According to American Council on Exercise, the spokesperson Kelli Calabrese emphasizes on morning workouts as people who tend to wake up early and follow the fitness routine are more likely to stay focused on their plan.


    Quick Tips for Home Exercisers

    For the home exercises, the experts offer some phenomenal tips to follow:

    1. Avoid getting bored and challenge yourself for remaining healthy. At home, you can never find motivational trainers and other variety of equipment. So, surf the internet and read some amazing fitness magazines to get an idea about more workouts and learn perfect poses for your exercises. Use the pictures as your guidelines and get the inspiration.

    2. It would be amazing if you can find an exercise partner for yourself. This is the best way to keep you motivated with no excuses not to work out regularly.

    3. Keep a track of your progress is the perfect tool to keep yourself motivated. Jot down your progress from day one and which exercises you increased and the repetitions.

    4. Setting up your goals is an amazing source to keep yourself enthused. Make your short-term and long-term fitness goals, like you wish to lose 20 pounds in 2 months with better biceps and triceps; it is your short-term goal, whereas shedding more pounds and maintaining that and strengthening your shoulders, upper and back can be your long-term goal.

    5. After setting goals, work hard to achieve them and after achieving them, it is time to reward something to yourself. Like getting a new fitness magazine, or a new pair of shorts or new joggers for jogging routine. This can enhance your confidence and boost more enthusiasm in yourself.

    6. If you have a plan to change your lifestyle, then, adopt this fitness routine for a lifetime. It is important to get your concepts straight that you are not doing this exercise to lose weight or build muscles, instead, reframe your mind with the thought that you are doing it because you want to live a happy and healthy life.

    Final Word 

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