Conversion Rate Optimization- 5 steadfast ways

Conversion Rate Optimization- 5 steadfast ways
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    Oct 08, 2020

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  • Every online business expects its visitors to perform an activity or set of activities. The activity or set of activities that an online business expects its visitors to perform are called conversion goals. In special cases, when these goals are pursued by the website/ecommerce site visitors, are called conversions. 

    These conversion goals can be:

    • online sales, 
    • getting a proforma filled 
    • getting a survey form filled 

    Not only limited to the above-mentioned goals, but the conversion goals may also differ from business to business.

    You just found the quick understanding of conversion goals and conversion. Now, it is essential to make understanding of conversion rate. It is so simple and can be defined as, “the percentage of number of conversions to number of visitors to that platform”.

    Here is a numerical case study, you own an ecommerce platform and 1000 people visit your platform and you win 10 sales against those 1000 visitors. Your conversion rate can be said as 1%.

    There are several ways to optimize a website’s conversion. Here, we will discover 5 steadfast ways to optimize conversion rates. 

    Effective chat support/ email popup 

    It is already known what types of visitors can happen to your website. It is decided when you have ideated your website. Once it is known, the conversion goals of your website would also be known. Okay! You are also done with it. 

    Now, it is high time to train your chat support specialist according to your business’s types of visitors and the conversion goals of your site. Once he/she is trained accordingly, this practice will ultimately help your visitors to convert as leads to your business.

    Now, it is clear that every business which needs to convert its visitor to its customers, it must have robust chat support to engage with its potential leads effectively. 

    In most cases, the chat support is not a way to engage with all the visitors to your site simultaneously. It may cost you high. You can show up an engaging popup on your website that drives the visitor to leave his/her phone number or email address. Once you manage to get a list of potential customers in your database, you (an online business) can start engaging with your customers by phone calls, SMS, or emails. 

    These are the two proven ways to generate leads to your business. Your business must be compliant with these conversion rate optimization techniques according to the nature of your business. 

    Engaging website design 

    Engaging website design is considered as the best conversion navigator to an e-business. Unless your web design is attractive, it won’t be able to attract the visitor at first glance. Ultimately, the visitor won’t pursue your website anymore after visiting the first page. 

    This practice is also appreciated by Google, an ever-growing search engine. Google determines the website's design and engaging behavior of a web-design by calculating the bounce rate from that website. The higher the website’s bounce rate, the more your e-business loses its potential in the eyes of Google. 

    This is the question of how to make a website design engaging?

    • Try to include graphics (video Gifs)
    • Focus on the user intent 

    These are the two points that need the design team to be highly competitive in designing ergonomic designs. This practice would require an e-business startup to conduct thorough research on the customers’ behaviors.

    The research may include asking your potential audience by showing up several designs and asking them to recommend the best. This is one of the ways to find your customer needs. There can be many other ways to go with knowing the best design practices in a particular industry. 

    Remove distractions

    Most of the e-platforms divert from their conversion goals. It is time to exemplify the matter easily. For instance, an ecommerce platform starts partnering with Google ads. Once the platform partners with the Google ads, several related ads will show up on the products page.

    This practice will ultimately drive the attention of a particular visitor to ads and he will click that ad. While your conversion goal asks you to sell products through your own platform. Now, there comes a conflict of conversion goals and actual things done  on your platform. This is one of the major kinds of distraction. But adding spam content, rough images, and many other things are very minor which causes the distraction on your e-platform. 

    Your customer research will ultimately help you to know the distraction spots on your e-platform. 

     Motivating CTA practices 

    Call to action is one of the ways to engage your audience in a well-mannered way. Meanwhile, Google also likes the “call to action” approach in the content of websites and ranks it high. One needs to make sense about the effective CTA. 

    What is an effective CTA strategy?

    Effective CTA defines the optimum spots to connect your website internally or externally. The more relevant linking (CTA) you do, the more the visitor remains engaged. Now, it is a win-win situation for your e-business to engage in a very organic way. 

    Effective CTA will grab organic conversions to your e-business for which you don’t have to put some extra effort. Customer support can be somewhat costly to your business which is an extra effort. But an effective CTA will do this on your behalf in an organic way and performs on long term bases.

     Frequent Testing of Marketing techniques

    Once you have sketched a marketing strategy and implemented it on your platform. Now, you need to keep frequently checking the stats after regular intervals. You can integrate with Google Analytics to find either your conversion optimization strategy is effectively working or not. 

    Google Analytics tools will surely help you to determine the in-depth figures about your website. For example, this tool presents you a report on the bounce rate of different web-pages. Now, you can use that data to improve the pages which have a high bounce rate. 

    Other than this, the Google Analytics tool has much more to offer to the e-business owners to optimize the user experiences on their platform.

    Final Word 

    These are the high performing conversion rate optimization ways which one can use to help its e-business grow exponentially. Team always makes an effort to help its audience to entertain in the best way. Our marketing team always considers all these top techniques to drive more sales to our platform. We strive to be the best at the domestic level.