Astonishing product discovery- Infinix took Atif Aslam on board for their newly launched Infinix Zero 8’s ambassadorship

Astonishing product discovery- Infinix took Atif Aslam on board for their newly launched Infinix Zero 8’s ambassadorship
  • With the good penetration of smartphones in our societal norms, Infinix always took the edge to entertain the audience of smartphone users in a very attractive way. Infinix, for its newly launched product, Zero 8, one of the highly popular brands got Atif Aslam on board for its product’s ambassadorship.

    Infinix smartphone aims to cater to the needs of the young audience in Pakistan who are actively looking for well-featured phones. When it is about RAM, ROM, and Camera specifications of Zero 8, it will stand out to the emerging Pakistani community of smartphone users. Infinix, Zero 8 populated with the latest features is an all in one product that Infinix thought to target this particular type of audience in Pakistan. 

    Globally, Infinix has tremendously expanded its electronics market operations. When it is about Pakistan, their products always stood out to the Pakistanis. From stunning headphones to ear pods to smartphones, the Pakistani community is the great admirer of Infinix’s products as the brand has successfully tapped into the market with economical and best value for price products. 

    The ambassadorship of the newly launched device has been awarded to Atif Aslam, one of the top singers in Pakistan. He started his career with the band Jal when he tapped into the Music industry. When it is about popularity, he got equally popular among the masses of the subcontinent who speak Urdu and Hindi. The brand ambassadorship of Infinix is predicted to have influenced the right community of the Product. 

    High time to talk about the specs that the product comes with and how it can be convincing for the Pakistani community of smartphone users. The device comes with an attractive exterior and mainly purposed to attract the community of content creators and curators. 

    They can make good use of the phone for creating next-level videos as it comes with a top-notch camera powered by quality focus sensors. Apart from the quality sensor, the camera is featured with Artificial Intelligence as well. This well-equipped device is mainly purposed to hit the vloggers who wish to have a very high-quality product with the exact product for their video-making purpose. 

    The top-notch product comes lavishly equipped with all the other high-end technologies emerging in the current era of phones. When it is about price, Infinix offers its Zero 8 phone in 39,999 PKR that is the best value for price among the category of such phones. Atif Aslam, with its brand Ambassador, Infinix expects an overwhelming response from the Pakistani community.