Promising Cell phones to be launched in 2023

Promising Cell phones to be launched in 2023
  • Back in the 2000s, when I was in high school I was a mobile freak. All of my friends had great interests in the trendiest handbags or shoes and I would spend hours browsing electronic stores in the mall.

    The minute I saw the sign “New Smartphones Coming Soon” in the store’s window, I would spend the night tossing and turning in the bed while wondering what new cool features upcoming flagship killer phones would own or how different they would look from their predecessors.

    This was the time when Nokia was the Giant of creativity in the market. I remember after every 6 months I used to switch my existing one with the trendy-looking cellphone. The camera was getting better with every season and the display was getting wider. But apart from the features, they would bring creativity to its personality too. I remember owning phones whose screen can turn around 360 degrees to the phones that slide out an extended keyboard that makes your experience more fun while having a conversation with your loved ones.

    There were also innovative phones by Nokia whose bodies could twist entirely from the bottom. The last vivid memory I have is of N8. In my opinion that was the phone which brought exclusivity and good results-driven 12 megapixels camera into the smartphone world and was better than any upcoming iPhone series.

    It was the first smartphone to use the lens from Carl Zeiss, whereas the so-called giant iPhone could only provide 2 Megapixels without an option to record a video at that time. But now as we are going towards 2023, over-rated mobile phone companies don’t even bother to update the look of the phone or bring extra value to its exterior. They invest heavily in the features, which is fair enough because at least you get your money’s worth in another way.

    There have been dozens of leaks regarding the upcoming smartphone 2023 and the tech lovers are digging the inside scoops. Today’s generation is more invested in the high-tech features of cameras and fast processors. Let’s browse the most promising ones.

    Samsung Galaxy S23

    The upcoming android series once again is ready to present its one of the finest works of art. If there is any other brand in which I have invested money happily after Nokia then it has to be Samsung.

    The Korean Giant delivers what they showcase in their million dollars Ads, plus they are user-friendly and have something for everyone. From over-priced Ultra models to budget-friendly smartphones, the brand understands its audience very well. That’s why the dedicated fans of the brand get all hyped up whenever they are about to launch a new lineup of smartphones.

    After the success of the Galaxy S22, Samsung is finally on track to launch its new boss baby or should I say babies Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. The wait is nearly over. Let’s get the clichés out of the way first, it is going to be one of the most promising upcoming flagship killer phones that will create history after a very long time.

    It is most likely to launch in February 2023. Understanding the pattern of Samsung’s previous launches, it is most likely to come after the release of Galaxy S22 FE (Fan Edition). However, there are rumors about the discontinuation of the FE series. So far there hasn’t been much news on the S23 and S23 Plus but there have been leaks and certain revelations of the S23 Ultra.

    The core specification is the processor Snapdragon 8 Gem 2 which is supposed to launch this November. The Korean company has used Qualcomm chips in the sets that are exported to the US and their own Exynos processors for countries like Europe and India.

    However, it is being said that Qualcomm has struck a deal with Samsung and will supply new phones with Snapdragon chips till 2030, which will result in the European market receiving Qualcomm processors in Galaxy 2023 and 2024 as well. Samsung signed the deal as it didn’t see potential in the Exynos 2023 to be compatible with 8 GEN 2 and did not want a gap in the performance between different versions of the phone which could affect its position in being the most demanded upcoming android series.

    While the camera is the main selling point of all Galaxy Phones, there is a leak on the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy S23 having a camera with a new 200 MP ISOCELL HP 1 sensor? The sensor holds capabilities to capture your special moments in impressive low light. This is possible due to the pixel-binning computational trickery called chameleon cell technology. Although this leak is already leaning towards certainty, it is not sure if Samsung would make any changes to its 40 MP selfie camera.

    To support such heavy processors and pixels, it is quite obvious a strong battery is required and that’s exactly how Samsung is producing the battery for the most awaited phone of 2023. It is most likely to have a battery capacity of more than 5000 MAH. At least it is confirmed for S23 ultra to contain these features. There have been no updates for the other two models yet. I cannot wait for Samsung stores to display a sign in their windows that says new smartphones are coming soon.

    Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro

    One of the most anticipated upcoming smartphones in 2023 is undoubtedly the iPhone. IPhone 14 Pro seems to promise a new apple processor and a camera update.

    Rumor has it that iPhone 14 pro and pro max could own a 48 Megapixel primary camera. There have been major improvements in the iPhone’s camera over time such as adding a third ultra-wide camera lens in 2019 with the launch of the iPhone 11 Pro.

    It also improved the telephoto camera zoom range in 2020 with the unveiling of the iPhone 12 Pro Max although the resolution remained at 12 megapixels since iPhone 7.Apple’s new chips bring image processing algorithms and machine learning also affects the camera’s performance.

    The models iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are said to have the new processor A16 meanwhile non pro models are said to have the same A15 processor that was found in iPhone 13.

    The phone is expected to debut in September. IPhone 14 Max has the biggest upgrades in camera, size, and design which can lead it to be one of the most hyped Upcoming flagship killer phones.

    Apple is rumored to have a supersized version of the iPhone 14 Max of it’s standard next-gen iPhone. There are also rumors going around that the giant has plans to ditch the iPhone mini and add another new model to the line-up.

    The newly upgraded line of iPhone 14 will consist of 2 iPhones with a 6.1-inch display I.E iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, meanwhile iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available with a display of 6.7 Inches for the consumer’s satisfaction. iPhone 14 max is targeting those customers who want to enjoy a larger display but don’t care about the technical upgrades like a triple-lens camera and Lida Sensor.

    These upgrades will surely make the iPhone 14 line-up one of the most wanted Upcoming iPhone series.

    The Clash of the Tech-Giants

    Over the Years Samsung and Apple have always gone head to head with the competition in the race of being the best upcoming flagship killer phones.

    Although there are more promising phones in the market now such as the Google Pixel 7 or Nothing Phone 1 but the dominance of these brands is too powerful for any other company to make its value and place in the market.

    The world is divided into two parts Samsung VS Apple and their users won’t even look at any other brand, even if it offers better features at a lower price.

    People are willing to pay more and stand in long queues of their flagship stores in order to be the first one to acquire the newly launched sets of these Giants. I think it’s safe to say, there won’t be any other cell phone that can be labeled as a top upcoming smartphone in 2023 until Samsung and Apple rule the market.