Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - Everything we need so far

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - Everything we need so far
  • As the news of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra release is trending everywhere, people are excited to see what the latest model will hold. With major launches out of its bag, Samsung is all set to bring out its latest creation. According to the rumors, this one is supposed to be the best phone produced by Samsung till date. The fans have much bigger expectations from the new addition, as they expect to see major enhancements from its predecessor S23 Ultra, which came with long-lasting battery life, impeccable performance and excellent cameras. Keeping this in mind, Samsung S24 Ultra specs seem to be promising as it is expected to have a strong chip of Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and have further improvements on its camera. Moreover, it may come with a powerful telephoto lens. Additionally, the brand is planning to offer a much more powerful battery and refresh rate of the phone’s 6.8 inch display. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest release, then read the blog to find out all the important details.

    Key Takeaways about Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

    · According to the recent rumors, it is expected that Samsung S24 Ultra will reduce the size of bezels up to 3mm in an attempt to increase the size of the screen.
    · Samsung is expected to place a telephoto lens, with a 50 MP sensor.
    · Tech bloggers are claiming that the latest release may have titanium sides and the device might weigh lighter than its previous version.
    · Another rumor suggests that by next year, some of the top Android phones may not run on 8 GEN 3 and will be using Samsung’s Exynmos chips in certain markets.

    Samsung S24 Ultra Release Date and Price Assumption in Pakistan

    Samsung has been busy more than the president of South Korea. The popular telephone company had more than 3 releases this year. Starting from the Galaxy S23 line up in February, the brand launched its Galaxy A54 from its mid-range devices. Further, they released the much awaited Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung Galaxy Flip 5. Galaxy S phones are always lined up to debut in the first three months of a new year. Keeping that in mind, we are expecting to see the release of Samsung S24 Ultra globally by February 2024. Apart from the release date, so far, the market suggests that Samsung S24 Ultra price in Pakistan may be between PKR 3,00,000 to PKR 5,00,000.

    Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Design and Display

    Now that we have some idea about the Samsung S24 specifications, let's have a look at its expected design and display elements. We don’t expect any major difference in the design, in comparison to S23 however, the material used to produce the device may vary. As mentioned above, the device may have titanium sides, which will result in it being lighter than its predecessor. But yes, reduction of bezels is one change that is likely to enhance user experience. The display of cameras is less likely to change, as the brand is satisfied with its vertical style of camera line up at the back of its phones. The screen display is speculated to remain the same, which is 6.8 inch panel.

    Samsung S24 Camera Updates

    With Galaxy S22 Ultra’s major camera change, which was 108 MP, all the models that followed are expected to come with better camera specifications. According to tech bloggers, there might be some minor enhancements made to the sensor. Meaning, there could be a wider aperture to let in more lights, for better color presentation in the images. The sensor size is likely to be increased up to 1-inch, which is similar to Xiaomi 13 Ultra and larger than the much awaited iPhone 15 pro max, which will be successor of iPhone 14 Max. Another leaked news suggests that the telephoto lens on the device will be improved. Furthermore, another tech blogger suspects that Samsung S24 Ultra will have a new 3-10 X variable folded telephoto lens. The new lens is likely to use a periscope design and have the capability of changing the focal length, while connected to a single sensor. In the end, there has not been any leaks about having changes to the front camera.

    All the Samsung S24 Ultra Specifications Rumors


    The previous line up of Galaxy S24 Ultra, was powered by Qualcomm chipsets even though Samsung Exynos chips were present. It is rumored that the tech company plans to stick with Qualcomm for the line ups of S24 as well. However, there are speculations going around that the company may return back to using Exynos chips in a few of its models. According to latest rumors, phones released in the US, are expected to have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and in South Korea, while in other regions, it will carry Exynos 2400. Furthermore, previously, the Samsung owned chips have proved to perform better in Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and A16 bionic devices. As far as the RAM is concerned, the device is set to have 16 GB, which would be a major upgrade from the previous model. However the storage of 256 GB remains the same.

    Things We Expect to See in Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

    Looking at the scenario and how there are too many speculations going around, it gives a lot of room to imagine the features we want in the much awaited phone. Here are some of the much-expected features:

    New S Pen capabilities: Since the launch of S21 Ultra welcomes the S pen support, we hope to see some upgrades for S Pen capabilities for S24 Ultra, as there were not many with S22. We expect that Galaxy S24 Ultra to have more features and hopefully the remote control feature of Galaxy S23 Ultra remains.
    Faster charging: Other Android phones, most notably those like the OnePlus 11, allow you to top off your phone considerably more quickly while the Galaxy S23 Ultra remains locked on 45W charging.

    On that note, let's hope the latest model is everything Samsung fanatics would like in their phones. However, with Apple ready to launch its new model as well, it is difficult to analyze, the result of Apple vs Samsung sales, seems like we have to wait till next year.