5G Launch in Pakistan is less likely to happen

5G Launch in Pakistan is less likely to happen
  • Due to a number of issues, including the government's focus on other priorities, the lack of a clear roadmap for the rollout of 5G, including its high cost in Pakistan, has been delayed. The 5G spectrum auction that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had initially scheduled for 2022 has been postponed indefinitely. Although it is unclear when the latest mobile technology will be introduced in Pakistan, the PTA has stated that it is still committed to doing so. Pakistan's digital economy has suffered as a result of the 5G launch's delay.

    Why is there a Delay in the 5G Rollout in Pakistan?

    In comparison to 4G, 5G offers a number of benefits, including faster speeds, lower latency, and greater capacity. 5G is the next generation of cellular network technology. By enabling new applications and services in sectors like healthcare, education, and manufacturing, 5G is anticipated to be a significant driver of economic growth in Pakistan. One of the primary factors contributing to the delay in the 5G launch in Pakistan is the government's focus on other priorities as it struggles with strong currency devaluation. According to the sources, mobile networks are not ready to invest in the latest technology, due to the extreme currency devaluation and uncertain economic conditions. With mobile operators not ready to put their foot forward, this brought up many questions for the federal Ministry of IT and Telecommunication. Amid many questions, Umer Saif revealed that the ministry has a goal of 10 months to achieve the latest service nationwide. Later, in the meeting, it was revealed that the IT ministry has not yet even created a policy for a 5G spectrum action in Pakistan, which made reporters more desperate for answers as such procedures can take years to complete. The CEO of Jazz Networks, Amir Hafeez Ibrahim, raised similar concerns in interviews and on Twitter regarding this issue. But his concerns were not entertained. Due to this, it has been challenging for telecom operators to plan their 5G investments. Even though the 5G trials has been up and running since 2020, but due to such issues, the launch of the service has been dramatically delayed. The cost of the 5G spectrum exceeds that of the 4G spectrum. For now the prime roadblock is the high cost of the new technology as the country struggles with inflation and much more.

    Will We Ever Receive 5G Networks in Pakistan?

    Many people in Pakistan are disappointed by the 5G launch's delay. The fact that 5G is still a relatively new technology must be kept in mind, though. The technology is probably going to get cheaper, which will allow the government to concentrate on it in the future. There are still a few things that can be done in the interim to get ready for 5G launch in Pakistan. Telecom companies can begin organizing their 5G infrastructure investments. A detailed roadmap for the deployment of 5G can now be created by the government. And Pakistanis can begin learning about the advantages of 5G and its applications. Although the introduction of the new digital service in Pakistan is still a few years away, it will mark a significant turning point for the sector's digital economy. The government, telecom companies, and the people of Pakistan can ensure the success of 5G by collaborating.