Elon Musk Changes Twitter Logo to X logo

Elon Musk Changes Twitter Logo to X logo
  • Elon Musk doesn’t really need an introduction and his plans don’t need an explanation. The guy always has a vision, when he plans to do something out of the box. His plans of changing Twitter logo gained a lot of attention from people around the globe. As always, there was a lot of criticism for the sudden change. However, the entrepreneur didn’t care for it and on Sunday the change was announced. In his early morning tweet, he tweeted “Soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually all the birds.” Soon, after 24 hours, a formalized Black and white X appeared on the company’s website, replacing the iconic blue bird logo. Right after the change was implemented, the new logo was projected on the side of the company’s HQ building. Twitter CEO, Linda Yaccarino, shared the photo on the website along with the caption “ Lights. Camera. X”.

    What Does X Logo Mean?

    While some mull over Twitter new logo 2023 a lot of the subscribers are wondering what the letter X stands for. Well, to put curiosity to rest, Elon Musk revealed via his Twitter account, that the letter “X” is being used to describe the social network as a Superapp. Meaning, now you will not only tweet news on the platform but also enjoy social media, instant messaging, and payment services. The app would be somewhat similar to the popular Chinese app WeChat. The audience will be able to achieve all the features in one place. While speaking about the Twitter logo change, in an early Sunday audio live stream, Musk, stated, that the change should have been done a long time ago and apologized for taking too long for implementing it. A few hours later, he emailed Twitter’s employing, declaring officially that Twitter is changing into X and this would be his last email from a Twitter email.

    Larry- Twitter Iconic Blue Bird Will Be Missed

    After the change was put in place, subscribers on Twitter vocalized their opinions. The change received mixed reactions. Some appreciated how decent and minimal the new Twitter logo was, while others criticized its simplicity. Named Larry, the iconic blue bird was the first-ever logo of the popular social network. After it is replaced, people are paying homage to it by posting memes and combining visual designs of the current and the former logo. While it is unclear, why Elon Musk made the change, it might be the case, that Larry has been in use for more than a decade and Musk wanted to refresh the image of the social media app. Here are some of the reactions to the new logo:

    · "I think it's a bold and modern logo that reflects the new direction of Twitter under Elon Musk."
    · "I don't really like it. It's too simple and doesn't really stand out."
    · "I think it's a good change. The old logo was starting to look dated."
    · "I'm not sure what to think of it. It's different, but I'll have to see how it grows on me."

    As the reactions are coming in, many users are wondering if Musk implemented Twitter latest change to make it different than its latest competition, Threads. However, it seems like the entrepreneur is not bothered about the new social network, as it is still struggling to retain users across the platform. According to the latest reports, there has been a massive dip in the statistics, of the audiences using Threads compared to the day, the app was launched. It is safe to say, that Elon’s decision to change the logo, doesn’t rely on its competition.

    Elon Musk’s Journey with the Blue Bird

    Since the time, Elon acquired Twitter, the platform has not seen a dull moment. Whether it was offering blue ticks for free or optimizing its policies. The entrepreneur made sure that the users never felt bored. For those who don’t know, this isn’t the first time that Elon changed the Twitter logo. One fine morning, people actually woke up to the logo of Floki, who is his pet dog! With actions like these, the audience of Twitter understands its owner very deeply by now. Yet, the X logo was a surprise for many. So far, the change has been accepted well by the users and hopefully, after being an “everything” app, it will attract more users worldwide. Only time will tell if the journey from Twitter to X corp will be a success. Although it is evident that Musk is set to make more changes to Twitter and this is just a small one.