Simplify Your Life with These Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

Simplify Your Life with These Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories
  • With technology rapidly growing, you can easily now make your life more productive and successful. Things that slow you down from moving around, such as dead cell phones are now merely a myth since portable gadgets have been introduced in the market, that not only charge your phone on the go, and also eliminate the chances of missed calls and messages. Pakistan has a vast variety of cell phone accessories, such as Airbuds, and wireless chargers that are essential for an innovative lifestyle. Gone are the days, when you needed to wait for hours before your phone is fully charged or got restricted by the tangled wires of the headphones or chargers. We live in a wireless world now. Chargers and headphones are reintroduced with the beneficial feature of being wireless.

    Purchasing accessories like a selfie stick tripod helps the user to create content effortlessly. You can even buy a touchscreen pen if it doesn't come with the smartphone you have. If anything, Covid has played an important role to make the use of UV sterilizer common than ever before. The fear of transmitting the contagious disease is not gone and I highly doubt it will. However, other accessories, that have created a wave of excitement in the market are cute little pop sockets, that allow you to firm the grip around expensive mobile phones, which also, minimizes the risk of the device slipping from the hands. Like what you have read so far? Keep reading till the very end to find out how these exclusive yet affordable mobile accessories make living easy for you.


    Wireless Chargers 

    A blessing in disguise, that is precisely what you will call them, once you purchase and use them. You can easily put your phone on the charging plate, without worrying about getting tangled in the web of its wires. However, purchasing the original ones might set you back from your savings goals for at least twenty years. On the other hand, economical mobile shops, do offer high-end copies similar to products like Audionic Airbuds, which are budget-friendly and durable for the longest period. With the electricity fluctuation common in Pakistan, it is wise to opt for the cheaper option, so you can easily repurchase another if the existing one gets damaged.



    Earbuds or Airbuds, call them what you like, but the latest mobile attachment not only allows you to listen to music while dancing carelessly but also lets you attend calls too. Initially, introduced by Apple in 2019, the new add-on received criticism, as many doubted how beneficial it would be. Many speculated that it would fall off while bobbing the head to the music. But Apple proved the skeptical audience wrong, by manufacturing it accurately according to the shape of a human ear. But even though the fit was perfect, the price could have been better. It was a significant drawback, and soon after Samsung followed in the footsteps of the iPhone company and launched Earbuds. Both companies created top-notch products but could not offer a reasonable price. Soon after, multiple copies like Audionic Airbuds penetrated the market and made the economical users very happy. As mentioned earlier, it is a must-have accessory, as it not only allows you to listen without interruption but drive attentively too. 


    Screen Protector

    With passing time, one would think, screen protectors might have gone extinct and something new would be parading around the market. But that's not the case- YET. Although, there have been major improvements applied to the essential accessory. Since super expensive phones cannot be protected with a simple plastic one, the guys at the tech companies came up with some super alterations. Start with an exclusive tempered glass screen protector, that not only reduces the glare but is more strong than the matte screen protector. Similarly, a Hydrogel protector is scratch resistant and does not allow the screen to crack easily. And the most popular one among teenagers, for obvious reasons, is Privacy protection, which restricts the lurking eyes from a certain angle. Choose the right one according to your requirement and your expensive phone is safe for ages. 


    Pop Sockets

    Pop sockets have to be the cutest invention of all time. It is not only an interesting coordinate to your phone case but also, allows you to hold the mobile more securely while placing it in a selfie stick tripod. It comes in all fun shapes and designs. Not only teenagers but even adults are spotted using these. Pop sockets even help you capture better selfies, as the strong grip lets you press the capture button more firmly. The fun accessory also acts as a great fidgeter and allows the user to mount the phone safely. They might look kiddish at first but they are useful and quite affordable. Place an order for one today.


    UV Sterilizer 

    The sterilizer has not been that popular in Pakistan but post-covid it has gained the attention it deserves. It disinfects your phone and cancels out the chances of catching deadly diseases like Corona Virus. The device was already being used in the far east and has gained demand since the pandemic of 2020. But in Pakistan, it is still seen as an expensive gadget and people tend to use sanitizing wipes rather than the machine itself. I won't exactly label it as important as a screen protector. However, it is a cool invention that prevents you from unwanted infections.


    Power Banks 

    Not exactly the kind of bank that contains money, but it relieves you from having a dead cell phone. The portable battery pack, allows you to charge the phone, wherever whenever you want. It also minus the chances of you being abandoned on a deserted road when an unexpected car emergency occurs. Buying a power bank with higher capacity is advisable, as it can provide more energy to cell phones. It is a much-needed purchase in contrast to a touchscreen pen.


    The Ending Note

    Advanced technology is taking over the world, so it can simplify our daily tasks and save us time. It understands the importance of time, and so do humans. Protecting from deadly diseases and the pain of untangling headphone wires, are a few of the benefits the latest mobile accessories in the market provide its consumers. Some of these might not be useful for you, but some can save you energy, and money so, you can invest it in the future. Spending your savings on fixing a broken mobile screen doesn't seem like a smarter choice now, does it? Buying a glass screen protector is.