Instagram's Threads has lost upto 80% of its users

Instagram's Threads has lost upto 80% of its users
  • In just one month, Instagram Threads, a stand-alone messaging app from Meta, has lost 80% of its subscribers. The app was introduced in July 2023 with the intention of providing users with a more private and intimate means of connecting with their close pals. But it appears that consumers were uninterested in the app, as it quickly died down. When Threads by Meta emerged on the scene, people were excited to try the new app. Needless to say, it gained attention, by proving to be a tough competition, for X ( formerly known as Twitter). Both social app’s owners had a face off, on Twitter, before it was rebranded into X. The competition was so fierce, that it led Elon Musk to challenge Facebook founder, to a cage fight. While the owners battled it out, Threads gained more than million users in a day. But little did we know, that soon, the users will cut down to such a big ratio.

    Why Instagram Thread Users Count is Dropping Low

    There are several possible explanations for Instagram Threads' failure. First off, it was released at a time when several well-known messaging services were already accessible, including WhatsApp. Second, the lack of integration between Threads and the main Instagram app made it less user-friendly. Third, the software didn't provide any special features that would set it apart from competition.

    Being a certain setback for Meta, the company attempting to expand its revenue streams outside advertising, is the failure of Instagram Threads. Other social media sites like TikTok and Snapchat are also posing a growing threat to the business. It's unclear whether the new app will be quietly discontinued or whether Meta will come up with effective strategies to enhance it. As we know Mark Zuckerberg, isn’t someone who gives up that quickly, and is willing to put in anything to achieve desirable results.

    However, here are a few factors that contributed to Instagram Threads' failure:

    Inability to differentiate

    Instagram Threads, has faced such a high dip in the numbers, due to offering nothing special to its users. Apps like Tiktok and Snapchat took the internet by storm, as they provided unique features, such as short-form videos, exciting filters and so on. On the other side, Threads provided nothing out of the ordinary. It had almost the same features that Twitter was offering to its audience. Needless to say, this could be one of the reasons why people got bored so quickly from the app.

    Inadequate timing

    Timing always plays a crucial role, when launching a product or service. The time chosen to launch Threads, might not be an ideal one, as there was a lot of competition already. Introducing an app with mediocre features, was more likely to fail, as there were already better options around.

    Weak Instagram integration

    Even though you can access Threads through an Instagram account, the new app was not exactly integrated with its parent app. Which clearly, irked people and made them leave the platform. For those who don’t know, Threads was developed by Instagram, and the audience expected to do more Instagram things while being on the new platform, which didn’t happen. Hence, the user count dropped like flies.

    Marketing ineffectiveness

    Apart from replying to Elon musk’s challenging tweets and claiming that Threads is different, Mark hardly put in any efforts in marketing the app. If it wasn’t for the Twitter vs Threads battle, people would not have been aware that Meta is bringing a fresh app to the market. This clearly was a major setback why the app lost a good amount of users.

    How does Instagram Threads work?

    If you have not downloaded the app yet, here  is how you can get it. There are two ways of getting the app on your phone. Firstly you can go to the Play Store or Apple store and search for the app. Once you have found the app simply click on install. The second way is to search for the app in the Instagram bar, and your insta account automatically links the Threads account. Furthermore, you can access the latest app via your account any time. For now, no strategies have been defined, in order to grow your followers. According to the users, hashtags don't work on the Meta-owned app. If you are wondering if Instagram threads safe? Then the answer is yes it is. Meta takes security and privacy pretty seriously, when it comes to social networks, such as Facebook. It is safe to assume that Threads won't be a threat to our data any time soon.

    How Instagram Threads Can Gain Users Back?

    As mentioned above, the app should bring unique features to the table, to make its place in the market. So far, Threads have underestimated its competition. With apps such as Tiktok it would be childish to believe that users will remain active on it. The core reason behind accessing social media to learn and gain something new. When it comes to building an online presence, people want to stand out with catchy filters and one of a kind attributes. Keeping these points in mind, it is highly suggested that Threads should work hard on enhancing itself, rather than losing users with every passing day.