5 Economical Mobile Phones for Gaming In Pakistan

5 Economical Mobile Phones for Gaming In Pakistan
  • Gaming these days is not only a part of hobbies but a lifestyle and a career. Believe it or not, gamers worldwide make millions while charging for subscriptions to their live gameplay. Professional gamers are likely to earn more than $4000 per month. Maybe quitting the dull 9-5 office job won’t be a bad idea. The point is that the world is expanding and that is happening too rapidly, which is scary. Gone are the days, when you can only be guaranteed success if you had a degree in MBBS or B. Eng. Sure, running an E-commerce is a new way to increase your income but gaming is not an easy job either. It requires you to be extremely good with gadgets and have a well-diverse understanding of technology. Having the right kind of control is another important factor, that cannot be ignored. Last but not least, choose the right device for error-free gameplay time.

    Keeping the economy of Pakistan in mind, not every teenager or adult can afford a PS 5 or an XBOX. Yes, both of them have killer graphics, but when your wallet doesn’t agree with their prices then you have no option but to choose a gadget that is pocket friendly. An economical gaming device doesn’t mean it will not provide you good gaming experience or will downgrade your gameplay in any way. There are gaming phones in Pakistan that are available under a decent price range yet offer excellent features that are ideal to enhance your game. If you are looking for the best PUBG phone but could not come up with the right choice, then you must read this blog till the very end. As today it features the list of the following most economical gaming mobile phones including the gems out of the Xiaomi gaming phone list.


       =>    Infinix Note 12

       =>   Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G

       =>   Huawei Nova

       =>   Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro

       =>   Poco F4 GT


    Infinix Note 12

    Gaming is not only an activity for entertainment purposes. It also relieves stress and improves your concentration. Keeping that in mind, you don’t want to play on a device that restricts your progress in the game. Infinix Note 12 is the answer to all your problematic aspects related to gaming. Choosing the Infinix Note Series as a gaming phone would be a wise decision and here is why. The phone comes with a Hello G96 Extreme smart gaming processor. Tech workers at Infinix understand the hard work a gamer goes through to achieve desirable development. Keeping that in mind, they have incorporated a monster gaming kit along with dual speakers to provide better listening skills to the focused players. Allowing you to enjoy the graphics more vividly, the phone has a wide display of 7.8 mm and a slim body that is easy to be gripped. Note 12 can be safely marked under the category of gaming mobiles less than 50000 prices in Pakistan.


    Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G

    You don’t want to invest in a device that doesn’t give you a good-quality display. Out of all the gaming phones in Pakistan, Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G stands out for multiple reasons. Apart from having a large RAM of 12 GB, the phone owns an internal capacity of 256 GB which makes your gameplay free from lags and interruptions. The MedTek processor, as it makes the gaming experience more entertaining and smooth. With a chip of 1200 and 6MM dimensions, gamers can enjoy the best quality of voice and video calls throughout their gaming performance. The Oppo Reno series for gaming is said to be weak compared to the phones included in the Xiaomi gaming phone list. But your experience might vary from other reviewers, as each gamer has their own set of preferences.


    Huawei Nova

    According to the latest research in 2022, the Huawei Nova Gaming Phone in Pakistan is trending as the most reliable purchase for gamers. And it is quite evident why. The device supports rapid charging of 40W and a Kirin 810 chipset. The 810 chipset gives wide exposure to the picturesque details of the graphics to the viewers. Moreover, the device holds a massive memory of 8 GB and 128 GB which leads to keeping your gameplay safe without a care in the world. Not sure if the Quad cameras will make your gaming any better, but the phone holds the main camera of 48 MP and other cameras of 8 MP, 2MP, and 2 MP. Another reason Huawei Nova has been talked of in the gaming world is that the latest CPU turbo delivers HD graphics and large frames without delay. Along with so many hi-tech features, the phone actually features in categories of gaming mobiles less than 50000 prices Pakistan.


    Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro

    When you are browsing the internet for a trustworthy gaming device or the best PUBG phone then facts such as high-quality graphics, good grip, sufficient memory, and no heating up play a crucial part in your decision-making. To have robust gameplay, the 144 HZ display delivers firm and responsive engagement. The phone is one of the best inventions from the hood of Xiaomi as it has a built-in magnetic trigger. Black Shark’s magnetic trigger allows you to control your gameplay more accurately and act as a shortcut for other functions while not playing the game. Its 120 W allows the phone to charge up in merely 30 minutes, which permits you to get back into the game quickly. In a comparison I read online, people thought that the Black Shark 5 pro and Infinix Note Series as gaming phones are the best options in the market currently.


    Poco F4 GT

    If you are looking for a phone that is similar to Xiaomi, then the POCO f4 GT is your best bet. For those who don’t know, the POCO was earlier a spin-off of Xiaomi but is active in the market as an independent brand. The features Poco offers are immensely impressive. It is the universal version of the Redmi K50 gaming and has similar specifications and hardware design. What makes the POCO F4 GT the coolest gaming device consists of RGB lights in the triple camera unit which lights up while playing the game or incoming calls and messages. The phone carries a delicate design compared to the Oppo Reno series for gaming. You can enjoy entertaining gameplay on the 120 HZ, 6.67 screens, as LiquidCool 3.0 restricts your phone from getting heated up while running. According to tech blogs online, the phone is said to be better than the Samsung Galaxy series for gaming in Pakistan including Samsung Galaxy S22+.


    Some Quickies on How to Enhance your Gaming Experience

    Once you have decided on the right kind of device for thrilling gameplay, you might want to take a few things under consideration to make your gaming experience more fun. First and foremost, which gaming device are you using, it is imperative to seat yourself comfortably. Selecting the right kind of chair is crucial and should not be ignored as you unintentionally spend hours sitting in a similar position. Another precious thing that can make your gameplay better is upgrading to a better SSD card, as it will help your game to upload quickly which will save you time too.  Last but not the least, adding snacks and groups of friends will make gaming more fun and thrilling.