Elon Musk Suggests a Discussion Instead of a Cage Fight with Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk Suggests a Discussion Instead of a Cage Fight with Mark Zuckerberg
  • When Elon Musk suggests something, it is definitely worthy of your attention. The entrepreneur is full of humor and never fails to make us laugh. Crowning him the king of sarcasm won't be a mistake. From the time he has taken over Twitter (now known as X), there hasn’t been a day when he was not in the news. Whether it was taking the former owners of the social platform to court, or stepping down as a CEO only to place his pet dog Floki, in the powerful position, he sure knows how to entertain his audience. He also managed to stir up some roars, when he decided to kill off the iconic bird logo and replace it with an X. In amid of all this, he has been surrounded by news about him getting into a cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg. And in today’s blog, we finally reveal if it the fight is really happening or not? Read ahead.

    Why Elon Musk and Mark Cage Fight is Trending?

    For those who don’t know why Elon Musk and Zuckerberg's cage fight is trending on the internet, here are the details. The face-off took off when Mark commented that the platform powered by Musk that has lost all its charm. With that single statement, a digital feud started off between the two gentlemen. Memes were posted, and mean things were said. Soon, the news started trending that both entrepreneurs will indulge in a cage fight. For social media users, it was a mere joke however, when Mark launched Threads, it took the whole thing to a serious and new level. Threads is a text-based app, created by Meta, which Elon claims to be an exact copy of his social platform. To make things worse, Mark denied his claims. Out of frustration, Elon Musk demanded the cage fight to happen right away and promised it will be broadcasted live on his platform. However, it isn’t clear if the fight will happen in a virtual setup or at a real location.

    X CEO Suggests Turning Cage Fight into a Noble Discussion

    While people are eager to participate in the much-awaited Elon Musk and Mark cage fight, the Space X owner has suggested turning the whole thing into a debate. When TED curator, Chris Anderson proposed that two millionaires should have a debate instead of a cage fight, in response to him, Elon agreed and said it is indeed a noble sport too. However, this isn’t the first time, when he has tried to get out of the cage fight situation. What many don’t know, is that Mark Zuckerberg actually had set musk-zuckerberg fight date which was the 26th of August. However, Elon had to deny it as he was going through some back pain and even claimed that he might have to go in for surgery before the fight actually happens.

    Will the Cage Fight with Mark Zuckerberg Ever Happen?

    As entertaining as it sounded in the early stage, people’s excitement is wearing down as they think the fight may never happen. A lot of the users, blame Elon Musk for coming up with lame excuses in order to save him from the brutal outcome of the match. But according to the latest news, the date and location have been set for the most awaited fight of the century. According to Elon’s tweet, the fight will be managed by his and Mark’s foundation and it will live stream on X and Meta. The chosen location for the popular event is Italy. The only question remains, who will win? Many may not know this but Mark Zuckerberg has expertise in Jjitsu and even have won medals. In an interview, he even claimed that he doesn’t like going to competitions, as he is an extremely competitive person by nature. With facts and statements like these, maybe it was wise that Elon should have stood down and tried to find a way to settle down the differences in a noble way, such as a debate or a friendly discussion. However, the final date is still a mystery. When asked by a netizen how his MRI scan went, he responded by sharing that he might require minor surgery and a few months for recovery. With that said, it is possible that the fight could be delayed for months.
    Well, at this point, all we can say is, let's wait and watch!