Smart Watches Under 6000 In Pakistan

Smart Watches Under 6000 In Pakistan

    Smartwatches and healthcare go hand in hand. The high-tech wearable shows your phone notifications and helps you track your fitness and health records. From calories to the steps you have taken, it gives you a record of all your activities. Because of the high demand for the product, it is available in a lot of colors, designs, and price ranges. Not everyone can afford overpriced Apple smartwatch models or Samsung smartwatches. Luckily these days, markets also have affordable options available in smartwatches for girls and smartwatches for boys too. With inflation rising high in the country and salaries still at the minimum, people lack purchasing power.


    Necessities have become luxuries, which is unfair, to be honest. For a tech enthusiast or a fitness fanatic, it is a challenge to resist such trendy and health-friendly gadgets. Thanks to smartwatch models imported from China, people with a restricted budget can afford the smart watches price in Pakistan these days. They offer the same reliable features compared to any other expensive smartwatch brand. The fact that these watches have become a mandatory part of our daily lives, there are a lot of concerns raised too. Some question its safety if it is worn for more than 24 hours while still argue it to be the safest digital wearable in today’s time.


    Without much further ado, allow me to share some of the top affordable smartwatches that are light on your pocket, and in the end, I will give out the verdict to the most asked question “Is smartwatch radiation harmful?”


    Xiaomi Haylou LS02 smartwatch

    Many may not know but Haylou is a daughter company of Xiaomi. Some of its products go on to be rebadged with Xiaomi crests in the marketplace. Taylor is an excellent option for those who have a budget under PKR 6000 and want a device with uninterruptible performance, then this is one of the most perfect smartwatch models to choose from. The trendy wearable has a wide touch screen of 1.4 inches and 320x 320-pixel display resolution.

    Its curved glass prevents harm that can be caused by unpredictable falls. Automatic sleep monitoring plays a role in improving your sleep. Similar to other Xiaomi smartwatch models, it displays notifications on all of your smartphone devices for your convenience. Apart from being light-weighted, it has a silicone belt that is much more practical and durable than faux leather. The Taylor LS02 smartwatch also possesses the mandatory feature of Bluetooth and can resist water. It is one of the most budget-friendly smart watches in Pakistan as it is currently priced at PKR 5,850.


    HT 22 Pro

    A new name in the market among the many affordable brands of smartwatches, the HT 22 Pro visually looks remarkably like any other apple smart watch model, however, the price is not. Ranging from PKR 4000 to 5500 it is a delightful purchase for someone with a lighter wallet. The design of the watch has a modern touch with a square 2.5D curved screen. The inexpensive fitness watch also owns a built-in speaker and microphones for your talk time with your friends and family.

    The figure is made with aluminum alloys with a size of 44mm and thickness of 10.7 mm making it comfortable to wear on your wrist. The Apple “Inspired” watch is high in quality and is a good carbon copy for the series 6 of the giant company. On a technical side, the watch has a powerful processor and chip that responds quickly.  The heartbeat tracker and G-sensor allow the device to control your activities throughout the day. HT 22 Pro is the ultimate smartwatch for boys who want to purchase the Apple Smartwatch series 6 but are bounded by their limited pocket money.


    N76 Smart Watch

    This one might sound like a bad name for a ’90s space movie but the functions this one holds are just mind-boggling. Except for typical features of a fitness watch, it allows you to find your phone, and control music on your phone. Not only it offers you to choose a customized watch face but also works in no less than 7 languages. The modern reasonably priced watch comes with a wireless charger and a silicon strap. It is the right pick for those who want value for their money. It is especially an accurate smartwatch for girls who have strict economical limitations.

    Without any argument, it is a suitable choice compared to Huawei smartwatch models as the Chinese brand only has smartwatches marked at a minimum of PKR 11,000 which is quite a deal breaker for hard-working pupils. Along with its exclusive features, the product also supports the cliché features of a standard smartwatch. The wearable can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen flawlessly. The body of the trendy watch is made of alloy and it is compatible with version Android 4.4 and above.


    F10 Plus Smartwatch

    If you are a fan of Samsung smartwatches but only have the buying power to own from the collection of Xiaomi smartwatch models or something further than that then you will love the F10 plus Smartwatch. Not a member of any brand, this digital smartwatch allows you to avail of all features a standard smartwatch offers. The battery life might be as short as 3 days, but the device is well-matched with your iOS 8.0 Higher and Android 4.3 higher. The digital watch also has an amazing feature that allows you to wake the screen with a hand gesture.

    The waterproof smartwatch allows you to change multiple dials and bands. The display is slightly smaller measured at 1.3 inches than the other watches described above. Nevertheless, the price is quite satisfactory and a treat for those who want to own a digital watch and gain attention. F10 plus Smartwatch may not belong to any big or renowned brand yet the watch is a preferable purchase for many as it carries a tag of affordable PKR 3499 only. Although as one of the affordable smartwatches and healthcare trackers, this one has to be one of the best bargains in 2022.


    Xiaomi Mibro SmartWatch

    Xiaomi is a brand that targets all kinds of audiences. The majority of their products are for those who have restrictions on their spending power. From the whopping price of PKR 40,000 to a reasonable price of PKR 6000. The Mi smartwatches are quite popular among the youth and teenagers are their dedicated customers. Needless to say, the price range plays a vital role in their sincerity to the brand. The Mibro Smartwatch is an ideal selection for those who want trendy and modern visuals at a lower cost.

    The watch proudly showcases the unique feature of owning a rotating dial operation, highlighting the cool experience for the user. The product openly claims for an error-free smooth experience while using the watch. For sports enthusiasts, it is a great pick as it records your activity in real-time when you are flexing your muscles. The battery lives up to 10 days along with being water and dust-proof. It monitors and records your sleep status as well as your heart rate. Not sure if it is as great a choice as any of the Huawei smartwatch models but it is a smart bargain for those who want to wear something chic yet practical on a low budget.


    Is Smartwatch Radiation Harmful?

    Saving the best for the last, so after sharing some of the chicest choices under PKR 6000 in Pakistan for you the eternal question springs up again! Is it safe to wear a smartwatch to bed? As I promised earlier, I will be sharing the verdict on the much-asked query. The problem is people love staying up to date about the latest technologies and using it but after a while, they get bitten by a bug that makes them overthink the cons of the tech devices unnecessarily. The excess use of anything can be dangerous to your health.

    Things that you use in your daily lives can be harmful if you are hooked on them for more than 24 hours. All the popular tech gadgets, such as mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles, and so on come at a price. The price can be at the cost of your mental health or otherwise. That being said, the smartwatch does not cause harmful radiation and this answer has been approved by the FDA. The radiation emitting from a smartphone is way stronger than a smartwatch, hence yes, it is safe to wear a smartwatch to bed. Nonetheless, whichever one of the smartwatch models you choose, make sure to buy one that offers more features and value for your money.