Everything You Need to Know - Google I/O 2023

Everything You Need to Know - Google I/O 2023
  • 2023 seems to be the year of AI, and that is exactly what Google I/O reflected. The popular developers’ conference was held in Mountain View, CA. The city is famous for being the hometown of Google for many years. Being one of the most demanding annual events, it covered important tech industry trends, while focusing on product announcements such as Pixel Fold & Pixel 7A. It was impossible for the event to be complete without the mention of Bard, the latest chatbot released by the giant tech to enhance the future. To know the interesting updates from Google, ensure to read the blog all the way through. 

    Google io summary – Everything You Need to know

    Google I/O 2023, was beyond the expectations of its audience, as it unveiled some unique features and services this season. Before we discuss some of the exclusive reveals, here is what the company introduced:

    • Pixel Unfold and Pixel 7a
    • A Pixel Tablet
    • Help Me Write 
    • Magic Editor
    • Bard AI

    Much Awaited Pixel Unfold and Pixel 7a

    Even though Samsung is a pioneer in reinventing foldable phones, their product is nothing like Pixel Unfold. Google’s latest reveal is unique in its own way. Right before a few hours of the Google I/O annual event, the company smartly teased the audience by showing off the foldable gadget in an advertisement. Talk about smart product marketing huh? According to the latest updates, the device is all set to be priced at $1800 and will come with a free Pixel watch. Having a 5.8-inch cover screen and a 7.6-inch main screen, the device has a Tensor G2 system, which is equipped with AI to enhance the user experience. You can say, it can be the best product to invest your money in.

    Credit: Xda-Developers 

    On the other side, Pixel 7a is gaining all the attention after the release of Pixel 7 last year. However, there is not much difference between the two except for these 3 factors:

    •  Display- It has a 6.1 size of a display, which is smaller than the prior model
    •  Materials- The back is manufactured with plastic
    •  Camera- Unlike Pixel 7, the latest addition has a small camera sensor

    Pixel 7a is priced at $499, which is a decent price for a mid to high-end Android phone

    Credit: Xda-Developers 

    Pixel Tablet

    This happens rarely in the tech world, where a company reveals a product, at least a year before its release time. Well, that’s exactly what happened at the Google I/O developers conference in 2022. However, the product saw the day of light in 2023. The pre-orders for Pixel Tablet are expected to start at $499, along with an estimated shipping date of June 20. Google’s much-awaited tablet, comes in three colors, which include, Porcelain, Rose, and Hazel. The exclusive device comes with color coordinated charging speaker dock. So far, it seems like it’s all set to compete with the existing top-rated tablets. Also since it comes with in-built Google Home features, it may be one of the best catches of this season.

    Credit: Xda-Developers 

    Help Me Write Feature for Gmail

    Not everyone can write a good convincing email. It needs a lot of time and patience. Understanding the struggle, the tech giant, announced Help me write a feature for Gmail, at Google I/O event. Similar to Smart Reply and Smart Compose, the feature will aid users to write error-free and compelling emails. You might think it doesn’t get better than this, but hold on to your horses and keep reading on.

    Magic Editor

    Integrated into Google Photos, the new feature will allow users to achieve advanced editing of their photos. The feature is not only designed to remove undesired objects from the pictures but also to change the background and centralization of the frame image. Seems like you need to thank artificial intelligence for such a unique feature.

    Bard AI

    Right after the integration of Microsoft AI into Bing, Google finally released, its exclusive chatbot Bard. Are you wondering what it does? Well, everything that ChatGPT does except, it can extract information in real-time from the internet. A few months back Google ran a trial and it didn’t took off the way the company expected. When asked a question regarding James Web Telescope, the new AI delivered a wrong answer. However, before the official release, Google updated it and its feature to avoid such issues in the future. Now, not only it is efficient in answering searches but also allows you to export info to Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Most importantly, it is now available in 180 countries and in more than 40 languages.

    How Will These Updates Help Businesses in 2023?

    Google is one of the most popular multi-technology companies as it has always developed innovative solutions. Whether it’s for business or personal use, the company has been always there for its users in one way or another. The latest updates definitely raise the question of how businesses will benefit from them. Well, features such as “ Help Me Write” and Pixel Tablet, will aid businesses like Farosh to be portable and receive potential leads by well-written emails. Writing emails quickly will definitely save time and make save for more productive activities.

    While Pixel Tablet will allow entrepreneurs to engage or host meetings with their teams while on the go. But one of the updates that will create a major impact is definitely Google Bard as the latest AI tool is designed as smartly as ChatGPT 4 except it is completely free, well for now. This will give an opportunity to developing businesses to enhance their important aspects such as content marketing and other important aspects. We hope today’s blog was informative and motivational for you. If you really want to start a business that can make the most of these AI tools, then simply open your store with us and grow worldwide.