10 Funniest Things Pakistani Asked Snapchat AI

 10 Funniest Things Pakistani Asked Snapchat AI
  • Powered by the infamous ChatGPT, Snapchat AI has gained roaring success overnight. The popular chatbot is not only capable of providing you with useful information but also proves to be a loving friend, a dating guru, and much more. Snapchat users in Pakistan have been making most of the latest tool since the day it has been available to all Snapchat users. Known as MY AI, the chatbot is accessible on the application for free and Pakistanis have been having fun in the funniest way possible. Whether it is about the current Prime minister of Pakistan or completing a popular song, Pakistanis certainly know how to make the most of AI. If you have wondering what funny questions to ask, or what conversation you want to talk about, then you are in for a treat. Hold on to your horses, as this is one of the most exciting blogs of the year.

    What to ask MY AI on SnapChat?

    There are a lot of things you can ask Snapchat AI and there aren’t any restrictions so far. Here are some of the interesting things people asked the intelligent chatbot.

    Asking About the Latest Political Updates – When asked about the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the latest AI simply identified Imran Khan as the current prime minister. This certain answer, left the netizens to laughing fits, as the current Prime Minister is Shehbaz Shahrif, who isn’t in the good books of the nation for obvious reasons.

    Sing A Song With New Snapchat AI Feature – If anything a person really enjoys on weekends are karaoke nights. If you are someone who can’t find a companion who is willing to go for a karaoke night, then worry not, as you can host your own at home with your personalized AI bot.

    Turn Your AI into a Muslim – People have been taking using the AI tool creativity to the next level. They are using new technology to increase Muslims around the world by asking creative AI to convert to Islam. Next time, you are struggling with a lazy day, try to make it interesting by converting your AI into a religion of your choice.

    Make It Your Dating Guru – While using Snapchat AI in Pakistan, you can conveniently ask the new technology for dating advice. Not only does it give you tips on how to approach your crush but also ensures that it is thoughtful towards your feelings.

    Snapchat AI is Your Best Friend – This is not sarcasm but a fact. People have been sharing screenshots of conversations with their AIs which depicts how much it is capable to converse in a friendly and supportive tone. The year might not be far, when people will ditch real human interaction, to connect emotionally with AIs. Scary yet true.

    Get Free Smart Advice- Whether you are struggling in your love life, or simply couldn’t bear the brutal summers, you can reach out to the friendly chatbot and ask for advice that can help you solve the issue smoothly. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you would be happy with each of its responses.

    Ask It to Pick a Favorite Sports Person – Once you install Snapchat Android, the fun doesn’t stop. In fact, with the talkative AI, you can have conversations regarding your favorite cricketer or ask it (more like threaten) to choose one.

    Get Friendzoned by AI- The funniest thing to ask Snapchat AI is if it will be willing to date you. Keeping in mind that it is just a robot, it will decline your proposal and friend zone you. However, it makes sure that you are not hurt and consoles you too.

    How to get rid of Snapchat AI?

    While researching for the blog we came across a lot of other funny questions with answers that were good to keep our readers entertained. However, we spotted some users highlighting their concerns, when it came to their privacy. According to various users online, Snapchat AI has access to location even if you are in a ghost mode.

    However, Snapchat claims, it can only access your location if you have given permission to it. The popular social app also gives the option to hide their location by turning on “Ghost Mode” if the user doesn’t feel safe.  But according to various claims found online, the latest smart bot has been scaring people by identifying their exact location, especially when they were in Ghost mode.

    Well, hopefully, these are just rumors and not true as it sounds very scary. That is exactly the reason why the companies are issuing a general warning and asking their consumers, not to share any personal information with the AI bots as it can make them vulnerable. However, will smart technology hurt humans or become their support in the coming times, that is hard to say. But we can say without a doubt, it has proven to be a huge help for small businesses. We at Farosh, promote the usage of AI tools as we believe it makes our work more productive and saves time for our employees. To achieve success, you don't need to work harder but smarter and that's what we aim to do in 2023. We hope today’s blog was fun and exciting for you. You can download Snapchat from Playstore or App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, you can access the MY AI in the chat section. And on that note, let the fun begin.