How technology transformed online shopping

How technology transformed online shopping
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    Feb 12, 2020

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  • Technological advancements in the 21st century besides overhauling the entire spectrum of the cyber world have also paved the way for new mediums and platforms that have enabled E-Commerce to develop and grow in such a way that it has become a must for businesses to forecast their presence online. The prevalent competitiveness has ensured that every mainstream industry is using technology to further its agenda. Recent studies being conducted have proven that online shopping has seen a drastic increase in the last decade. The long list of associated perks ensured by the use of technology is one reason for this change.

    Exposition of the Idea of Ecommerce

    In order to better comprehend the argument as to how technology has given a boom to online shopping or E commerce, it would be wise to have a brief knowledge about what E commerce is first. In simple terms, it is the process through which products are being bought and sold online. It is done so through a variety of mediums and includes all retail stores that are one way or the other connected to a network. The electronic transactions that are made in this regard are also included. In the beginning of this century, masses were generally dubious about online shopping but the entrenchment of internet in their routine lives has increased the acceptance of this phenomenon and as a result a great rise in the usage. The mediums that are being used in this regard include shopping carts, shipment tracking, mobile payments, visual appeal, specializing, and email campaigns. 

    Varied Dimensions

    One of the major justification of a promoted E-Commerce industry in Pakistan, that happens to be a developing country and lags behind developed countries in technological acceptance, is the varied dimensions that online retail stores offer to the businesses. There is no limit to the items that can be put forward for selling purposes on online retail stores. The more the ideas, the more the products without any worry about monetary boundaries or any space-related issues as is the case with any physical store that might be in place. Adding a product or a new category of items is at the distance of a click of a mouse.

    One stop shop for all

    The unbounded opportunities for online businesses to offer every category of items is a blessing for the consumers. It is like a one-stop shop for them that offers everything that might be of use for them. From a very cheap tiny pencil to a large expensive automobile, online stores offer everything. This is the extent of the technological benefits that we are talking about. Sitting back at home, one has the freedom to go through all the items of use without any hassle.  Not only does this end up saving a lot of time but even the least tech-savvy are able to experience it easily.

    Twenty four seven service

    Time constraint is the basic argument that is put forward when any specific consumer fails to visit a physical store to buy any product of need. In the context of online shopping, there is no place for that. Online retails stores offer service twenty-four seven a week and give the same experience as an actual visit to a shopping mall. Even during spare time or in between routine works, irrespective of whether they are formal or not, E-Commerce presents itself with the offered leisure of shopping. Besides, online shopping takes the upper hand specifically in the days when the stores offer items on sale and there are long queues or anxious crowds of buyers. Not only does it saves time in such scenarios but also ensures 100 percent delivery service at any time of the day.

    Hitting the Spot

    Besides all the above-stated advantages of online shopping that are offered these days as a result of technological advancements, the most important aspect that cannot be ignored is the marketing of a business. Online retail stores are predicted to take over the physical stores in the later years because they offer laser targeted marketing. Attracting the consumers is always of utmost importance because no matter how much the investment might be, it would be of no use if they are not conveyed the message of its existence. Online platforms have to capacity to use strategies such as social media marketing, creating back links, content marketing, and email marketing among others. Also, it is favorable to have an idea about the needs, wants and preferred demands of the targeted audiences because that way marketing techniques can be focused fully in such course.

    A success story

    An example that can be quoted in this regard of an online shopping portal in Pakistan that has made headways and established itself as a commanding online retail and E-commerce store is Whether it be toys, clothing, electronics, furniture or any other accessory, Farosh deals in all. Not only does it offer the best deals on a wide range of products but its delivery mechanism is also unmatchable. Mostly it is because Farosh only deals in verified and trusted sellers. Testimonials of the clients prove its significance and the resulted well-established name in the online shopping in Pakistan.

    Final Word 

    Summing it up, it can easily be stated that technology has exerted its presence and left unmatchable benefits for the masses. The once not so common phenomenon of online shopping is now a reality and is here to exist. A report by statista claimed that in the year 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online. Whereas the IPC Cross- Border E- Commerce Shopper Survey projects that worldwide total retail sales will reach the US $28tn by the year 2021. This shows the extent of the authority of the global retail E-commerce industry. It is all credited to the technological advancements that have ensured easy access and never-ending benefits without the burden of monetary pressures along with 24/7 operational platforms with multiple payment options that have paced up the growth of shopping online.