How ONIC - A new digital Teleco will affect the telecom industry of Pakistan?

How ONIC - A new digital Teleco will affect the telecom industry of Pakistan?
  • The way we interact, engage, and communicate with one another has changed dramatically over the years because of the rapidly growing telcos in Pakistan. As we move towards a quarter of 2023, a new telco company has emerged. ONIC Pakistan is all set to release in the coming days to revamp how our youth communicates via video calls and instant messaging. Pakistan, which has a population of over 200 million, has become a center for digital communication, with millions of individuals using a variety of digital channels every day.
    Telecos have played a major role in enhancing digital communication in the country. From Ufone to Zong, each of the popular telecommunication companies has played a vital part in making communication exclusive. In today’s blog, we will explore how ONIC can play a promising role in being the next big thing in the telecommunication industry. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the exciting world of digital communication in Pakistan!

    ONIC Pakistan – The Future of Telco

    ONIC, has already created a lot of attention before its formal launch. Just a few days remain till it is on the market, and telecom enthusiasts are impatiently awaiting the new perspective this brand promises to deliver. Bilal Munir Sheikh, a well-known name in the telco industry who has been hired as ONIC's Country General Manager, made the pre-launch announcement. ONIC has a good chance of succeeding thanks to Sheikh's remarkable expertise in the telecommunications sector, which includes his significant contribution to the expansion of Jazz as Vice President of Marketing. While announcing the latest digital telco brand, in his Linkedin post he stated the following

    "Gone are the days of long waits and endless calls, we're here to change the game and bring you a world of freedom,"

    Such a post makes it clear that the company is all set to reinvent telecommunications services in Pakistan. ONIC's specifics remain a secret, however, Sheikh did say that the brand will focus on the market of Gen Z. If you visit its Instagram, you can see that the brand has set a tone that is lively and colorful. With its vibrant purple and yellow logo, the target audience of the company is obvious. The account has minimum posts and each post invites you to sign up with a statement that states “Network is waiting” Catchy enough? Well definitely for a GEN Z. Also, they are providing free sims, which clearly indicates they want to take over the telco world of Pakistan and they want to do it rapidly! Even though there is not much information provided on its features yet, it is given that it will offer Pakistan’s young crowd more customized packages and services than other telecommunication company has been doing so far.

    Needless to say, Pakistan’s Telecom market size, is huge and in the past, the country has seen the emergence of youth-focused telecom brands including Djuice by Telenor. These businesses were successful in appealing to the wants and needs of the nation's young people. Telecom analysts are curious to see how ONIC would stand out and draw the interest and devotion of Pakistani youth in light of its impending debut. The industry eagerly anticipates additional information and the formal introduction of this new brand as the debut of ONIC draws near. The capacity of ONIC to provide a distinctive telecom experience that is distinguished by comfort, effectiveness, and independence will determine its success in the market. ONIC has the potential to have a huge impact on the telco business, and Sheikh is leading the effort in that regard.

    What Does It Mean for the Competitors of ONIC Pakistan?

    As ONIC prepares for its launch, the tension is obvious for its competitors. With Bilal Munir Sheikh being the captain of the ship, it is evident that ONIC is going to come up with something exclusive. Meanwhile, the competitors are pacing back and forth as the country awaits to learn more about the new digital telco brand. So far, the companies that are on the top of the list of telecommunication companies in Pakistan are:
    · Jazz
    · Telenor
    · Zong
    · Ufone
    Jazz is rests on the top with the highest numbers of subscribers while Telenor and Zong are known are their budget-friendly internet data plans. Ufone so far, has earned a trusted reputation due to uninterrupted services in all kinds of conditions. With that said, we can only wait to learn how the new brand in the market will perform and whether will it be everything that mobile consumers are expecting.