5 Popular YouTube Content Ideas to increase views in 2023

5 Popular YouTube Content Ideas to increase views in 2023
  • Creating content can be challenging. Whether it’s about TikTok or YouTube Content ideas, you experience creativity blockage every day as a content creator. But it’s ok, it doesn’t mean you are not creative or talented. It just means you need to look at things from a different angle. Having an audience of more than a billion, YouTube is a space that requires fresh and unique content every day. As times have become stimulating, so has the audience. If you are a YouTube content creator who is struggling to find fun ideas to create videos, then you are at the right place. In today’s blog, we will share some of the most innovative ideas to work on and gain subscribers for your dedicated channel.  

    You must be uploading a lot of popular types of YouTube but failed to gain the attention you were looking for. Well, the reality is your content is too predictable and repetitive. For instance, if you plan to make a video, where you introduce yourself to the audience, you can make it more interesting by showcasing some interesting behind-the-scenes bits. People love raw footage and that’s exactly what you require to create in order to successfully grow your channel. For such unique ideas, explore the blog all the way.

    5 Creative Content Ideas for YouTube

    Show Them Who’s the Boss

    Audiences need reasons to follow you. They won’t follow you because you look pretty or add relatable memes. Whatever you are depicting in the video, should convey one message- that you are the expert. Let’s suppose you decide to make a video on how to set up an e-commerce store, the video should convey, that you are an expert in this niche, basically the boss. You can certainly not create YouTube Video Ideas that you have no clue about. Not only it will be misguiding but also put your credibility into question. So, ensure whichever niche you choose, you have a strong hold on it.

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    How-to-guides Never Fail You

    One of the prime purposes of people using YouTube is to find answers to their problems. Whether it’s how to bake a pie or how to create a design on Canva, the audience finds video content much more helpful than textual one. Make tutorials on trending questions and help them find answers instantly. Try to make videos more engaging by adding some humor. Also, keep these videos short, preferably up to 5 minutes. Because the generation today wants to learn things in an easier and quicker way. Once you try this type of content, you will see a major difference in engagement and other metrics of your channel.

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    Arrange Unique Interviews

    Interviewing someone popular is indeed one of the trending video ideas for YouTube. But once again, that’s cliché. To drive engagement from your audience, you can stylize your session in a different manner. The ideal example for those would be 73 Questions from Vogue. It is a casual interview hosted by Vogue, where they go to any celebrity’s house and ask them fun 73 questions. The interviewee answers them while casually strolling into the home. People love it for two reasons, first, they get the inside scoop on their favorite celebrity, and second, it is spontaneous, which makes it more engaging and keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. Planning search conversations, definitely help you to increase views on YouTube.

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    Much-Needed Life Hacks

    Following the YouTube content trends, you can prepare videos that depict helpful life hacks. Such as spending time in nature to maintain a healthy mind, believe or not but people are searching the internet high and low for such content. They want to use such actionable hacks in order to enhance their personal or work life. Depending on your niche, you can share your wisdom with the target audience and receive positive feedback.

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    Challenge Videos are the Hero

    As the title suggests, challenge videos are indeed the most popular type of YouTube videos compared to others. Similar to Instagram or TikTok videos, even YouTube audiences love such content. Because people are not using the video-streaming platform only for education but also for entertainment purposes too. So, creating fun challenges such as Flip the Bottle or Do Not Laugh definitely encourages your audience to keep coming back to your channel, increasing its growth as well.

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    How to Brainstorm YouTube Content?

    Now that you know what kind of YouTube Content Ideas are successful, here is a quick guide on how you can explore some ideas on your own and build a smart YouTube Channel Growth Strategy.

    Answer the Unanswered Questions

    You often might come across statements like, “I need information on a topic but Google isn’t helpful” or “I wanted to learn how to install XYZ software but could not find a video tutorial”. You might want to be on outlook for such questions that are unable to find answers. In response to them, you can make engaging content and provide people with, what exactly they are looking for. You can search for such statements in comments or on Google when you search for a specific keyword.

    Play with AI to generate Interactive Content

    If you really want to be successful in exploring some of the popular video topics on YouTube, then opt for idea generators. Not only it suggests you some unique ideas for free but also saves you time. Needless to say, ChatGPT is a popular option, where a lot of content creators seek creative ideas. Whether it’s YouTube or Instagram videos, you can always rely on these AI tools for ideas that drive engagement but also increase your views.

    Reuse What You Already Have

    This is sort of a cliché one but quite beneficial as beginner-friendly YouTube content ideas. As someone who is new to the world of digital content, you can save your energy by reusing what you already have. The idea is to take your most popular content and reinvent it in a unique way. As discussed above, if you already have recorded an introduction video, that received positive feedback, you can always turn it into a channel trailer. Channel trailers play a major role in attracting new subscribers as it defines who you are and what are you good at.

    Find The Motivation Every Day to Create

    Hopefully, the ideas mentioned above resonate with what you were looking for. If you really want to produce engaging content to gain views and subscribers, then you should follow the golden rule of content creation. Find motivation every day to pick up your phone or camera and record meaningful content. Compared to other platforms YouTube is more demanding but the results are worth the pain. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to gain your target goals. Lastly, if you are a B2B business similar to Farosh then you can follow us on YouTube to find unique creative ideas to entertain your audience.