Elon Musk's Latest BBC Interview Made Us Realize Why Is He a Genius

Elon Musk's Latest BBC Interview Made Us Realize Why Is He a Genius
  • Elon Musk BBC interview has been doing rounds on the internet for multiple reasons. One of the prime reasons is the witty answers given by the billionaire. The man is known for his great and unique ventures, such as SpaceX and Tesla. But he has been under the spotlight since he bought the famous social media company, Twitter. He has faced a lot of criticism from the public and media for not being able to maintain the standard of Twitter. Recently, he sat down with a BBC Tech reporter, James Clayton to discuss the layoffs and battles of the labels, and why he isn’t the CEO of Twitter anymore (apparently). He smartly defended himself and cleared misconceptions about his latest acquisition and what the future looks like. In today’s blog, we cover the important points, which depict why Elon Musk is worth your attention and why is he a genius.

    How Did the Interview Happen?

    James Clayton, a BBC North American tech reporter, decided to send an email to Elon Musk, with a request to interview him. He wanted to inquire the billionaire, why has he labeled BBC as government-labeled media. Surprisingly, he received a reply, from Elon Musk, giving him a nod for a quick interview. Initially, James expected Elon’s media team to get in touch. But nonetheless, he got the opportunity to ask challenging questions from the man who has the vision to live on Mars. The only condition Elon applied, for was that the interview take place via Twitter Spaces and at Twitter’s HQ. At this condition, the reporter demanded, that the interview will air on BBC simultaneously. With mutual agreement, both individuals sat down for one of the most controversial interviews of 2023. Here is what went down and Elon Musk proved once again why he is good at what he does.

    Humorously Stepping Down as the CEO of Twitter

    BBC interview with Elon Musk is a great example, to showcase the awesome sense of humor the man possesses. During the interview, he cleared it up for the world, that he is no longer the CEO of Twitter, his pet dog Floki is. When the reporter laughed it off, Elon emphasized, that he is actually a great dog and a good candidate to run Twitter. Last year, when he ran a poll on Twitter, asking the public if he should step down as a CEO, more than 17 million users voted Yes. He promised to resign as soon as he comes across someone who can run the social media company. Soon, he announced Floki as the CEO by posting his picture as his latest tweet.

    Handled the BBC’s Twitter Label Debacle with Dignity

    Earlier, BBC’s account on Twitter was labeled as Government-funded which offended the popular news organization. When the media approached BBC for the comment, they revealed, that they are in touch with Twitter to fix the error. They also added how BBC has been independent and funded by their nation through the license fee. When asked about the error regarding the BBC’s Twitter Label. Elon had a clear answer. He told the reporter, that the social media company aims to have an accurate and honest label. He further added they will soon adjust the error and change the label to public-funded, which he later did. This information has been one of the trending pieces of Elon Musk news on the internet.

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    Rejected the Existence of Hate Speech on Twitter

    This part of the Elon Musk BBC interview managed to get the most attention. In the interview, while on the subject of misconceptions and how Twitter has failed to provide a safe space for its users, James asked Elon, if he wants to address the problem. Elon Musk slams BBC, by asking the reporter what hateful content is he talking about. He demanded a single example, that depicted the following claim as true. However, James failed to come up with any examples and tried to cover up for his lack of research. He insisted that he hardly uses the For You Page due to the hateful content. But Elon didn’t surrender and kept asking for an example, to which the BBC tech reporter had no answer. After multiple tries, he turned the conversation towards how Elon Musk had changed Covid misinformation rules.

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    Presented Logical yet Honest Reasons for the Layoffs

    In the interview, when asked about the negative cash flow situation, the CEO shared that the company has a collection of $4.5 billion in revenue and costs. This clearly indicated that Twitter was facing negative cash flow. To keep the popular social network alive, Elon decided to take the drastic step of laying off a large number of employees in the last year.

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    Clarified like a Pro about The New York Times losing their Verified Tick

    If you look at Elon Musk Twitter Today, a fine verified blue tick will catch your attention. The infamous blue tick has been the reason; that people can distinguish official handles of public figures from fake ones. When Elon boarded the train, he decided to open the iconic blue tick for sale. Little did he know that it will cause havoc. Soon he scratched it off. But then he decided to charge the official accounts with a minimum fee of $8 which The New York Times refused to pay. When asked about this in the interview, the genius clarified by giving a pro answer. He called the famous newspaper company, hypocritical. He failed to see the reason behind their refusal, even though they charge people with a monthly subscription.

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    Elon's Favorite Sleeping Spot

    By now, we know how smart, focused, and funny he is. The man has the ability to think out of the box, which has led him to be the proud owner of Tesla and SpaceX. His Twitter journey might be rocky but we believe, he will solve the issues soon. He is as dedicated to Twitter as to his other ventures. In a recent Elon Musk BBC interview, the billionaire revealed, he does sleep sometimes at the office. The place he chooses to rest is a library on the 7th floor, which is visited by no one at the company. He also shared, that while Floki is on the main seat, he has full attention on taking care of the software and servers team.

    Can Elon Musk Turn Around Twitter’s Fate?

    According to the man himself, Twitter is struggling with finances. Elon Musk is trying his best to keep the ship smooth by laying off staff, which included engineers and other high-level position employees. He even started charging for the Blue Tick, so the company can have a positive cash flow. Many experts have suggested bankruptcy for the famous social media network. But since the time Elon has taken over Twitter, the company has seen an increase in users. Such statistics signify, despite having low revenue, the company is likely to be profitable. With a genius like Elon Musk in the seat, we could say for now, the company is in good hands.

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