Social Media Marketing- The Backbone of your E-commerce Business

Social Media Marketing- The Backbone of your E-commerce Business
  • Social media marketing is an essential way to improve your sales online. Creating a strong presence on the digital platform is mandatory as the competition online is fierce. Any brand that wants to earn more profits and gain leads, must own a social media handle. The way of doing business has changed since 1999. Creating a website is not sufficient if you want to earn some big bucks in the market. Apart from presenting extra perks such as discounts, one should follow smart strategies to rope in customers that belong to their electronic commerce. Investing money in social media advertising is one way, but then there are other ways too, that have been proven to be efficient without costing much. 


    A few of the important aspects, that need to be taken care of when opening a social media account, include, creating an online presence for the brand, as this narrates the story of who you are and what are you selling. People like to read relatable stories and your narration will not only make them trust the brand but invest in it too. Similar to being active online, it is essential to provide flawless customer service and add social media handles on your website, so you can achieve the targeted traffic goals. Lastly, adding SEO-friendly content to social media posts as content is the backbone of your social strategy. Without much further ado, the following are some of the reliable S.M.A.R.T goals to apply to increase the ratio of your sales on monthly basis.


    • Create an Online Presence On Social media

    • Automate your Page with a Customized message 

    • Add the Social Media Handles on your Website

    • Share Viral Content on your Social Media Accounts 

    • Run Campaigns on Your Trending Products 

    • Use Relevant Hashtags

    • Manage Flash deals on Social Media 

    • Perform Frequent Analysis of your Social Media Strategy 


    Creating an Online Presence On Social Media 

    You must highlight the presence of the e-commerce business all over the social media platforms. As mentioned above, people want to know who you are and what are you offering. Without the basic information about the origin of your product and brand, it is difficult to convince the targeted customer to spend money on your business. See it as defining a brand’s personality to its consumer. Once they understand what it is and how it will act as a problem-solver, that is when you have hit the jackpot. 


    Automate your Page with a Customized Message 

    When the customer reaches out to you via messages, serve the visitor by sending a customized message that will speak about your brand’s services or products. This message should end up with an engaging tone like:

    => How can we help you?

    => Would you like to enjoy our high-quality services?

    Automated messages allow you to respond to the customer’s queries in minimum time. This is one of the ways through which social media advertising optimizes sales for your e-business. Efficient customer service over all the platforms where you are actively conversing with the consumers will shape your business in a positive light. The more the customer service is optimized, the more chances you have to win more sales and brand awareness for your e-commerce platform. 


    Add the Social Media Handles on your Website

    For your social media marketing strategies to work, it is important, people find your products/services or content to share with their subordinates. As product defines, what you are selling and content is the backbone of your social strategy, as it communicates with the customer on your behalf. In this regard, your website must have a social media handle to help the customers share your product/services page with their relatives or subordinates. This is how an eCommerce brand gets viral among the potential audience and the brands start winning more and more sales. 


    Share Viral Content on your Social Media Accounts 

    Viral content is the best tactic to drive brand awareness in social media advertising. People are more likely to click on the content that is trending whether it is related to your brand or not. The e-business even runs sponsored social media campaigns in that particular area where they are actively operating. For example, actively operates in Pakistan. The team may increase brand awareness by running a campaign on one of the trending topics on Twitter. It can be news regarding Pakistan’s economy or political news that is going to gain more clicks. You can acquire more engagement on your Facebook page or Instagram account and acquire a large following. 


    Run Campaigns on Your Trending Products 

    Data-driven product campaigns may help an electronic commerce platform to drive more sales as well. Digital analysts may analyze the product trends that are more likely to win wider revenues for your brand. Seasonal products may also grow profit margins. For instance, when the winter is about to start, you don’t have to analyze the trends. Running a sponsored Ad on Christmas-themed products may deliver the results you are looking for. Most commonly, the e-commerce business which doesn’t run paid campaigns on their trending products is less likely to stay ahead of their competitors.


    Use Relevant Hashtags 

    The relevant hashtags help your post be classified into related sections. It plays a vital role as one of the profitable S.M.A.R.T goals. You can find an audience through these hashtags which allows them to see the related post. For instance, a post related to technology will be classified against the #technology. Once people start following these hashtag posts, they will be able to see the classified posts of your e-commerce platform. This way you can also engage a chunk of the audience on your platforms which may boost your sales.


    Manage Flash deals on Social Media 

    Every e-commerce platform is meant to have flash deals on its website. The flash deals section is frequently updated once or twice a week. When you are running a sale, it must display all the products on your website. If your business has a wide range of products, your social media page should have a few nominated products along with the link to your website’s flash deal page. Make sure, the tone must be more engaging to drive more visits to your website. 


    Perform Frequent Analysis of your Social Media Strategy 

    Frequent analysis of any marketing strategy is a way to know whether your marketing strategy is working. The team must be able to find gaps in their way to meet new customers and fill them accordingly. In such cases, the marketing team must look into the strategy of its competitors as well. From the competitor analysis, you mostly find an opportunity to include those things in your S.M.A.R.T goals, which you have not considered applying on your digital platforms.


    Wiser and Final Words 

    Social media marketing is not for the faint-hearted as it is a fast-paced digital world. If you want to grow your business, then you must possess a maneuver that helps you to attain the planned goal. The idea of marketing hay upgraded since we were a kid. It's all about running paid Ads, creating interactive social media posts, and monitoring the algorithm that increases viewership and followers of an account. Bringing traffic to your business website and a social media account is the most effective way through which you can earn the money, you are working hard for.