5 Best Time-tracking Softwares for Off-site Teams

5 Best Time-tracking Softwares for Off-site Teams
  • In recent years, off site work arrangements have proliferated, providing convenience and flexibility to both companies and employees. However, in these circumstances, it might be difficult to efficiently manage time and ensure productivity. Software for tracking time can be useful in this situation. With the use of time-tracking software, off-site teams can effectively monitor and manage their working hours while gaining important insights into job management, time allocation, and overall productivity. The importance of time-tracking software in 2023 will be discussed in this article, along with an evaluation of the Best time tracking softwares currently on the market. You may improve your team's productivity and effectiveness by assessing the top characteristics to search for and understanding the significance of employing these time tracking software for small business or a large corporation.

    Why Time-Tracking Software is Essential for Remote and Hybrid Teams?

    There are benefits to working remotely or in a hybrid environment, such as the option to work in pajamas and avoid rush hour traffic. However, it also presents a unique set of difficulties, such as efficient time management. A time-tracking programme can then intervene to save the day—or at the very least, your productivity. For off-site teams, time-tracking software is crucial since it ensures responsibility, helps measure where time is spent, and boosts overall productivity. Even when they are miles apart from their coworkers, it enables team members to stay on top of their duties and deadlines. Additionally, it offers insightful information on how time is distributed, enabling improved resource planning and optimisation.

    Criteria for Selecting the Best Time-Tracking Softwares

    Understanding the Needs of the Teams

    It's critical to recognise the unique requirements of off-site teams when choosing time-tracking software. Features like simple remote access, communication tools, and project management software integration capabilities become crucial.

    Evaluating Key Features and Functionality

    Even though each team may have different needs, there are some fundamental elements that need to be taken into account. Real-time tracking and monitoring, reporting and analytics tools, and user-friendliness are a few of them.

    Considering Integration and Compatibility

    The other tools your team uses should work well with the time tracking programme. Think about how well it integrates with platforms for project management, communication, and payroll. Data silos must be avoided in order to streamline workflows.

    Reviewing the 5 Best Time-Tracking Softwares for 2023


    Popular time tracking programme Hubstaff has several capabilities for both off-site teams. It features GPS tracking, activity levels, screenshots, and time monitoring. Along with Asana and Trello, Hubstaff interacts with several well-known project management applications. It is one of the 5 Best time tracking applications currently on the internet.


    Another well-liked time-tracking programme that has features comparable to those of Hubstaff is Time Doctor. A productivity report and a distraction blocker are also included. Compared to Hubstaff, Time Doctor interfaces with a greater variety of project management systems.

    Rescue Time

    Using the productivity tracking tool RescueTime, you can better understand how you use your time. It monitors your computer activities as well as how you use apps and websites. You may increase your productivity by identifying potential improvement areas with RescueTime.


    A time monitoring programme for freelancers and businesses is called Everhour. It has a number of functions, such as project management, invoicing, and time monitoring. Everhour incorporates well-known accounting programmes like QuickBooks. It is recommended as an ideal
    time tracking software to use in 2023.

    Toggi Track

    Small teams will benefit greatly from the straightforward and user-friendly time tracking system known as Toggl Track. It interfaces with a number of different tools in addition to providing basic time tracking functions. It is an ideal selection for small businesses as it is a free time tracking software.

    Features Your Time-Tracking Software Should Have

    Consider your team's demands and requirements first and foremost. Are you a large organization with complicated time-tracking requirements or a tiny startup with a limited budget? Do you want sophisticated capabilities like invoicing and project management, or will basic time-tracking suffice? You may reduce your selections by being aware of what your team needs. Examine each software's user interface and general user experience after that. Your staff will need to log time on a daily basis, so it's critical to pick software that is simple to use and straightforward. Nobody wants to waste their time attempting to log their time for hours.Pricing should also be taken into account. While it may be tempting to choose the least expensive choice, remember that quality is frequently correlated with price. Look for software that strikes a balance between price and usability, and think about the long-term benefits it will provide for your staff.

    Capabilities for integration shouldn't be disregarded. In the long term, adopting a time-tracking application that connects easily with other products your team uses, such as project management software or communication platforms, will save you time and effort.Last but not least, remember customer service. You want to have a support group that is attentive and helpful in case something goes wrong, which it will definitely do. Whether it be by live chat, email, or phone, look for software vendors who provide dependable customer service choices.Do not forget that picking the best time-tracking software is not a choice to be made casually. Before choosing a piece of software, take the time to weigh your options, take into account the requirements of your team, and don't be hesitant to try out several options. It is ideal if you can find the best free time tracking app for your small business such as ToggL Track.You can track and manage your team's time more efficiently with the correct tools, which can enhance productivity and make your team members happier. Happy Tracking!