Retailing in electronic commerce, e-tailing

Retailing in electronic commerce, e-tailing
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    Oct 14, 2020

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  • Any business that extends its sales territory to the online platforms is said to be an e-tailer. E-tailer originates its meaning from electronic and retailer which can also be said as an electronic retailer. Here, we will just evaluate how giant e-tailers operate in this global village. The e-tailing business grabbed such a kind of attention that several brick and mortar stores think to switch their business online. Now, we will evaluate how giant e-tailers are expanding their e-tailing operations throughout the world. 

    Amazon, a trust-worthy e-tailing platform

    Amazon, being the most trust-worthy e-tailer, always taps into novel marketing ideas that exactly fetch the traffic with a high intent to buy a product. This traffic increases the conversion rate of Amazon's local or global platforms. It is high time to discuss those marketing techniques that drive the potential traffic to its platform.

    Affiliate Marketing Program 

    Affiliate marketing is one of the successful techniques that drive too much traffic to the Amazon platform, a giant e-tailing business. Authentic figures are not available over the internet but it is assumed that Amazon drives more than 30% of its leads through its affiliate marketing.

    How does affiliate marketing work?

    It is assumed that every online sale is pursued by an online query which intends to know the best services/product available in the market. These millions of buyer-intent queries offer an opportunity to research enthusiasts to blog their ideas accordingly that cater to the needs of those queries. 

    Meanwhile, Amazon offers such bloggers/blogging sites to recommend products that are available on the Amazon platform. After they start referring to the Amazon product on their blogging platform, it ultimately drives sales to Amazon in an organic way. On the other hand, affiliate bloggers earn a percentage against each recommended sale. 

    This practice doesn’t only drive sales to Amazon but also finds its recommendations from millions of related bloggers and sites. Affiliate marketing aggressively introduces Amazon to be a very reliable e-tailer brand globally. Statistics tell that drives monthly referral traffic almost in million figures. Here, these statistics speak to the success story of the Amazon affiliate program. 

    Amazon influencer program 

    Amazon influencer program is also a kind of affiliate program that only works for celebrities. That’s why it is known to be an Amazon celebrity program as well. This program approves those accounts with a maximum number of followers, subscribers over their social or video-sharing platforms. 

    After an account is approved by the Amazon influencer program, it is allotted a showcase over the Amazon platform. It can showcase any of the products available over Amazon. With each sale referred by your platform, you will earn commission as per Amazon’s policies for different categories. 

    You need no worries about how you will be able to see how many sales have been triggered on your account. Amazon’s intelligent system manages all this stuff in a very managed way. You can see the figures updating every minute as you will also be given a data-driven stats platform regarding your referral sales and all the related stuff.

    Looking into the very overwhelming stats of Amazon through affiliate programs, several e-tailers like Alibaba and have also started working on such marketing techniques as well. Along with this, these online retailers do have many other marketing campaigns like SEM, SMM, and organic lead generation.

    How to brand your e-tailing store effectively?

    Now, you are done with seeing the best practices that the giant e-tailers attempt to grab more sales to their platform. Here, you will find a few techniques that every emerging e-tailer must try to grab more sales to their platform. 

    Grow your organic reach (SEO)

    Organic reach is one of the best and long term ways to generate sales to any e-tailer. Catering to the needs of the several related queries on search engines, you must perform to stay ahead in the search engines.

    You should research the queries according to the area where you are physically operating. These queries in technical terms are known to be the keywords to your content. You must have the sense to examine each keyword either it is the best fit for blogging or product pages. Like you should have the good sense to know the user intent behind a query that Google likes the most.

    This practice will drive more traffic to your platform through the search engine. When it is about converting that traffic to your e-tailing customer/buyer, you must try these stead-fast Conversion rate optimization ways for better results.

    Social Media Marketing 

    Social media marketing is the backbone to drive more sales to an e-tail business. For a great ROI, your social media campaign must be highly data-driven. Like what? We look into a case study of an electronic retailer that is loaded with a bulk of products. 

    If this retailer wants to promote its products on social media, its products should be well-picked that are in high demand when it is about a particular area. Your social media and data-analysis team will predict the products that are optimized for social media campaigns. 

    The data-driven SMM will help you to double up your ROI.

    Search engine Marketing(Paid)

    Search engine marketing or PPC campaings can also help your e-tailing platform to drive more traffic. Here for paid SEM, the strategy should be the same as social media marketing. E-tailers must run paid search engine campaigns for their hot products. It is still a question of how to determine the hot products on a particular platform. Quality research and data analysis practices may help you to know the hot products globally or locally. 

    You can also tap into the field of affiliate marketing for your e-tail business. But, you will have to build trust if you have mature kind affiliate monitoring. It is often recommended to the brands who have earned enough repute in the market.

    Final Thoughts 

    From an online Amazon retail case study to making your platform successful through digital marketing, it is an influential guide to generate more customers to your platform. It is high time to arrange a team of experts in the related fields and go with cost-effective marketing to mark a success story in the field of e-tail business.