How to sell products to GEN Z in 2023?

  How to sell products to GEN Z in 2023?
  • The biggest challenge for marketers these days is to find effective Gen Z marketing strategies to sell their products. Well, you can’t blame them, because traditional marketing, is less likely to grab their attention. Before we dive into the do’s and don’ts of marketing with Gen Z, let’s understand who they are. They are individuals who are born from 1996 to 2012. So, we are talking about a generation that opened its eyes to Instagram and now lives in the world of TikTok.

     Although there is not much difference in marketing to Gen Z and Millennials however the goal of campaigns can vary. As far as Gen Z is concerned, it wants brands to showcase their human side and be authentic. Traditional marketing doesn’t work with them, which means, a brand must have an online presence to interact with them. We understand the pain of defining a workable product marketing strategy, that’s why we have gathered the top marketing trends of 2023 that will attract Gen Z proficiently and increase your conversions.

    Gen Z Marketing Trends in 2023

    Prioritize Morals First

    Want to sell your products to the younger generation? Then you have to showcase to them what morals your brand believes in. Whether it’s about women’s empowerment or saving pets’ lives, the new generation cares more passionately about how your brand is making this world a better place. Instead of selling your products, you need to express how your company is all about ethics. That is one of the ways, you can get them to invest in your products. For example, as a clothing brand, you can share with them how the manufacturing process was eco-friendly and how much you care about the planet. In short, be caring and empathetic.

    Communicate in Their Language

    One of the most successful Gen Z marketing strategies would be to speak with them in their language. Now, we don’t mean they are “aliens” but what we actually mean is to converse with them using the words they understand. Pay close attention to acronyms and jokes they use, to get a clear idea. Since this is the youth you are talking to, you can’t expect them to understand boring marketing statements such as “Make a purchase now” or “Better than your regular soap”. You should study the trends and understand what and how they are communicating.

    Partner up with Influencers

    Using a celebrity to pose as a commoner and sell your product is an old-school strategy. The Gen Z won’t fall for it. They know very well that it is scripted. You need to partner up with popular influencers whom they adore and find inspiring. Whether you are selling perfume or a smartwatch, they are the ideal people to hire for promotional activities. The ideal solution for reaching out to your said audience is none other than advertising through Gen Z itself. Brands who are targeting Gen X (1965 to 1981) might be successful with hiring a celebrity but with Gen Z it has to be one of their own kind.

    Provide Information in a Fun Way

    To understand how to market your products to Gen Z, you need to realize that this line of individuals doesn’t like anything simple or plain. One of the prime things to do is provide them with information in an entertaining way. Let’s suppose you are selling sports shoes, rather than showing someone taking a plain jog, exhibit them doing an adventurous activity. Needless to say, the Z generation loves the thrill and would buy the product immediately that supports the experience. Similarly, if you want to highlight the benefits of your product, making a vibrant video tutorial with catchy music is more likely to get their attention.

    Choose the Right Platform

    This tip is one of the huge parts of the ultimate guide to product marketing, especially if your target audience is Gen Z. They are commonly found on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Before you start promoting your products you need to make sure, you choose the right platform. The right way to find a suitable one is to do a lot of research. For instance, young women are said to be more active on TikTok compared to other apps. So, if you are promoting makeup or a hair accessory, then the popular Chinese app, is the right place to market your products. Similarly, men are said to be more active on Instagram which means any product advertised on Instagram, will gain awareness effectively.

    Best Gen-Z Marketing campaigns

    Here are some of the best examples of GEN Z marketing strategies, that are done right.


    With a lot of brands competing for Gen Z’s attention, Levi’s conquered their focus the right way. Being popular for its super comfy jeans, the brand, added some famous Gen Z celebs and advertised how they are dedicated to making a difference in global warming. The campaign received applause from the young generation and definitely a lot of sales.


    The popular language-learning app has millions of members. Apart from being an efficient tutor, the app has gained the label of being a favorite of our young audience. And their social media manager, Zaria Pervez deserves the credit. He is popular for creating entertaining yet chaotic content for Gen Zers. Although the application is all about learning, he hardly creates posts related to it. In fact, he shares raw footage of behind-the-scenes, happening at the Duo headquarters. Which the targeted audience finds relatable and funny. He clearly showcases that the brand isn’t afraid to experiment with new things as long as it works well with its audience. Such content has convinced a lot of users to learn Korean right away.


    Marketing is all about exploring the limits. And that’s what Adidas did. The famous sportswear company, soon understood not everyone is comfortable with swimming. Especially Muslim women.  To dismiss the differences, they filmed a short film called “Beyond the Surface”. To convey the message with grace, the company placed a giant billboard at a beach in Dubai. This was no ordinary billboard, as you can actually swim in it! Needless to say, the company gained a lot of appreciation and definitely attention.

    Ending it with a Pinch of Fun

    So, these were some of the popular ways to grab the attention of Gen Z and sell them your products. The idea behind sharing such fun campaigns was to give you inspiration and an understanding of how marketing actually works in 2023. Still confused about how to reach the young audience? Read our popular blog Social Media Influencer’s Impact on Our Youth and Society to learn how you can use Social media to enhance your marketing strategy.