7 Trending Ideas to Create Reels on Instagram

 7 Trending Ideas to Create Reels on Instagram
  • Reels on Instagram are one of the most popular features these days. Not only do they bring in views but also increase engagement between your brand and customers. For small businesses, Reels must be used to promote the product or services they offer. If you are new to social media, here is a quick intro to Reels. Instagram allows its active members to make up to 90-second videos, known as reels,  to share various kinds of information. Some are created by influencers, while others are created by small biz owners to gain reach and acquire new customers. You can create them by using various tools such as Audio and AR effects. You can also add interesting polls or quizzes to drive engagement from your target audience.

     The popular feature can be found under its dedicated tab on Instagram and under the Explore page. A lot of businesses struggle to come up with unique content when it comes to making Instagram Reels. Luckily we have the lead, on how to make engaging content for your viewers and increase your following rapidly. Even though Instagram has other options such as photos and stories, however, these bite-sized videos are more effective, when it comes to increasing your brand reach. So, without taking up your time, here are some of the unique ideas that you can follow to create fun yet compelling content for your audience.

    7 Instagram Reel Ideas for Small Business

    Familiarize Your Brand and Yourself

    It doesn’t get as easy as this! Shoot some reels that exhibit yourself and your business to the audience. Showcase your products in a way, that explains why should they spend on them. Narrate them a story, related to it that not only evokes a human emotion but also has answers to their problem. For example, if you run an organic skincare store, then create a video that depicts why you started it in the first place and how it reflects you personally. Share your true self and connect with your audience instantly.

    Do a Before and After Reel

    These kinds of reels get the most attention and are often put under the category of viral reels. Let’s suppose you have a home-based food business. First of all, decide on a popular dish that you are an expert in. Once you do that, first shoot the preparation method, such as slicing veggies, or heating the oil in a pan. Once the dish is fully-cooked and looks tantalizing, simply shoot the after-scenes. Pair up both the sections in the short-form video and find your audience to go all oooh and aah with your creation. Not only will you receive compliments but people will follow you, in hunger for more content like this.

    Show What You Got

    The popular strategy for brand awareness for a new startup is to show what they are selling. Whether it’s a product or a service, without putting it on display, you cannot expect people to make a purchase from you. According to the digital marketing funnel, you need to bring the customers to the AWARENESS stage, in order to make a conversion. Reels on Instagram are an excellent feature to make your audience aware of what you are selling. Whatever special features it consists of, put it out there and attract potential customers.

    Burst the Common Myths Related to Your Niche

    “I can gain followers instantly on social media” This is one of the most common myths when it comes to social media. Similarly, there must be misconceptions or stories related to your niche or industry. Create reels to clear such doubts and educate people about reality. Not only people will feel more connected with your business, but this will also help to build trustworthiness between you and them.

    Feature Real Customers in Videos

    If you are still reading this blog, then congratulations on making it till this far. Because we are going to disclose yet another unique Instagram reel Tips 2023 for you. If your business is gaining loyal customers, then clearly you are doing well. Take advantage of this, and ask your existing customers to share their honest opinion or review in a video. With their consent, post those as a reel and see your audience grow. See, the thing is, the digital audience is smart these days. They can easily differentiate between organic reviews and paid ones. To increase the credibility of your brand, share real experiences through real voices and watch the difference.

    Share How-Tos Guides

    When people fail to complete a task, they turn to Google. But fast-forward to 2023, people are relying more on short-form videos for such information. Whether it’s TikTok or reels on Instagram, providing them with bite-sized guides will not only save their time but also make your product look like a hero. And that is exactly what you want.

    Expectation VS Reality Reels

    Nothing beats this one. When people are browsing content online, they are not only seeking information. They also want to have a good laugh. Making expectation Vs Reality reels certainly does the job. For instance, if you are selling perfumes, you can show how people expect the perfumes to evaporate easily when they buy them online, and alternatively, depict a positive reality when they buy your brand. Such content is popular among the younger generation and helps the brand to gain followership more easily.

    A New Feature on Instagram Reels Released

    Although, Instagram keeps updating Reels with new and unique features quite often. The popular social network has added not one but two more metrics allowing start-up owners to calculate engagements more easily. Apart from trending reel hashtags, total and average watch times would help business owners understand how much their audience is interacting with the content.

    The Power of Reels Can Take Your Business to Places

    Those who are new to the platform might struggle with how to post reels on Instagram but slowly and surely, they can easily get a hang of it. Using popular hashtags, and geotags can definitely make your content more visible. Regardless, whatever you do, ensure that you achieve to keep your reels short and concise. By following these guidelines, you can reach out to your target audience and create a brand image, that no one will be able to forget. For a better understanding, you can follow Farosh’s Instagram account and take inspiration from our trending reels.  Happy Reel-ing!