Bard by Google - Everything You Need to Know

Bard by Google - Everything You Need to Know
  • Bard by Google is an AI chatbot that is launched right after ChatGPT received applause from the world. When the OpenAI’s latest creation was tried by each individual on the planet, many thought that Google has lost the technological race. But the search engine giant has debunked all the theories surrounding it by launching the impeccable (well, almost) Bard AI Chatbot. Google has developed it with the aim to stimulate conversation with the user and provide real-time data from the internet. Bard is powered by LaMDA also known as a Language Model for Dialogue Applications.

    Google plans to integrate its new invention into search to enhance the user experience of searchers worldwide. It is suggested that the idea came to Google when earlier Microsoft, decided to integrate ChatGPT into BING chat. Many speculate that Bard is no different from ChatGPT. But there is one major difference between the two which you will learn while reading this article. For now, Bard is available to try for free but you have to join the waitlist. However, it is not available in Pakistan. But sooner or later it will be.

    How to Use Google Bard?

    Before you use Bard you need to understand what kind of information it can provide for you. The artificial chatbot is trained to create how-to guides, brainstorm, and create various strategies. It is also capable to provide you with a simple explanation of complex topics. Furthermore, it can write emails, blog posts, poems, and a lot more in minimum time. Sounds exciting? However, it is suggested not to rely on it for any financial, legal, or health advice. In the end, a user should keep in mind that Bard can make mistakes while delivering information on certain topics. To interact with the latest invention of Google follow the guide below:

    •  Visit
    •  Sign in to your Google Account
    •  Enter your question in the text box below
    •  Click on SUBMIT and get ready to be amazed

    As mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to try Bard if you are situated in Pakistan but if lucky, we might get a chance to explore it soon. This isn’t the first time Google launched an AI tool. The company has been working on various artificial intelligence projects long before ChatGPT came into the picture. Even though people have higher expectations from the new invention by Google, the launch didn’t go as smoothly as possible. Wondering what went wrong? Read about it in the next paragraph.

    What Went Wrong at the Launch of Bard by Google?

    When it comes to technology, tech experts are all about perfection. They do not leave a tiny space for errors. Especially when it comes to big tech companies like Google, you don’t expect their products or services to cause an error. But the reality is, AI chatbots are nothing but services created by humans, which means there is always a slight chance of an error.

    The launch of Google Bard AI had a rocky start when the new AI tool provided erroneous information regarding James Webb Space Telescope. When asked about the latest discoveries made by the famous space observatory, Bard claimed it was the first to take a picture of an exoplanet outside of our solar system, which is not true. In reality, the first picture was taken back in 2004 by the Very Large Telescope (VLT) operated by European Southern Observatory. Regardless of being wrong, Google backed up the false answer which drew extremely harsh criticism. To make matters worse, this incident caused Google’s stock prices to drop dramatically in the market.

    ChatGPT Vs Bard

    The epic failure of the launch, caused people to draw comparisons between the two famous AI tools. Although, the comparisons are unfair at this point as Bard is still in an experimental zone. Funny thing is, despite being competitors, Google’s Bard and ChatGPT use the same organic language model but come with a different set of features. But ChatGPT has a major focus on conversational chats which includes answering questions from the users. But since it will be integrated with Bing, it will now also act as a helping hand to conversational searches. Similarly, Google plans to include Bard and new AI features in Search.

    The only difference between the two is how the information is extracted by Bard, which is via the internet. This could be a major successful point for Google Powered AI, as real-time data will hold more accuracy and increase its credibility for its dedicated searchers. It is no hidden reality that even Microsoft and Google have been competitors for a long time, whether it’s for their search engines or other products. Microsoft actually pushed their launch date forward when they learned about Google’s plan to release Bard. Both companies have a similar aim with their respective AI tools to enhance the user experience for their consumers. But only time can tell who will succeed in simplifying human life.

    How Bard by Google Will Affect SEO

    Google knew what was coming and was smart to release the latest content update “E-E-A-T” to have a strong hold on plagiarism. Even though Bard can curate exceptional blog posts, the AI tool would not compromise the quality of content found on Google. According to its latest update, the genius search engine giant will search for personalized experiences in the content before ranking it high on its SERP. On the other hand, unifying Bard into the search could be challenging for digital marketers as it may require them to upscale or improve their strategies to obtain a place on the first result page of Google. Similar to Bard, ChatGPT can also curate blog posts but Microsoft so far doesn’t have a feature that detects plagiarism. Even though ChatGPT does come with a built-in plagiarism feature it hasn’t proven to be beneficial up till now. Only time can tell how Bard will impact the digital world of marketing, till then we can sit and try out having an exceptional conversation with the infamous AI tool and enhance our work smartly.