5 Best AI marketing tools for businesses – 2023 Edition

5 Best AI marketing tools for businesses – 2023 Edition
  • Businesses in today's fast-paced digital market are continuously looking for new methods to gain a competitive advantage and effectively communicate with their target customers. AI marketing tools for businesses have enhanced marketing campaigns greatly. If you are a digital marketer, you must know that while working in marketing, it can be challenging to multitask at times. From writing compelling content for email marketing to altering SEO strategies, each day is hectic and full of surprises. Keeping the struggles in mind, we have come up with a list of AI marketing tools, which will save you time and make your task easier. In recent times, AI has proven to assist organizations in streamlining operations, optimizing campaigns, and achieving unprecedented levels of customization. Without much further ado, let's look at some of the most effective AI marketing solutions of 2023.

    Best AI Tools 2023


    Jasper is an ideal solution for all digital marketers out there. It enhances your work by providing AI in various ways, which definitely makes it worth your time. The solution uses GPT 3 tech and is trained with live marketing and sales material. The tools help in SEO integrations, which makes it an ideal fit for generating long-format content, which can rank higher on SERPs quickly. It has proved to be one of the best tools for content writers as it has a simple approach and generates content via GPT 3 API only. It is suitable for those who have to write more than 3000 words in a week.

    Surfer SEO

    Surfer SEO browses SERPs and compares your content against the competition online. It ensures that your content has the ability to perform well by comparing, content’s length, images, and more. If you are looking for organic-traffic-increasing tools, then this is an ideal pick for you. It is ideal for content managers who are seeking a way to enhance their content quality. Growflow has proven to be one of the most useful Ai tools for small businesses as browses your website thoroughly and detects content that Google has started devaluing.


    Ocoya is a smart tool that allows marketers to create and schedule social media posts. It is an all-rounder for social media managers. If you are thinking, it is similar to what Hootsuite does, then you are mistaken. Ocoya goes a little further when it comes to being a productive AI tool. Along with helping you to schedule your post, it comes with an AI writing assistant to help you create content. Plus, it has a vast library of templates that you can choose from. This is one of the best social media AI tools in the market currently as it takes your creativity to the next level, without compromising on quality.


    Who doesn’t know about Grammerly? It's probably the most popular tool used in digital marketing to date. It is an AI writer cum editor, that helps content writers to produce error-free content. It comes with a free version, that helps you eradicate grammar and basic spelling mistakes. However, its paid version can take your game to the next level, as you can reword and restructure sentences like a pro. The paid version also comes with a plagiarism checker, that ensures your content is 100% authentic.

    Pictory AI

    Using AI marketing tools for small businesses can be fun too. Apart from generating error-free content, you can now create images and videos. Tools like Pictory AI, have proven to be choices for many content creators, as it generates videos for marketing, that are used on websites and social channels. Without any hassle, it can convert text into video and even create shorts from long-formed videos. In 2023, it is the most reliable way to create video content, whether you are a content creator or a graphic designer.

    Here are some of the Best Free AI tools

    • ChatGPT
    • Bard
    • Quillbot
    • Rytr
    • Quetext

    Which One You Should Choose?

    As we reach the end of the blog, with so many options in the market, the selection can be overwhelming. It is wise to go for tools that offer free trial, so that you check if they match your needs. For instance, for content writing, Jasper could be an ideal choice, while SurferSEO can prove to be an excellent help in maintaining the quality of your content. Lastly, Ocoya is a great platform to create and manage your social media without any hassle. And on that note, it’s a wrap, we hope today’s blog was helpful to you and guided you in choosing the best AI tool in 2023.